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Scarlet and Gray Draft Order
By John Porentas and Tony Gerdeman

The annual draft preceding the Scarlet and Gray game was conducted at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center on Wednesday, and though it is a draft in name, the OSU coaching staff was able to influence the outcome to a very large degree. The Buckeye coaching staff elected to "assign" 38 players prior to the draft, including quarterback Todd Boeckman, and those assignments had a very large impact on just how things went.

Interestingly, the quarterback position ended up being the 12th position opened, as the Gray did not seem care whether they played with Robby Schoenhoft or Antonio Henton. The Scarlet finally opened the position and took Schoenhoft despite the fact that they already had been assigned Boeckman with an apparent strategy of forcing the Gray to play with Henton. The strategy was foiled, however, when OSU Head Coach Jim Tressel intervened and declared that Schoenhoft would play the second half with the Gray despite being picked by the Scarlet. Tressel then also added that Henton would play one quarter in the second half with the Scarlet.

Below is a breakdown of the draft order of players not previously assigned by the coaching staff,. The list is in order in which they positions were opened by the team captains.

Position: Defensive end (Opened by Gray)

Gray - Lawrence Wilson
Scarlet - Rob Rose
Gray - Ryan Williams
Scarlet - Walter Dublin
Gray - Chris Rietschlin

Position: Offensive Tackle (Opened by Scarlet)

Scarlet: - Alex Boone
Gray - Bryant Browning
Scarlet: - Josh Kerr
Gray - Scott Sika
Scarlet - Chris Malone

Position: Tailback (Opened by Gray)

Gray - Maurice Wells
Scarlet - Marcus Williams
Gray - K.C. Christianson
Scarlet - Joe Gantz

Position: Wide Receiver (Opened by Scarlet)

Scarlet - Brian Robiske
Gray - Ray Small
Scarlet - Dan Potokar
Gray - Garret Hummel
Scarlet - Brian Hartline

Position: Center (Opened by Gray)

Gray - Jim Cordle
Scarlet - Andrew Moses

Position: Defensive Tackle (Opened by Scarlet)

Scarlet - Doug Worthington
Gray - Dexter Larimore
Scarlet - Todd Denlinger

Position: Linebacker (Opened by Gray)

Gray - James Laurinaitis
Scarlet - Austin Spitler
Gray - Ross Homan
Scarlet - Thaddeus Gibson
Gray - Mark Johnson

Position: Safety (Opened by Scarlet)

Scarlet- Kurt Coleman
Gray - Tyler Moeller
Scarlet - Grant Schwartz
Gray - Aaron Gant
Scarlet - Jamario O'Neal

Position: Corner Back (Opened by Gray)

Gray - Malcolm Jenkins
Scarlet - Donald Washington
Gray - Chimdi Chekwa
Scarlet - James Scott
Gray - Donnie Evege

Position: Offensive Guard (Opened by Scarlet

Scarlet - Connor Smith
Gray - Zack Slagle

Position: Tight End (Opened by Gray

Gray - Jake Ballard
Scarlet - J. D. Larson
Gray - Will Crawl
Scarlet - Andrew Miller

Position: Quarterback (Opened by Scarlet)

Scarlet - Robbie Schoenhoft (assigned to Gray for second half by Coach Tressel)
Gray - Antonio Henton (assigned to Scarlet for one quarter of the second half by Coach Tressel)

Position: Fullback (Gray)

Gray not allowed to pick due to roster assignments
Scarlet - Aram Olson

Position: Kicker (Gray)

Gray - Aaron Petry
Scarlet - Devin Barclay
Gray - Michael Mattimoe

Position: Long Snapper (Opened by Scarlet

Scarlet - Jake McQuaide
Gray - Jackson Haas
Scarlet - Patrick Howe
Gray - Don Curtis

Players assigned by the coaching staff to the Gray prior to the draft:

Will Linebacker - Ryan Lukens
Strong Safety - Mike Dougherty
Defensive End - Alex Barrow, Brett Daily
Nose Guard - Nadar Abdallah
Linebacker - Larry Grant
Corner - Brandon Underwood
Wide Receiver - Devon Lyons, David Lisko, Ben Kascandi
Guard - Daniel Dye, Kyle Mitchum, Ben Person, John Skinner
Tight End - Brandon Smith
Fullback - Trevor Robinson, Tyler Whaley
Kicker - Andrew Good
Punter - A. J. Trapasso

Players assigned by the coaching staff to the Scarlet prior to the draft:

Kicker - Ryan Pretorius
Long snapper- Dimitrios Makridis
Quarterback - Todd Boeckman
Fullback - Dionte Johnson
Guard - Doug Ebner, Steve Rehring
Tackle - Kirk Barton
Tight End- Rory Nicol
Wide Receiver - Kyle Ruhl, Albert Dukes, Brent Ullery
Defensive End - Eric Gholston
Defensive Tackle - Juan Garnier
Sam Linebacker - Curtis Terry
Will Linebacker - Marcus Freeman
Cornerback - Shaun Lane, Zach Willis
Free Safety - Nick Patterson
Safety - Matt Daniels (later re-assigned to Gray)

Team Rosters

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