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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 04/29/2011 12:38 PM
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Many Departed Buckeyes Still Waiting to Hear Name Called
By Tony Gerdeman

With Cameron Heyward being taken in the first round of the NFL Draft as expected, the focus now falls on a few other departed Buckeye seniors and their own draft prospects.

Friday's draft day festivities will include the second and third rounds, while Saturday will hold rounds four through seven.

For these next two days, there are about ten former Buckeyes who will jump at every phone call, and when the phone isn't ringing, they'll be checking it to make sure it's still working.

So, as sort of a primer for you, we've listed those seniors below, along with some comments from the experts, as well as which round they can be expected to be drafted in.

Ross Homan, LB (6-1 240, 4.60)

Pros:  "Homan is an undersized linebacker with good speed that could potentially develop into a starter on the weak side. He runs very well and shows the ability to chase running backs down from behind. He is a smooth athlete that makes plays in space and flashes the ability to mirror tight ends and running backs in man coverage." -- NFL.com

Cons:  "Not a reliable tackler. Easily blocked at the point of attack and struggles getting through the trash." -- SI.com

"He lacks the strength and shedding ability to be a run stopper at the next level and can be a non-factor on running plays directed at him." -- NFL.com

Projection:  3rd-5th

Chimdi Chekwa, CB (6-0 191, 4.40)

Pros:  "Chekwa has adequate height and bulk. Fluid through the hips and transitions smoothly to turn and run with receivers. Flashes the ability to close the gap when the ball is in the air. Locates the ball quickly and uses his hands to break up passess. Hard worker that is very coachable." -- NFL.com

Cons:  "Bites on play-action passes, gets caught out of position, and is late reacting to the action. Does not do a good job positioning himself against opponents to make a play on the ball. Looks confused at times and misses assignments." -- SI.com

Projection:  4th-6th

Brian Rolle, LB (5-10 229, 4.51)

Pros:  "Fires up the field filling gaps in run defense then immediately changes direction and loses no momentum. Displays tremendous range on the field, has a burst to the play, and is effective in pursuit. Breaks down well, gets his hands up, and is rarely off his feet." -- SI.com

Cons:  "Lacks height, size and speed and range are only adequate. Is a tick late diagnosing on occasion and will over pursue at times. Can be swallowed up by bigger linemen when attempting to anchor. Struggles to disengage from blockers." -- NFL.com

"Drag-down tackler and struggles to bring opponents down at the point of attack." -- SI.com

Projection: 5th-7th

Dane Sanzenbacher, WR (5-11 182, 4.48)

Pros:  ""Dependable, intelligent receiver with a great feel for the position. Quickly gets off the line, sells routes, and comes back to the ball out of breaks, making himself an available target for the quarterback. Solid route runner and gets separation from defenders. Consistently finds a way to get open, displays solid focus, and uses his frame to shield away defenders." -- SI.com

Cons:  "Does not have the speed to stretch the field or the explosion to separate out of his breaks. A bit stiff in the hips and will lose speed in transition. Undersized receiver that struggles to fight off the press. Lacks the wiggle to make people miss in the open field and will not run over DBs." -- NFL.com

Projection:  5th-6th

Devon Torrence, CB (6-0 199, 4.50)

Pros:  "Developing cornerback with terrific size and upside potential. Displays solid footwork in reverse and shows a terrific burst of closing speed. Has an aggressive nature to his game, collapses from the outside to defend the run, and is a solid open field tackler. Has solid hands." -- SI.com

Cons:  "Makes too many misreads and gets caught out of position. Lacks the explosion to quickly close gaps once the ball is in the air. Does not flash an effective press at the line of scrimmage. Plays a bit high and takes too many false steps limiting his ability to stick in man coverage." -- NFL.com

Projection:  5th-7th

Jermale Hines, S (6-1 219, 4.57)

Pros:  "Can be a devastating hitter and an intimidating force. Solid open field tackler. Displays a burst of closing and recovery speed. Effectively pursues the action from all angles." -- SI.com

Cons:  "Does not have the deep speed to be a true center fielder. Slow to read the flow of the play. Struggles to consistently recognize routes and sloppy footwork limits his effectiveness in coverage. Over-aggressive at times and will bite on play action. Will take poor angles in run support and miss the ball carrier." -- NFL.com

Projection:  6th-7th

Brandon Saine, RB (5-11 220, 4.40)

Pros:  "He is a downhill runner with enough speed to get the corner and break a long run when he finds daylight. He can be a weapon out of the backfield, as he is too athletic for linebackers and has reliable hands." -- NFL.com

Cons:  "A bit stiff in the hips and struggles to make sharp cuts. Possesses less than ideal vision, looks to bounce runs outside too often and misses the open running lanes at times. Does not always run with a good pad level and lacks the lower body strength to push the pile. Not very durable." -- NFL.com

"Lacks patience and must do a better job waiting for blocks develop. Lacks overall ball carrying instincts. Loses momentum when he must immediately change direction." -- SI .com

Projection:  6th-7th

Justin Boren, OG (6-3 309, 5.15)

Pros:  "Blocks with terrific fundamentals, stays square, and anchors at the point of attack. Displays terrific awareness and blocking vision and keeps his head on a swivel. Plays with a nasty attitude and hits several defenders during a single play. Keeps his feet moving throughout the action, jolts defenders at the point of attack, and blocks with leverage." -- SI.com

Cons:  "Lacks height and length. Has trouble mirroring quicker interior pass rushers. Leans, lunges and struggles to sustain blocks at times. Only possesses adequate athleticism and will take some false steps. Character is in question after departure from Michigan mainly due to a new conditioning regimen and change in program atmosphere." -- NFL.com

Projection:  7th-Free Agent

Bryant Browning, OG (6-3 310, 5.55)

Pros:  "Relatively athletic, wide-bodied lineman who is best in pass protection. Quickly sets up off the snap, stays square, and seals opponents from the action. Immediately gets his hands into defenders and jolts defenders at the point of attack. Keeps his feet moving, works to bend his knees, and keeps his head on a swivel." -- SI.com

Cons:  "Narrow based blocker who lacks balance. Rarely finishes blocks or gets movement run blocking. Seems tentative blocking in motion." -- SI.com

Projection:  7th-Free Agent

Dexter Larimore, DT (6-1 300, 5.10)

Pros:  "Gets off the snap with a quick first step, explosive at the point of attack, and works his hands to protect himself. Plays with good pad level, is tough to move off the point, and chases the action hard." -- SI.com

Cons:  "Straight-line defender who lacks the ability to quickly change direction. Marginal skill in pursuit." -- SI.com

Projection:  Free Agent


Those are the ten Buckeyes most likely to be drafted, yet it's unlikely that all ten will be drafted.

Those who aren't drafted will be invited into various NFL camps and will be offered free agent contracts. Along with those listed above, here are a couple of other departed Buckeyes who may get a look.

Jake McQuaide, LS

Long snappers rarely get drafted, but teams are always looking to improve their special teams. McQuaide rarely had an issue at Ohio State, which is exactly what you like in a long snapper. 

Taurian Washington, WR

Never quite put it together for the Buckeyes after a promising start. Washington's physical ability will intrigue teams, but it's everything else that will have to win them over.

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