Ohio State Defensive Coordinator Kerry Coombs Talks Buckeye Defense Following Loss to Oregon

COLUMBUS – Ohio State defensive coordinator Kerry Coombs met with the media immediately following the Buckeyes’ 35-28 loss to Oregon. Ohio State’s defensive performance largely contributed to the loss.

Below are the highlights of what Coombs had to say.

Kerry Coombs

+ Oregon’s touchdowns happened when when they were in man coverage and they were supposed to be cracking the linebacker. But they need to do a better job of setting the edge of the defense.

+ He is responsible and they have to play better. He is not blaming the players. They have a high standard so he has to do a better job.

+ It was very disappointing to have that defensive performance.

+ He doesn’t believe they are playing too many players. They have a lot of players who can play. It’s early in the season and this is when they figure it out but it’s disappointing that they had a really good opponent. They are trying to find the right combination of players at the right times.

+ “You don’t come to Ohio State to get beat in The Shoe.”

+ Everything that happens on a Saturday that could happen better is his responsibility. They are actively working on the sidelines to make adjustments and it’s frustrating when it doesn’t get done.

+ It is his responsibility to make sure that the players can see and diagnose plays and handle them with proper technique.

+ Oregon had a lot of plays on the boundary side and that was something they had not shown a good deal of. That’s where the defense had difficultly.

+ The defensive structure has been in place and has been solid. “We have to execute, we have to prepare, we have to have the kids in the right places to make plays.”

+ On whether or not the structure has to change, Coombs said “I don’t think there’s any question we have to do things differently going forward.”

+ “I love the scheme. I love the players. To have the opportunity to be a football coach in this role at Ohio State is a blessing that I don’t take lightly. I can assure you we will get better.”

+ “I will own all of it.”

You can watch the full video below.

8 Responses

  1. Hopefully since they only gave up 4 more points this week against a better team, they will pare the defensive champions down to 8 or 9 this week.

    Glad they don’t go up against morehead coached teams every year. He really knows how to abuse an osu defense.

    Day going for 4th down every whip stitch came back to bite him in the ass this week. He could have used two of those field goals going into the last drive where he’d have only been down one, where a field goal would have won it.

  2. Hello? Both lines were now beat consistently for 2 games in a row-how do we know they’re so great, but to keep reading the same narrative? Maybe let their play dictate the rep, vs the other way around. And don’t get defensive scheme at all. Love Coombs (we all do); but maybe just as great dB coach and recruiter?
    Right now team playing like a good Big 12 team, where you have to score mid- 40’s at least, and hold on.
    Wild ride, I’m afraid, as without dramatic defensive improvement, losable games now include @ IU (for sure, ar night); PSU; and perish the thought, Mishitgan.

  3. Coombs has no idea how to make adjustments! Burned by the same play over and over again. Pathetic.

    1. That was my issue. He didn’t adjust. The Ducks knew we were in man (we didn’t change until late 3rd maybe 4th qtr) and would just motion to vacate mid-second level and then run where the gap was created. Or, they would motion into the crack block….

      Nothing was done to fix it…..and we can not generate a pass rush with only 4. This is now very apparent.

  4. I got a question, what the hell is up with C Harry Miller? Is he injured, in the dog house or what? The O-line seems a little slow, maybe some adjustments is needed.

  5. Kerry Combs☠️ Why didn’t OSU go after Chris Ash when he was available? Has everyone forgotten that the first role of a defensive end is to prevent a play from getting outside. How many times did that happen today?

  6. defense lost this game but the OL not dominating more in the run game didn’t help either. Not did a few late ref calls that cost OSU at least a tying TD…we have issues galore in the back 7 and some injuries but the LB’s need to vastly improve. this team has the talent to do it like 2014..hopefully the defensive coaches do too.

    1. Were are you seeing the talent at on defense to win it all ?

      I am not seeing it at any level of the defense and our coaches are definitely lost.

      Were not ready for Alabama and never adjusted and now same with Oregon and also terrible against Minnesota.

      Can not count on your offense to score 45 points every week.

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