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Five for Friday: Takeaways from the First Week of Spring Football
By Tony Gerdeman

The Buckeyes are now one-seventh-and-a-half of the way through their 15 spring practices, and while that might not sound like a lot -- or even sound like a real number -- we can learn quite a bit from just one week of camp because we now have an actual starting point for where players are lining up and how the coaches view them on the overall football totem pole.

With this new batch of knowledge in hand, what better way to disseminate it than in a Five for Friday? What have my takeaways from the first week of camp been? Let's examine them in nearly-moderate detail.

1. This is still the Ohio State offense.

Ohio State adds Kevin Wilson at offensive coordinator and Ryan Day as the new quarterback coach, but don't expect a sea of change when it comes to what the Buckeyes do on offense. There will be a renewed emphasis on the deep ball, but that's only considered a change because of how ineffective it has been since Devin Smith left for the NFL.

Day brings plenty of knowledge of Chip Kelly's system, which has similarities to Urban Meyer's offense. Likewise, Wilson has decades of experience of maneuvering his offense to fit his personnel. Meyer has already shown the offensive staff what he wants the offense to look like via balanced OSU outings of the recent past, but he also wants Day and Wilson to enhance the offense with their own experiences and perspective.

While you may see things that you haven't really seen before at Ohio State, you are still going to recognize the Buckeye offense because the power running game is going to be there, the quarterback run is still going to be there, and the play-action is absolutely going to be there. It's just going to be better.

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