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No. 3 -- 2009-2010 | 29-8 (14-4) | t1st in B1G

Give me Evan Turner, William Buford, Dallas Lauderdale, Jon Diebler, and David Lighty, and I'll take my chances against anybody. They won the Big Ten Tournament Championship Game over Minnesota by 29 points, which came two days after Turner sank a near-half court shot to beat the Wolverines in the second round of the conference tourney.

Turner was the National Player of the Year, averaging 20.4 points, 9.2 rebounds, and 6.0 assists per game. The team really only went six or seven deep, but Buford (14.4 ppg), Diebler (13.0 ppg), and Lighty (12.6 ppg) provided plenty of scoring. Each of them averaged at least 34.4 minutes played per game, which maybe finally wore on them at the end of the season when they lost 76-73 to Tennessee in the Sweet 16. Again, the Buckeyes led at the half.

How would that team fare against this year's team? I just see a montage of basketballs flying through rims from all directions. Evan Turner would direct the offense from the top of the key or the block and he'd find open shooters for all 27 minutes that he would need to play. I'll take the 2009-2010 team by 22 thanks to a late run by the 2016-2017 team.

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