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Wolverines Beat Up Buckeyes for 42-27 Win in Ann Arbor

No. 5 Michigan (11-1) turned the game into an old-fashioned Big Ten contest of blocking at tackling and it was the perfect formula for a 42-27 win over favored No. 2 Ohio State (10-2).

The Buckeyes entered the game known for their high-flying passing offense, but on this cold, snowy day in November it was good old fashioned Big Ten grinding football that carried the day.

Michigan used a dominating offensive line to bludgeon the Ohio State defense into submission. Michigan rushed the ball 41 times for 297 yards to not only move the football but keep the Ohio State offensive off the field. The Wolverines averaged 7.2 yards per carry and all six of their touchdowns came on the ground.

The game was close at the half with U of M holding a slim 14-13 lead, but it took almost no time in the second half for Michigan’s physical dominance to become clear.  The Buckeyes received the second half kickoff and immediately went three and out on three rushing plays. After the ensuing punt, Michigan also ran three running plays, but theirs covered 79 yards and resulted in a touchdown to make the score 21-13.

The writting was on the wall.

Ohio State’s defense was helpless in the second half against the Michigan running game. The Wolverines scored touchdowns on each of their possessions in the second half, and each drive was fueled by their rushing game.  The Wolverines routinely pucked up five to seven yards on first down to keep themselves in short yardage situations and the OSU defensive was unable to do anything to stop it. Michigan senior running back Hassan Haskins rushed for 169 yards on 28 carries. He averaged six yards per carry and scored five touchdowns.

Ohio State’s offense did find some success at times, but uncharacteristic mistakes were very costly.  At least three dropped passes helped stop drives and the Buckeyes were guilty of numerous penalties on offense that kept them behind the chains.  A touchdown run by redshirt freshman quarterback C.J. Stroud was negated by a holding penalty, though the Buckeyes did later score on that possession on a screen play to true freshman running back TreVeyon Henderson.  Stroud had an effective day passing, completing 34 of 49 394 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions. Henderson led OSU rushers with 74 yards on 17 carries. He also had one touchdown on the ground.

Ohio State’s receivers were productive.  Jaxon Smith-Njigba had 11 catches for 127 yards. Garrett Wilson had 10 for 119 yards and a touchdown, and Chris Olave had seven catches for 88 yards.

The passing yardage, though, was not enough on this day. This was a day of for old fashioned Big Ten football, and the Wolverines were simply better at it. They made far fewer mistakes and rode their physical domination in the running game both offensively and defensively to the win, their first win under head coach Jim Harbaugh and the first since 2011.

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  1. It sucks to lose to those @ssholes but that’s the only real disappointment for me. I never thought this was OSU’s year and had zero expectations or desire for a CFB appearance, only to be embarrassed by a balanced team like Georgia. I hope Iowa beats Michigan and gets the Big 10 trophy. Either Michigan or Iowa will embarrass the Big 10 in a playoff.

  2. There’s nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you.”

    – Woody Hayes.

  3. Please restore my access to the Ozone forum. Not an active member but a longtime reader who suddenly is cutting off!

  4. FYI Haskins had 5 rushing TDs against Buckeyes that’s the first time in Buckeye history and and Buckeye defense had 0 tackles for loss

  5. All I know is Hogjaw was getting tired of getting his butt beat so he got rid of Don Brown and went out and got a new defensive coordinator from his brother the coach of the Ravens,he already had his offensive coordinator in place,so you see Hogjaw fixed things and you see the results,so Coach Day you better fix things or you are going to end up with same results!Go Bucks!

  6. I was amazed to see Ryan Day drop his aggressive play calling with first down runs when all season, passing on first down ,was the key to Ohio State’s offensice success. The ghost of Jim Tressel. He buttoned up his offense reminiscent of Urban Myer in the rain against MSU in 15. In the end he knew his defense was out manned by Michigan’s rush offense, and he was right. A difficult loss, but likely, a one off for Michigan. On a given day even a classless dog, like Harbaugh, will have his day! But over time his clueless lack of grace, even failing to praise his fallen opponent on its valor, will haunt him as he utlimately crashes and burns to his well deserved fate.

  7. There were several underlying problems with this Buckeye team in my opinion that led up to the massive defeat at the hands of a team, for who, all the talking heads were saying, had less talent, for which I agree. This years Buck’s team just seemed to not have it all together. Since coach Day is offense and pass minded, the running game just didn’t exist the way it should have. This was the first time I can ever remember a Buck’s offensive line consisting of four tackles, 2 starting at the guard position. Now that maybe fine for pass protection, but sucks for running the ball. You need fast guards for pulling on sweeps and for cutting of d-lineman from the gaps or to get to the second level and I just didn’t see that. Maybe that’s why we didn’t see much of an outside run game all season, Now defense is another matter, just terrible, the d-line, no matter how you look at it, just never stood up to very good teams. Seems no one really took the leader ship there. The linebackers, were slow , very slow speed wise and to react. Best we had was a converted halfback. That is the first and second line of defense against the run, and it just wasn’t there this year as I see it. Yes, the defense showed up at times, but wasn’t consistent. Ok now the Buckeyes supposedly had more talent, with all the 5 star players on the roster, but it hasn’t showed up much on defense. So (1) Either they are going to have evaluate the way they are rating these players they recruit, or (2) they need the coaches on the defensive side of the ball to develop them, and I will say its number 2. I never did understand why you would bring in a linebackers coach from TTUN, when you were beating their defense consistently. I believe the defensive coaches should all be evaluated. In fact the only one I would keep is Coach L. Johnson. I been a Buckeye fan since 1967, and this defeat to the blue and maze ranks right up there with the 69 loss as far as a Buck’s team having more talent.

  8. run defense sucked and they just wanted it more.too many self-inflicted wounds killing drives..this was ugly yet somehow stayed in most of the game. scUM’s players take after their arrogant, punk coach and can’t ait to destroy them next year in the Horseshoe..hopefully with new defensive coaches….

    1. Spot on, new D coaches, they pulled out the OR play book, no adjustments. However, when one is dominated for nearly 20 years, we need to expect this sort of stuff when they win. Watch, the B1G West will beat them next week, only to have Ryan Day scratching his head how our 4 DL were dominated by 6-7 MI OL.

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