Two-Minute Drill: Ohio State Head Coach Ryan Day Previews Notre Dame

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day met with the media for his weekly press conference on Tuesday to preview the matchup at Notre Dame on Saturday.

You can read the highlights of what was said below.

Ryan Day

+ The offensive line is headed in the right direction. They have to continue to build momentum, “we’ve got to win the game up front, that’s no surprise to anybody.”

+ On managing the game, Day said they’ve built up the last few games to figure out where they are at. They have confidence and got into a rhythm but they have to have another great week of practice. It’s going to come down to the fourth quarter and who wants to compete more.

+ The players are really excited for this game. “They are buzzing around.” Games like this are why you come to Ohio State, and this matchup doesn’t happen often. It will be electric. “Our guys are really fired up for this.”

+ The offense has a good balance between the wide receivers, running backs, and tight ends. Multiple players have been producing and attacking from multiple personnel groupings, forcing the defense to spread the field. “That’s going to be important in this game.”

+ Games like this often come down to the matchups. They want to have enough depth and talent on both sides of the ball so that the matchups are in their favor.

+ On what he was most pleased with vs Western Kentucky, Day said the passion and intensity. That has to lead into this week and they have to build on that. He doesn’t remember the score, but knows how players played in that game and they have to build from that.

+ On Kyle McCord’s decision-making, Day said he has grown each week. Nothing is ever perfect and this week will be a big challenge, but it has been a build up to this point. He has to be on point on Tuesday and have a great week of practice.

+ They are always looking for balance on offense, but they have to do whatever it takes to win the game. “We have to be able to pivot either way.”

+ This is a group that has played on a big stage, or have seen it and been there before. Then they saw what they could do last week. The confidence is all there, now it’s just time to go do it.

+ Notre Dame is doing a good job and is efficient on offense using multiple personnel groupings. They have a different style of quarterback, more of a pro-style. They want to establish the run and open things up, they have a good plan in place. “This is a good challenge for our defense. We have to be able to rise to the challenge.”

+ On the crossover of the teams and coaching staffs, Day said there’s a lot of crossover and they have a lot of respect for Notre Dame. “They do things the right way. A lot of good coaches there, and players.”

+ Notre Dame has a veteran defense, a lot of players who have played a lot of football. They don’t give you a lot of time and they are very well coached.

+ The offense finds comfort in tempo when they can get into a rhythm and build momentum. “But it all comes down to execution.” This is a matchup game, which is totally different from last weeks’ game.

+ “I’m glad we went through those three games to get to this point.” Now it’s time to go play and they are in a much different place than they were in week one of the season.

+ TreVeyon Henderson can be a game-changer for them this week. He has to continue to run hard. All running backs are going to play.

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  1. Offensive line heading in the right direction??? I’m not trying to nit pick but let’s be honest. They were one inch away from the Oline being the main culprit for losing had they not converted. They couldn’t convert 3rd or 4th and short all night! Granted, they got it when it counted but still!

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