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Takeaways from the 2017 U.S. Army All-American Bowl
By Tony Gerdeman
The nation's top defensive back Jeffrey Okudah selected the Buckeyes on Saturday.

COLUMBUS — The annual U.S. Army All-American Bowl was played Saturday afternoon and at least seven future Buckeyes took part in the event.

The West team featured offensive lineman Wyatt Davis, quarterback Tate Martell, linebacker Baron Browning, and cornerback Jeffrey Okudah. The East team featured offensive lineman Josh Myers, defensive end Chase Young, and cornerback Shaun Wade.

The Buckeyes had three other commits who were selected, but unable to play due to injury in running back JK Dobbins, receiver Tyjon Lindsey, and defensive tackle Haskell Garrett.

There were also a few other current and now-former targets on the field as well. West cornerback Darnay Holmes chose UCLA and West safety Bubba Bolden committed to USC. West defensive tackle Jay Tufele did not yet make his selection.

There's quite a bit to talk about, so we'll just go ahead and do it one player at a time. As a warning, you might want to mute me because I was grabbing clips while listening to music.

Tate Martell - Quarterback

Martell (18) got the start for the West and was named a captain during the week leading up to the game. Nobody on the West team had much success throwing the ball, and that included Martell. He did showcase the quickness we have seen on many other occasions.

Here is an example of his escapability. By the way, that's Chase Young on the initial pressure against 5-star left tackle Foster Sarell, said to be the top player in the nation by NBC.

Here is Martell scoring from 18 yards out, giving the West their only touchdown drive of the game.

Overall, Martell seemed in control of the offense, but plays were late to get in and the timing between him and his receivers was never all that crisp. He never really let one fly, and on his only deep ball he actually pulled the string a bit.

Wyatt Davis - Left Guard

To be honest, I could just make this entire piece clips of Wyatt Davis because that's how fun he is to watch. He was the most powerful lineman that I saw at the game and any time the West team needed a yard, they went right behind Davis.

Here's the first play of the game. Davis (76) is at left guard. He drives his man six yards back.

Here's Davis pulling and pushing his man back about 10 yards. That's Chase Young (24) at defensive end at the top of the screen making the tackle. It's one of many, but we'll get to him in a bit.

Baron Browning - Linebacker

Browning (6) showed a ton of range and quickness, but also appeared to realize this was an All-Star game and didn't play with the worst of intentions. He wasn't jumping onto piles or sticking his nose in on a play that was already under control. He actually looked to lack aggressiveness at times, but as I said, this is an All-American exhibition game. Headhunters need not apply. Browning missed a couple of tackles, but that will happen if you're not locked in.

He did show some very nice change of direction and speed here as the boundary linebacker.

Jeffrey Okudah - Cornerback

Okudah (1) injured his arm in this game, so he only played about a half. The injury isn't serious and he could have continued playing if necessary. He committed to the Buckeyes following his injury. Here is his commitment video.

Okudah played cornerback throughout the game and played a variety of coverages. He is long and fast with a great reach. Here he is blanketing Michigan receiver commit Tarik Black in coverage.

Here the East tried to go after Okudah a second time in a row on a slant after completing a pass in front of him just one play before.

Here is the play that Okudah was injured on. You can see that he is not shy about contact and he will stay aggressive even when a team is trying to be deceptive, but he also stays on balance.

Josh Myers - Left Guard

Myers didn't have the greatest day, but he sure finished it off the right way. Myers' offense in high school doesn't really throw the ball, so he had a few issues with pass blocking. He was a bit up and down. There were times when it looked like he simply didn't keep on his block long enough. Other times, however, he was fantastic pass blocking.

Myers went up against OSU defensive tackle target Jay Tufele a number of times, and did well against him pass blocking. Tufele showed tenacity throughout the game and was able to get into the backfield at times (when Myers was on the bench). He's quick and strong and is able to keep leverage.

Getting back to Myers, he gets off the ball very quickly run blocking, but sometimes he had difficulty hitting his man early on. He eventually settled down as you'll see.

This clip is later in the game and you'll see Myers pull from his left guard spot and hit 5-star defensive end Jaelen Phillips (15). One of the announcers was saying that Phillips had been the most impressive prospect at the game.

They went right behind Myers on the very next play and you'll see him just blast the defensive tackle across from him and drive him into the end zone. This is the Josh Myers that was expected.

Shaun Wade - Cornerback

Wade (25) impressed me with his physical nature. For somebody who is going to need to add weight and strength at Ohio State, he doesn't play like he's at a disadvantage now. He didn't have a problem involving himself wherever he was needed. I don't recall them testing him too much deep. He did do a fantastic job against the screen right here, getting off the block and bringing his man down.

Chase Young - Defensive End

Young (24) was arguably the most impressive player on the field Saturday. He was in the backfield consistently against both the run and pass. He was a bit slow on a zone read or two during the game, but that's not at all what he'll be remembered for in this game. My overall thought about Young during this game was that I wasn't sure how he would be able to get playing time next year, but also unsure as to how the Buckeyes will be able to keep him off the field. He looks like an absolute difference maker down the road.

Here he is getting into the backfield and bringing the running back down for a loss.

Young is at the top of the screen here and he eventually gets around his man to bring Michigan quarterback commit Dylan McCaffrey down just as the ball is released.

Here is the final clip of Young that I'll use and it's quite the capper. He goes right around his man at the bottom of the screen and'll see.

And yet, despite all of these great plays by future Buckeyes, there was another possible future Buckeye that stole the shine off of everyone. It was Darnay Holmes' nephew, and you'll see why.

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