Two-Minute Drill: Ryan Day Previews The Game at Michigan

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day met with the media on Tuesday to preview the game against Michigan on Saturday.

Here are the highlights.

Ryan Day

+ “You have to play with emotion, you can’t let emotion play with you.” It’s important for the players to have their emotions in check, which isn’t easy in a game like this. They will talk about that this week.

+ On the run game, Day said they have made some progress in different areas. TreVeyon Henderson coming back has made a big impact and his infusion helps. They identified each week what worked and what didn’t and have gotten better.

+ They have prepared all season for this game. “We’ve been preparing for this moment all year.” They need to be the best team they have been all season.

+ This game means the world to him and his family. Players and coaches come to Ohio State for this game.

+ On putting the emotions and personal feeling aside, Day said it isn’t easy but nothing else matters. They have to stay disciplined and can’t let everything else get in the way. Every year he learns more and more about this game and the preparation for it. “We’re not going to let any of that stuff get in our way.”

+ On a level of respect changing with the investigation, Day said he was taught that the way they respect it is to work every day with their work in the weight room, game planning, talking to the players about it, and working it in periods in practice. “We do. We respect the rivalry and certainly excited to play on Saturday.”

+ On being road warriors this season, Day said they prepared for it and everything has been in preparation for this game. It was great to get battle tested, it will be loud and hostile this weekend and they’ve been in those before and now have a reference point going into the game.

+ Establishing the run is extremely important. It’s high on the list.

+ On Michigan’s red zone defense, Day said they have to do a great job executing because the field gets smaller. They have to be efficient. “That will be huge in the game on both sides of the ball.”

+ On the offensive line, Day said he’s seeing improvement every week. They are progressing individually and as a unit. “Their confidence is as high as it’s been all season.”

+ On seeing the defense on Saturday against Michigan, Day said “here we are, we have to go put it on the field.”

2 Responses

  1. Ohio State has a great chance for a win this Saturday but they will need to play a complete game of two good halves, which they’ve failed to do, but they are due as they’ve improved every week. They seem to be peaking at the perfect time whereas scUM’s bloom is fading. They seemed a bit shocked by Maryland last week, not being used to playing good teams.

    Don’t respect them too much. Everybody knows they cheated and their cheating coach won’t be there and they fired their cheating linebackers coach as well. Harbaugh deserves no respect. He disrespects Ohio State and their fans by copying Brady Hoke’s ‘Ohio’ diss. Not a sign of class nor respect. Previous Michigan coaches never adopted that trailer park, SEC level of sportsmanship. Hoke and Harbaugh fell off the same garbage wagon. He can leave after the loss and then they can hire Mel Carter, who has cleaner hands than Michigan.

  2. Michigan ran the ball more than 30 consecutive times against Maryland. The Buckeyes are going to have to rotate players on defense or they will be worn down by the Michigan offense. ND was able to do that to some extent to the OSU defense early in the season.

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