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2. Feed Ezekiel Elliott until he can be fed no more.
The amazing thing about the Buckeye offense over the last two months is that they have been so effective that they haven't really needed to rely on heavily feeding Ezekiel Elliott, despite his being fairly dominating over these last six games.

But dominating on the ground would be a good thing for the Buckeyes in this one, as it should take more time off of the clock than a dominating passing game, and every tick that tocks while the Oregon offense is on the sideline is a good thing for Ohio State.

There is also the fact that Elliott and the OSU offensive line are on an incredible post season roll right now. Having carried the ball just 40 times total against Wisconsin and Alabama, Elliott has peeled off consecutive 200-yard rushing games.

What happens if he makes it three in a row? I'll give you a hint — Ohio State is 20-0 all-time when a Buckeye running back rushes for over 200 yards in a game. Nobody appears capable of stopping the Ohio State running game right now, but if Oregon proves a stiff test early on, there will be other ways to move the ball.

One of those other ways would be Elliott in the flats. Yes, make him a busy receiver in this game as well. He only has three catches over his last three games, and that was after catching seven passes against Indiana. Maybe it's been long enough now that they can make Elliott a featured receiver one more time.

However they choose to get the ball to Elliott, they should just keep feeding him. Eventually, with him swinging hard every time, he will connect on a long ball or two. Of course, that would actually be a bad thing in terms of keeping Oregon's offense off the field, but I'm guessing the OSU coaches would be okay with it.

In their win over Oregon a season ago, Arizona ran the ball with Ka'Deem Carey 48 times for 206 yards. In Stanford's win over the Ducks that same year, running back Tyler Gaffney carried the ball 45 times for 157 yards.

Just feed Elliott.

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