Ohio State Availability Report vs Michigan

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State will be without running back TreVeyon Henderson and wide receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba among others.

You can view the full availability report below.

Ohio State vs. Michigan – Nov. 26, 2022  – Ohio Stadium; Columbus, Ohio        


Game-Time Decision

§  OG Matt Jones


§  RB T.C. Caffey

§  RB TreVeyon Henderson

§  DE Mitchell Melton

§  LB Jalen Pace

§  RB Evan Pryor

§  LS Bradley Robinson

§  WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba

§  SAF Kourt Williams

3 Responses

  1. Does this make any sense. Dallan Heyden’s numbers the last 3 weeks. He had 19 carries 106 yards 1 TD, 27 carries 146 1td, 2 carries 7 yards 0 TD’s,zero fumbles,actually zero baubles lol.
    Biggest game of the year they give the lion share of snaps in the biggest game since Clemson 2019 to a converted linebacker with 1 snap prior to that. Lol so stupid. No one asked him about that @ the press conference?

  2. Sad, Michigan played the same defence as Maryland. Day had a week to put in crossing patterns, and did nothing. Shades of John Cooper. Run up the score on patsies, then lose to Michigan. Harbaugh has obviously out recruited us, and the future doesn’t look good.

    Four dropped balls. Two personal fouls in critical situations. Stroud inaccurate with his passes. Throwing wide on 3rd and less than 3. An inability to cover the Michigan receivers. An inability to beat the Michigan defenders. Stroud costs himself the Heisman, honestly, he killed 2 or3 drives with overthrows. Losing the Heisman is fair. He didn’t perform. The team loses a shot at the play-off. But bottom line, Georgia would kill them playing like this. I see a long stretch of losing. Kerry Combs was fired for not making half time adjustments. After a 3 point second half with no adjustments, Day should fire himself. Day isn’t the guy to beat Harbaugh. Where’s Woody?

  3. I have my “12 gauge” Jersey on ready for the next Championship run. Is everyone ready. I hope they win it all this year. I haven’t bought a Jersey Ince Troy Smith, (who I saw playing win Canada 10 years later. I may go for a Justin Fields Bears Uniform. Before I lived in Columbus, I was born in Chicago/ I’m entitled. Fields has take over from Tom Brady and Russel Wilson as my favourite pro, so therefore the Bears are now my team. But I seriously hope he gets traded before he gets injured.

    Turn up the volume.

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