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The Buckeye SloopCast: S5E31 – Just Another Saturday

In this episode of the Buckeye SloopCast, Jared and Kyle recap Ohio State’s 56-27 win over Michigan. They discuss various items contained within that 56-27 win, including many of the key players in making the 56-27 win happen. They talk about OSU’s difficulties, which initially made a 56-27 win seem unlikely. Basically, everything about Ohio State’s 56-27 win over Michigan…

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Buckeye Leaves and Peeves — Ohio State at Michigan

There is good and bad in every game. Some games have more good than bad, and some games have more bad than good. And some games require an actual running game in order to win. This feature is about acknowledging both the bad and good, or whichever stood out to us most. Borrowing from Ohio State’s practice of handing out Buckeye leaves for good plays, we will do the same.

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Don’t Let Frequency of Great Performances Overshadow History Being Made

Ohio State went into Ann Arbor on Saturday and beat Michigan for an eighth-consecutive year. It was their 15th win in 16 games, and 17th win in the last 19  meetings. Some would call it ‘old hat,’ but if the new hat fits so great and looks so good every year, it’s okay to admire it for its individual beauty. There is no reason to just toss it on your pile of other hats.

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The Grumpy Old Buckeye: Ohio State at That Team Up North

Ohio State and Michigan renewed the greatest rivalry in all of sports with Jim Harbaugh’s team peaking and the Buckeyes coming off one of their sloppiest performances of the season. The Game has been owned by Ohio State since Jim Tressel took over as OSU coach in 2001 but at some point you just figure all the stars will finally align for the Wolverines.

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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Instant Reaction from a Michigan Mauling

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr give their instant reaction from Ohio State’s 56-27 win over Michigan. What went right, what went wrong, what went exactly as expected? They discuss the individual performances, the decision of Jonathon Cooper to play, the Buckeye defense in the second half, and much, much more.