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Five for Friday: What to Watch for in Saturday's Ohio State Spring Game
By Tony Gerdeman

You never want to make too much of a spring game, but since when did we ever not do what we're not supposed to?

While you might not want to make too much of what you see, that doesn't mean you can't go into this thing watching for some pretty specific things. In this week's Five for Friday, I'm going to give you five such things to watch for, and if you would like to make a super big deal about them afterward, I will not stop you.

1. The quarterbacks.

We have been promised an improved passing game, so let's see it. J.T. Barrett struggled at times last year, so I'll be watching for improvements down the field and with accuracy in general. More than that, however, I'll be watching the other three quarterbacks just because we don't get to see them all that often.

A year ago, Joe Burrow was the story of the game, which some might view as a curse as much as a badge of honor. What does he look like one year older? How much more comfortable is he now, and how much better has he gotten now that he is in a true competition for the backup job?

This will be our first opportunity to see redshirt freshman Dwayne Haskins in a "live" setting. I already know how good he looks in drills, but what happens when the pass rush is bearing down and the windows are just a little bit tighter? How does he control the offense? Is it even under control.

I'm looking forward to watching freshman Tate Martell almost as much as I am watching Haskins. I don't expect Martell to be all that productive, but I do expect to see a couple of flashes of what he is capable of doing. When it comes to Martell on Saturday, you'll have to project and extrapolate a little bit because he's not going to get the best of protection.

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