Two-Minute Drill: Buckeye Players Talk Practice This Week, Preview Tulsa

COLUMBUS – A handful of Ohio State players met with the media on Wednesday to discuss practice since the Oregon loss and preview the Tulsa game this upcoming weekend.

You can read the highlights from the interviews below.

Jesse Mirco

+ The biggest adjustment has been practicing. The idea of having periods was chaotic.

+ He has enjoyed the fans and that has been the best part.

+ He knows most of the rules of American football but there are a few times he questions things.

+ Punting to the 1-yard line is the best result. He was happy with both of those punts.

+ Being at Ohio State has lived up to his expectations. It was an easy choice.

+ His family stayed up to watch him last weekend. The game was on at around Midnight their time. It was tough for them but they have found a way so far to watch him.

+ He has more maturity than a typical freshman but he is still new to the sport. His leadership skills transfer.

+ He has played Australian football since he was four years old. College football is growing over there and he has a lot of Aussie friends here. “It’s bigger than people probably think.”

+ He hopes to have a career like Cameron Johnston.

Miyan Williams

+ “We gotta play harder and practice harder.”

+ He was sore after the game on Saturday but he is good now.

+ It isn’t hard to get into a rhythm he just has to be ready when his number is called.

+ There has been a lot of energy at practice this week. It has been fun and they have been bringing a lot more energy than they have in the past. Players are flying around. “You can just tell everybody is up and hyped.”

+ A lot of the seniors have been speaking before practice. Jeremy Ruckert spoke on Wednesday and Teradja Mitchell spoke on Tuesday.

+ He wants to have more balance on offense but if they pass more than they run, as long as they win the game he is fine with it.

+ Pass protection has been the toughest thing for him because of the attention it takes to follow the defense.

Garrett Wilson

+ He knew it would take game reps to build chemistry with C.J. Stroud. It has been getting better each week.

+ On the pressure on the offense to be perfect every snap, Wilson said they put it on themselves. They feel like they don’t do enough if they don’t score regardless of the defensive play. “Every drive we don’t go out there and score it puts more pressure on the defense and vise versa.”

+ The offense started slow and finished slow against Oregon. They don’t feel like they did enough offensively.

+ On the look of the defense in practice, Wilson said they bring it everyday. Nothing has changed with them. But they have some new things they are working on.

+ “We haven’t had a better practice than today, offensively.” Wilson points out they are learning new things defensively.

+ He hates losing and hates talking about it and it’s not a “blessing in disguise,” but they have to use it to address the problems.

+ On Jaxon Smith-Njigba’s performance, Wilson said “you’re going to see that 100 more times. That was just the beginning for Jaxon.”

+ On his touchdown where the DB was looking at his wristband, Wilson said “it doesn’t get any easier than that.”

Nicholas Petit-Frere

+ “We’re hungry.” This was a learning experience for a lot of players. Coach Day told them that this was a chance for them to learn and improve and become a better team.

+ They have focused on the details this week. They have adjusted the way they walk and stretch, all of the little things. They lost track of the details.

+ They have a great offensive scheme and their job is to play to the best of their abilities, whatever the play.

+ The energy was great throughout the entire practice on Wednesday. It was good competition.

+ On 600+ yards of offense but only four touchdowns, “we gotta put the ball in the end-zone.” They all played hard every play but they need to finish drives better.

+ Tulsa is a talented team. They have a different type of defense but they go after it every play and they are all good players.

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