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#B1GThingsToKnow: UNLV

Part of getting ready for The Ohio State Buckeyes game for me is to scrounge through the media guide of that week’s opponent. The tidbits of information turned up usually don’t amount to much of anything other than some trivial knowledge you can use to impress the others at your local tailgate/watch party/living room.

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Around the B1G: Week 2 Edition

Mike and I had a discussion on The Sons of Schmidt a few weeks ago where we were talking about the “Most Overrated” and “Most Underrated” conferences in America heading into the season. My response was that I really wanted to put the Big Ten for each of these categories. I feel like the top end of the B1G will be considered…

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Football Hayes & Cannon

Around the B1G: Week 1 Edition

Families all around the nation are getting back from their vacations. The youngins are back to school where they belong learning and stuff. With those pesky little kids out the door, Mommy and/or Daddy can now start the time-honored tradition of day drinking just enough so it doesn’t limit their ability to go pick up the kids.