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No Word Yet from Ohio State, but Kevin Wilson is Now a University Employee
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — Up until a day or so ago, there was only one Kevin Wilson in Ohio State's student and staff directory, and that entry belonged to a dentistry student. On Tuesday, however, things got twice as crowded for those with Scarlet and Gray monogrammed 'KW' handkerchiefs as another Kevin Wilson joined the list, this one holding the job title of "Assistant Coach - Football."

The former Indiana head coach resigned following the 2016 regular season due to "philosophical differences" with athletic director Fred Glass regarding the football program. At least one player claimed that Wilson forced teammates to play through injuries.

Wilson has been rumored and reported to be joining Urban Meyer's staff as its new offensive coordinator for a few weeks now, yet no announcement has been made, and per an Ohio State spokesman there is no confirmation of anything at this point. The hang up would appear to be centered on the future of Ed Warinner, who was reported to be talking to Minnesota head coach P.J. Fleck by, but those talks did not go anywhere.

There is also a vote taking place in April to permit a tenth assistant coach in college football, but that vote is also tied to adding an early signing period, which many coaches are against -- including Meyer. So if they want a tenth assistant coach, they also have to vote for the early signing period. Once that vote happens, the proposal would be effective immediately.

So for now, things are at a stand still, but Kevin Wilson is indeed an Ohio State employee and an assistant coach. More to come.

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