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Rising Junior Safety Eric Glover-Williams Moving to Receiver
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — The Buckeyes will now have to replace two safeties in 2017.

Just days after All-American safety Malik Hooker announced that he was leaving early for the NFL, rising junior safety Eric Glover-Williams announced via Twitter that he was leaving for Zach Smith's receivers room.

The move to receiver may be unexpected, but it is not without merit, as Glover-Williams was an outstanding playmaker on the offensive side of the ball in high school, as you can see in this highlight video.

EGW rushed for over 1,100 yards at running back as a senior in high school after playing quarterback as a junior. At 5-foot-9 and 178 pounds, Glover-Williams projects in the slot as an H-back. He may not be the kind of H-back that carries the ball between the tackles, but he is certainly more than capable of making something happen out in space.

As to the kind of impact that he could make in this offense, that's too early to say. What we do know, however, is that an offense with Kevin Wilson on its staff has been more than successful finding ways to get the football to undersized receivers.

For instance, here is what Indiana's offense did with a 5-foot-7 receiver as one of its primary targets the last five seasons.

2016 Mitchell Paige 58-646-4
2015 Mitchell Paige 57-684-6
2014 Shane Wynn 56-708-3
2013 Shane Wynn 46-633-11
2012 Shane Wynn 67-648-6

Those numbers are too much to project for Glover-Williams, but there will certainly be opportunity if he shows he can handle the tasks presented to him. Regardless of how the situation at receiver goes for him, however, expect him to remain a steadfast contributor to kick coverage, where he has been outstanding for much of his OSU career to this point.

What will the Buckeyes do now at safety? Some of that has already been touched on here.

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