Michigan cancels The Game

Michigan Stadium Michigan Wolverines football

In a release from the U of M department of Athletics the university of Michigan has announced that due to an increasing number of COVID cases the game with Ohio State this weekend will not be played.

More details to follow as they become available.

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  1. This is as close as Michigan has come to costing the buckeyes a title in th last 10 years.

  2. You are talking like a springtime daisy looking for a soft summer rain to help you grow.

    We have a great team that has meet the tests provided, man up and accept the challenge. The worst thing that happens is a loss, and you are afraid of a blowout. Your pansy-wansy fear is what losers have …… you’ll never know how good you are until you PLAY THE GAME.

  3. I’m still waiting for all the keyboard warriors who said that we would easily have a season back in July/August to step up and admit they were wrong… sadly… I’ll be waiting for a long time since they have no dignity. The virus is real and as contagious as they said it was… and it’s playing out exactly how they said it would.

    I’m as die hard of an OSU fan as there could be, but I’m not sure OSU is ready for the playoffs if they only play 6 games (and sporadically). I really do not want to go unprepared into the playoffs against teams who’ve played full schedules and have grown as a team. Could we beat them and win the National Title? Sure. Could we also get blown out and look foolish (again) on a national stage? Yep on that one too.

    Iron sharpens iron… and the toughest team we will have played will be Indiana. Something just doesn’t seem right about that, even if Indiana is much better this year.

    I say let things play out, and if we make the playoffs… awesome. But I’d rather the B1G not bend over backwards to get us in… only for us to fall flat on our faces due to lack of experience at some positions.

  4. Effin’ POS xeatchicken prograx. Nothing but avoidance. Xark it up as a forfeit.

  5. I no doubt believe some of u troubled people r up in arms over this but who really cares? 2020 is one %$#*&? up year! That being said I would LOVE a shot at ND, Alabama and certainly Clemson.

  6. thank the big ten for starting too late with no byes and the way too long 21 day rule…and I like the play NW this week week idea..i wanna add another series win and catch those turds.

  7. I hear Tulsa’s game with Cincy is off. Play the Hurricanes up here in Columbus.

  8. Call the game a forfeit, giving the Buckeyes a 6th game.


    Play Northwestern this week. Both the East and West divisions are clinched. Then play TTUN on the 19th!

    1. Schedule Texas A&M @ neutral site Tennessee. Tennessee plays at Vanderbilt.

      1. Play Texas A&M at their place so our boys can actually enjoy playing in front of more than a few hundred fans this year.

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