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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 08/24/2011 12:07 PM
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Buckeyes Debate an Argument as Old as Time
By Tony Gerdeman

Since the dawn of man, men have been racing eachother on foot to determine who is fastest. Somewhere around the early afternoon of that dawn of man, the winners have been bragging about their feats to anyone who would listen, especially to those whom they have just vanquished.

As their ancestors did before them, so the football Buckeyes do today. A few weeks back the team held their "40 day, when they run their 40-yard dashes to gauge speed and measure improvements over time.

As is the case in all races, there was indeed a winner, and it was cornerback Dominic Clarke.

Though he declined to reveal his time (rumored to be a 4.34), he didn't decline to reveal the most important fact. When asked who was the fastest Buckeye on the team, he replied, "The time doesn't lie."

“You already know who the fastest person on the team was, man. The 40 day said it all.”

But did it really say it all?

When asking his teammates who the fastest player on the team was most said Clarke. However, a couple of players had differing opinions.

"Me," said receiver Philly Brown incredulously.

There is no doubt that Brown has the Youtubes and track times to argue his case. As a high school junior at Cardinal O'Hara just outside of Philadelphia, Brown ran a 10.54 100 meters which was the fastest time in the state that year.

However, there is still the small matter of that pesky 40 day.

"He ran faster," Brown admitted. "I had turf toe though."

Ah turf toe, the bane of many great athletes.

Brown wasn't the only guy in his own corner, however. Running back Carlos Hyde - who just so happened to be the fastest running back on 40 day - broke the question of fastest Buckeye down into two categories: football speed and track speed.

For pure football speed, he gave the nod to Brown, but when it came to track speed, there was only one choice.

“I'm gonna have to go with Dom," he said. "He showed up.”

Seems like an open and shut case, doesn't it?

Well, don't tell that to cornerback Bradley Roby.

“It depends on the length," the redshirt freshman said. "If it's longer than 40 yards, I'd probably give it to Dom. But in 40 yards, it's me.”

"Roby and Dom argue about it just about every other day," said nickel back Tyler Moeller.

Clearly, there is still some deep-seated denial going on among a couple of Buckeyes. There's a reason stopwatches count hundredths of seconds - it's because they're made for accuracy.

“Between me and Roby, it's always a fun little competition between who is fastest," said Clarke.

"But it was on a track, we both had equal conditions, and that's what settled the score. The clock don't lie.”

“Dom Clarke had a good day that day," Roby said, "but I'm the fastest in 40 yards.”

But if the clock doesn't lie, then why did Clarke finish first? It wasn't the dreaded turf toe, was it?

“I really had a hamstring problem this summer,' Roby said, without any hint of shame.

"And it was really bugging me, and I actually had to sit out summer running. I don't want to use excuses, but it's the truth. I can't lie about the truth.”

So the 40 day, where everything is supposed to be settled once and for all, actually settled nothing in Philly Brown and Bradley Roby's minds.

Their teammates, however, seem to be convinced.

“They argue about it a lot," said linebacker Chad Hagan.

"But Dom beat by Roby by a like a point of a second. So there's no question."

Apparently the rest of the team didn't know about Brown's turf toe, or Roby's summer-long bout with debilitating hamstring issues, and if they were to strap the cleats on right this second and pit Roby in a match race against Clarke, what would happen?

"I'd win," Roby said confidently.

That bit of braggadocio sure makes it sound like Roby's hamstring issues are a thing of the past, which is good news for Buckeye fans.

However, there's bad news for the science community, as time is now apparently just a matter of opinion.

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