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Five for Friday: 2017 Ohio State Predictions Based on Spring Performances
By Tony Gerdeman

Predictions are always fun because if you make them far enough in advance, nobody will remember when you turn out to be wrong. Personally, I like long-range predictions best. My preference is at least three years out because who is going to even care two years from now about what I thought two years ago?

The positives of such an arrangement are obvious, but included in those perks is the fact that if I happened to be right about something, I can pull it out of storage and be like, "Look. See? I told you all this was going to happen. No, don't read anything past the paragraph I have highlighted in yellow. No, don't read the part about Sirjo Welch being the next Mike Doss. I was just playing."

Unfortunately for me, today's round of predictions is based on what I saw this spring and the projections fall outside of my three-year sweet spot, and I'm not sure anything that I saw this spring would help me in 2020 anyway, so my hands are kind of tied here.

Regardless, I hope you know that sometimes such hasty predictions like these don't always turn out to be 100 percent accurate. My predictions need to sit in the fridge for a bit and thicken, like chili. These predictions today are nice, but imagine what they'd be like a little thicker, y'know?

1. Ohio State will have three quarterbacks throw at least three touchdowns in one season for the first time ever.

In order to make this prediction, I first had to go back through the archives and see if it had actually happened before. Information gets a little dicey in the 1940s, and any earlier than that and you can pretty much forget it. So when I say "ever", it might not be 100% true, but it's true enough. At least until I get an email from somebody confronting me about Ohio State's 1937 "Air Raid" team that was lost to history.

Anyway, what I found is that Ohio State has had three guys throw touchdown passes in a season many times -- at least 21 times since 1942, but never once have they had three guys throw at least three touchdowns in a season. In fact, from what I saw, only twice did they have three guys with at least two touchdown passes.

So why am I predicting this now? Because Dwayne Haskins and Joe Burrow are too good not to be allowed to throw the ball when they get in the game. I asked Kevin Wilson after the spring game if there would be room for a series here or there throughout a game for another quarterback and he wasn't sure if that was going to happen. He and Urban Meyer hadn't talked about it, but he told me that he thinks that can disrupt the rhythm of the starter and the offense.

Wilson is big on offensive rhythm, and if the Buckeye offense is as good as it is expected to be, Haskins and Burrow will both have plenty of fourth quarters to throw a few touchdown passes. And maybe even a few third quarters.

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