All 29 carries by Trey Sermon vs. Northwestern in four minutes of video.

Trey Sermon

Here they are. All 29 carries in four minutes.


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  1. Will we have southern officials to favor Clemson again? I’m referring specifically to the fumble the Bucks recovered for a touchdown in last year’s Clemson game. The call was a fumble but on the replay the official overturned the fumble decision and called it an incomplete pass. I viewed it many times and it was clearly a fumble of a completed pass. Ohio State would have won but for that reversal of a legitimate fumble of a completed pass.

  2. Absolutely a game for the ages!! Only 2 carries for no or a loss of yards. One was for no yards and the other was a loss of two. Out of 29 carries is a credit to the amazing O-Line and the desire of TS to punch his ticket to the draft. It’s great to see folks step up when given the opportunity to shine! And boy did OSU need it! Get all the players back and this team can pull it all together to win it all by beating Clemson and Alabama! Now that’s the way to start of 2021!!

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