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Buckeyes expected to sign 21 today on early signing day

Today is early signing day for football recruits and the Buckeyes are expected to do very well today indeed.

A total of 21 players are expected to sign letters of intent today. If they do, OSU is expected to have at worst the second-rated class in the country just slightly behind Alabama who is expected to sign 22 players today.

OSU Head Coach Ryan Day will participate in a Zoom conference later today to discuss the class. We will have more at that time.

Below is a list of players expected to sign today.  The rankings cited are 24/7 composite rankings which takes into account all the major raning services. Five of the expected signees are rated as Five-star prospects.  Twelve of the expected signees are ranked in the top-100 players at any position. Four more are ranked in the next 100.

Jack Sawyer (6-5, 248) – Defensive end. Ranked the third-best player in the nation at his position and fourth best at any position. Five Star

Emeka Egbuka (6-1, 190)- Wide receiver. Ranked the best player in the nation at his position and 9th-best overall. Five Star

Donovan Jackson (6-4, 308) – Guard. Ranked the best player in the nation at his position and the 17th-best overall. Five Star

Treveyon Henderson (5-11, 195) – Running  back. Ranked the best player in the nation at his position and 24-th best overall.  Five Star

Kyle McCord (6-3, 215) – Quarterback. Ranked the third-best at his position and 25-th best overall. Five Star.

Jakailin Johnson (6-1, 175) – Cornerback. Ranked third-best at his position and 47th-best overall. Four Star.

Mike Hall (6-3, 290) – Defensive tackle.  Ranked fourth-best at his position and 49th-best overall. Four Star.

Jayden Ballard (6-2, 175) – Wide receiver. Ranked 8th-best at his position and 66th-best overall. Four Star.

Jordan Hancock (6-1, 170) – Cornerback. Ranked fourth at his position and 67th overall. Four Star.

Evan Pryor (5-10, 190) – All Purpose Back. Ranked second at his position and 81st overall. Four Star.

Reid Carrico (6-3, 225) – Middle linebacker. Ranked 5th at his position and 84th overall. Four Star.

Marvin Harrison Jr. (6-3, 190) – Wide receiver. Ranked 15th at his position and 91st overall. Four Star.

Ben Christman (6-6, 299)- Guard. Ranked 6th at his position and 124th overall. Four Star.

Tyleik Williams (6-3, 330) – Defensive tackle. Ranked 12th at his position and 161st overall. Four Star.

Andre Turrentine (6-0, 175) – Safety. Ranked 9th at his positon and 167th overall. Four Star.

Denzel Burke (6-0, 186) – Athlete. Ranked eighth at his position and 192nd overall. Four Star.

Jantzen Dunn (6-2, 178) – Safety. Ranked 12th at his position and 203rd overall. Four Star.

Zen Michalski (6-6 288) – Offenive tackle. Ranked 23rd at his position and 318th overall. Four Star.

Sam Hart (6-5, 225) – Tight end. Ranked 15th at his position and 390th overall. Three Star.

Jaylen Johnson (6-1, 200) – Safety. Ranked 29th at his position and 411th overall. Three Star.

Jesse Micro (6-3, 200) – Punter. Ranked 5th at his position.

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  1. kick butt class and hopefully eventually add the defensive end from Washington….and where did Tony Gerdeman disappear to?!

    1. Gerd left the Zone a while back… I follow him on twitter and he is still doing his thing… just for another site.

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