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Positive Report on Tyson Gentry Brings Smiles to OSU Football Family
By John Porentas

The Ohio State football family got some very good news yesterday, and it had nothing to do with wins, losses, BCS rankings, or recruiting triumphs.

OSU wide receivers coach Darrell Hazell said Wednesday night that injured wide receiver Tyson Gentry has regained some movement in one of his extremities, and that is excellent news for Gentry who suffered a neck injury last spring which has left him partially paralyzed.

Tyson Gentry at a press conference earlier this year.

"We got some good news today. Tyson moved one of his toes on his left foot. That's huge. That's really big and it gives him a lot of hope. He's ecstatic, his family is ecstatic It's a good feeling right now that he's been able to do that," said Hazell.

According to Hazell, the movement is especially significant because of it's distance from the actual injury. The fact that the movement is in the foot, as far from the injured neck as possible, is a very, very positive development.

"I got a text from his father, and I called his father up and he said that last night his sister took his shoe off and he was able to move his second left toe. It was good, That was huge," said Hazell.

"I call him all the time and he always wants to know when he can come watch film. He's been a great inspiration for all of us. He's awesome," Hazell added.

Hazell said that the news of the development was very welcome with the rest of the OSU football team.

"It was a quiet confidence of 'Yeah!'" said Hazell.

"Actually, I wrote it on our tip sheet. We do a tip sheet for the receivers every day to get better at this, get better at that, and I put it on the back page of the tip sheet today that he moved the toe, and it was like an emotional rush over the guys over that," Hazell said.

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