Sights and Sounds From The Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Playoff Semifinal

ATLANTA — Whether you watched at home on your television or attended the game in person, you can experience the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl with sights and sounds from the playoff semifinal game.

Take a sneak peek into the game day experience from pregame through postgame.


The media shuttle arrived at Mercedes-Benz Stadium at 3:00 pm and funneled through the security line. Stadium staff greeted the media with New Years party favors as we made our way up the press box and down to the field.

The teams made their way in the stadium around 5:45 pm.

Ohio State players walked out on the field to take a look at the stadium before returning to the locker room to get ready for warmups.

Ohio State then took the field for warmups and Georgia players came out on the field a few minutes later. Both teams then went to the locker room and came out for the final warmups closer to kickoff.

Buckeye fans watched the CFP Semifinal Fiesta Bowl on the scoreboards and cheered as TCU scored on Michigan.


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