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Staff Predictions for Ohio State vs Navy
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — The first game of Ohio State's season is just about here, which means it's time to break out the staff picks for this weekend's game. After you see ours, show us yours.

John Porentas
The first half of this game will make OSU fans a little nervous. The second half will make them happy. The Buckeyes have the double-whammy of a first-time starter, actually first-time player, at quarterback and a brand new scheme on defense that is facing an unorthodox offense. It will take OSU a half to get settled on both sides of the ball, but after it does, they should actually dominate. Navy will be in it at the half, but at games end this will not be close.
Prediction: OSU 38 - Navy 17

Tony Gerdeman
The Buckeyes might start out by running the ball on offense, but before too long I expect J.T. Barrett to throw it around with some success. Navy doesn't have anybody who can match up inside with Dontre Wilson and Jalin Marshall, and both will be used to move the chains in various ways. Navy's defensive line is annoying, which could take the OSU offensive line a series or two to get accustomed to. Defensively, the Buckeye defense is well-prepared, but as the coaches said this past week, preparation is only one half of the formula. Execution will be the key. Also, keys will be the key, as in each Buckeye defender sticking to his keys. I expect the first half to be relatively close, but Ohio State's size and skill will win out.
Prediction: Ohio State 38 - Navy 17.

Eric Seger
Navy is going to fight Ohio State for a full 60 minutes, and Keenan Reynolds is going to have his team's triple option attack humming in Baltimore. But even though Ohio State is starting a new quarterback in J.T. Barrett, I think the Buckeyes have way too much talent to not come away with a victory. It'll be closer than people think, but Ohio State should win.
Prediction: Ohio State 38 - Navy 20

Patrick Murphy
I think this game will be closer than Ohio State fans will like due to the Buckeyes' preparation for spread offenses all offseason. I know they keep saying they feel prepared for Navy and their triple option, but I think it will still be difficult for a bit. I could even see the Buckeyes trailing in this game as J.T. Barrett gets comfortable, but in the end they get the job done.
Prediction: Ohio State 38 - Navy 27

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