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Established October 31, 1996
Front Page Columns and Features
Last updated: 10/09/2011 4:36 PM
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Buckeye Watch - Nebraska
By Tony Gerdeman

The greatest collapse of the Luke Fickell Era also happened to be the greatest comeback in Nebraska history. Books will be written about this game, and Husker fans will color in the pictures.

Ohio State's 34-27 loss at Nebraska wasn't all bad, as evidenced by the fact that the Buckeyes actually scored 27 points. But there's nothing good about losing a game that you led 27-6 halfway through the third quarter.

If Luke Fickell truly is auditioning for this job full-time, he just showed up to his interview and refused to answer a single question.

His silence said all he needed to say, because we have now seen the Buckeyes collapse following a 14-point deficit and a 14-point lead. (I know they led by 21 points, but the actual collapse didn't occur until it was a 14-point game. Save your emails.) There's not much else that needs to be said.

Yes, Braxton Miller's injury was huge. It was a game-changer. But prior to his injury, Nebraska had scored a total of 13 points. After the injury, they scored 21 points. How fragile must a team be when they break down after their true freshman quarterback gets knocked out of a game?

And sure, this was the worst game that Joe Bauserman has ever played. He wasn't even throwing the ball away and there were still balls drilling fans in the face, but why was Jim Bollman asking him to do things that he can't do—and things that they didn't even need to ask him to do?!

You can't pin this loss on just one area over the other. It takes an entire team to blow a 21-point lead with just a quarter and a half left in a game.

But hey, at least the teamwork is improving.

5:09 LSU's punter ran for a touchdown on a fake, but it was called back because the punter taunted. Only in the SEC do punters taunt. Of course, only in the SEC do punters run 4.2s.

5:11 By the way, if Ohio State gets a touchdown called back because of taunting, that player's scholarship should be revoked immediately. Though admittedly it would be hard for a Buckeye to keep from celebrating a touchdown if he knows it's going to happen. Those don't happen every week around here, you know.

5:23 Sounds like the weather is going to be terrible in Lincoln, which is sadly now a positive for the Buckeyes. Nebraska puts the ball on the ground almost once per quarter, and a wet ball isn't going to suddenly start ending that trend. Ohio State's defense needs to score for this team to win, and they should have a few opportunities.

7:30 The rain has begun. While I initially thought this would be a plus for the Buckeyes, I forgot about the whole “Mike Brewster can't snap a damp ball” thing.

7:53 The level of inexperience at the skill positions is pretty amazing. Chris Fields and Philly Brown are the first-team receivers right now and neither has ever made an offensive play in a college football game. And with this weather, we probably can't expect much tonight either.

7:54 So help me if Ohio State wins the toss and takes the ball. I already have my letter to the editor written. All I have to do is hit send.

7:55 Wouldn't it be funny if people still wrote letters to the editor. Ah, the olden days.

8:04 Well, the weather didn't look too bad, but I wasn't really paying attention. I'm still watching this Michigan – Northwestern game. Trying to get some offense in my system before last call, which is in two minutes.

8:09 Jesse Palmer just called Ohio State's offense “one-dimensional”. I think he over-counted by one.

8:10 Crap. Nebraska won the toss and deferred. The Buckeyes will be getting the ball first. Fickell wins again.

8:11 I think Jeannine Edwards buys her clothes from Stuffy Schoolmarms R Us.

8:13 The Buckeyes open the game in the pistol. Wut? Nevermind. Delay of game. Classic. That is so classic. That's Atari 2600 stuff right there. Jim Bollman is playing Combat while everybody else is playing Call of Duty.

8:14 Pistol again. Play-action and Braxton Miller finds Philly Brown who breaks a tackle and picks up 21 yards. Miller was calm and patient on that throw. There was no pressure. Why was there no pressure?

8:15 Play-action rollout and Miller finds Zach Boren in the flats for twelve yards. Woot. Best offense in a month. I'm cramping from watching all of this movement.

8:16 Zone read and Braxton keeps it and gets seven yards. That was very easy. Careful guys, don't use the offense all up at once. We've got like 55 more minutes to play.

8:20 Third and ten from the Nebraska 39-yard line. At least they've moved the field position. Shotgun. Split backs. Braxton takes off and he'll pick up twelve yards. This is what the Buckeyes need. Miller's got room to make plays and the offensive line is giving him clear lanes. Please no blitzes thank you.

8:22 Third and two. Nevermind, it's a false start on Andrew Norwell. If you had 7:50 of the first quarter, you are a winner. (Unless you had J.B. Shugarts.)

8:23 The drive has successfully been killed and now Drew Basil will line up a 41-yard field goal from the right hash. Got it. Buckeyes lead 3-0. If nothing else, this offense now has a little bit of confidence, and that's a lot more than they had before. It's something that could build momentum.

8:27 Here's the kickoff to Ameer Abdullah. This dude is deadly. Gotta tackle. There's a big return to the 47-yard line. 36 yards on the return. Barely his average. Pshhh.

8:28 There's a toss play to Rex Burkhead for three yards. Flag on the Buckeyes. Facemask by Travis Howard.

8:29 The very next play is another toss to Burkhead who gets knocked out of bounds two yards behind the line of scrimmage by Bradley Roby. A tale of two cornerbacks going in opposite directions.

8:30 The Buckeyes hold and will force a 50-yard field goal attempt from Brett Maher. Got it. The game is now tied at 3-3. Good stuff from the Ohio State defense, who gave up about six yards on the drive, save for Howard's facemask. The Buckeyes have to feel good about where they stand, but now they have to get better.

8:35 Third and one. Miller keeps it on the option, and actually runs away from the blocking and picks up twelve yards. This kid's pretty good when he's not getting swallowed up by seven blitzers.

8:37 Miller drops back. Scrambles. He's going deep to Reid Fragel, and Austin Cassidy dropped the interception. The ball slipped out of Braxton's hands. He thumbed it. Can't throw deep for him tonight with the way he can't throw a spiral. Bullet number one has been dodged.

8:40 Third and seven. Jordan Hall picks up the blitz and Braxton takes off and picks up 24 yards. Great recognition by Miller with zero hesitation, but that play goes nowhere if not for Jordan Hall stuffing the blitz. By the way, that's how you keep them from blitzing.

8:41 Play-action throw back screen to Stoneburner. Holy crap!! Touchdown Buckeyes! Mike Brewster and J.B. Shugarts both got out to the left side to free up Stoneburner and he ran as fast as we've ever seen him run down the sidelines for the score. Why have they held back on that stuff? Finally got to see his speed. This will be reviewed, but it's amazing what misdirection accomplishes. That's definitely a touchdown. It's confirmed. Touchdown. 10-3 Buckeyes.

8:44 First the Pistol, and then a tight end screen? Is Gus Malzahn wearing a Big Momma suit on the Ohio State sidelines?

8:45 The Pelini Brothers haven't been this mad since earlier this afternoon when people kept interrupting their cornhole tournament.

8:47 The confidence for the Buckeyes has to be through the roof. Of course, the roof that I'm referring to would be the type of roof that would be found on a pygmy hut in the Amazon. Do pygmies live in the Amazon? Honestly, if the Simpsons have never addressed it, or Scooby Doo never addressed it, I'm really not all that knowledgeable about it.

8:49 We have reached the end of the first quarter. The Buckeyes lead it 10-3. They have 141 yards of total offense. They had 178 against Michigan State for the entire game last week.

8:53 Martinez gives it to Abdullah, who picks up twelve yards. Now is the part of the game where Nebraska starts getting after the linebackers. Gotta step up with the safety help.

8:54 Third and one. Burkhead gets it and there's no gain! He actually lost two feet. Adam Bellamy stuffed it. Nebraska will go for it here.

8:55 Nebraska comes out lined up in the wildcat? Burkhead keeps it and there's no gain. They stuff it! Nice wildcat. Bradley Roby did that completely on his own. He shed the block and then dropped Burkhead for no gain. Tremendous play by the redshirt freshman. His future is bright. Heck, his present is bright..

8:56 False start on J.B. Shugarts. Wasn't sure the refs saw it, but it's hard to miss him when you're looking for it. I wonder if refs talk among themselves between plays. “Don't forget to call the Shugarts false start on this series.”

8:57 Twins left. Carlos Hyde gets it and he's gone!! He's freaking GONE!!! Carlos Hyde to the right side for 63 yards. Touchdown. Great cutback. He couldn't do that last month. He can do it now. Wow. One play, 58 yards. That drive lasted all of nine seconds. Ohio State leads it 17-3. I love the shots of the fans in their kilts. Kilthuskers.

8:58 Remember last week? What the hell happened last week? What. The. Hell. Happened. Last. Week.

9:01 The Buckeyes now have 204 yards on their first three drives.

9:02 Hey Nebraska, welcome to the Big Te...nope, not gonna say it yet. I'll wait. I don't want to be responsible for an epic collapse.

9:03 Third and five. Martinez dumps it to Burkhead again for nine yards. That's the second time they've done that. The next time needs to be an interception on a zone blitz.

9:04 There's a sack by Big Hank for a loss of one or two. That was 335 pounds coming off the edge. Sorry about the ribs, bro. He's a future NFLer. Probably sooner than later too.

9:04 Third and nine. Martinez finds Brandon Kinnie for ten yards on Travis Howard. Wow. Howard was nowhere near the play. Not even sure what he was watching. Dominic Clarke's eyes have likely rolled all the way back into his head. He can see the inside of his own skull right now.

9:05 Loss of a yard for Burkhead as John Simon hopped on him and rode him like a horsey. Giddy up.

9:06 Third and ten. J.T. Moore comes on the stunt and Michael Bennett gets the sack as Martinez stepped up to avoid Moore! Tremendous. This is like watching actual football again! Time for the Huskers to punt.

9:08 There's 8:26 left in the half and the Buckeyes have the ball at their own six-yard line. This is about the point in the game where Jim Tressel would go into his ball-killing mode. They won't want to turn it over here, so they'll be safe. They like their defense, so there's no reason to let Nebraska get free points.

9:11 And three Jordan Hall runs later and the Buckeyes go three and out. Where is Carlos Hyde on third and one? Is he being punished for scoring? I can understand it catching the offensive coaches off guard, but it's actually what he's supposed to do. You can Google it. Very nice punt by Ben Buchanan, which is fair caught at the 43-yard line of Nebraska.

9:12 Now that I think about it a little more, it's a good thing they didn't go back to Carlos Hyde. They don't want to wear him out before the fourth quarter. Probably didn't want to kill his average either.

9:13 According to a USPS commercial, “A refrigerator has never been hacked.” This of course is not true. I used to hack my roommate's beer fridge all the time.

9:14 Nothing up the middle for Burkhead who gets driven back eight yards. Simon and Sweat. They're killing this middle stuff. Surprised there isn't more option stuff out wide. They're attacking the defensive line right now and instead need to attack the linebackers and safeties.

9:19 Third and five from the Ohio State 17-yard line with 2:56 to play. Martinez throws back across his body into the back of the endzone and Orhian Johnson breaks it up. I thought he picked it. Probably should have. That leaves Maher with a 34-yard field goal, which he drills. Buckeyes lead it 17-6 with 2:44 to play.

9:25 The Buckeyes go three and out and the Huskers call a timeout to stop the clock with 1:03 to play.

9:27 Martinez is going deep, and it's intercepted by Orhian Johnson! He returns it to the Nebraska 47-yard line with 15 seconds to play. Bo Pelini is not happy with his OC, looked like he waved him off. Or maybe it was the fans. Either way, Bo is mad and somebody's dog is going to get kicked at halftime. 15 seconds. Time enough to get something here. Great strategy to punt the ball back to Martinez by the Buckeyes.

9:28 QB draw and Miller skirts the defense and he gets it down to the 17-yard line with four seconds to play. That puts Miller close to 100 yards rushing on the day. He juked linebacker Will Compton so bad Compton broke the entire lower half of his body.

9:30 That leaves Drew Basil with a 35-yard field goal. I'm not expecting this to go in because that would just be too easy. He got it! Wow. 20-6 at the half. Not sure if the Buckeyes could have played any better.

9:31 Bo at the half. He's dumbfounded. “We need to fix us really quick.” Then “We got plenty of time.” Bo Pelini's job interview is not going very well.

9:35 Both defenses are bringing about the same pressure, but one quarterback is handling it better than the other, and one defense is tackling much better than the other. Just a tremendous display tonight to this point.

9:37 The Buckeyes have 246 yards of total offense and Nebraska has 114. Only 34 yards rushing.

9:39 It doesn't feel like the Buckeyes have had the ball much tonight, but when they have had it, they are protecting Braxton Miller like he's the secret to 'The Crying Game'. (Too dated?)

9:42 Even though Nebraska isn't a huge blitzing team, and even though Braxton Miller has killed them when they do blitz, they've got to try something in the second half. Unless they think the Buckeye offense is just going to go into a cocoon. Which is entirely possible, of course.

9:50 It's amazing how much longer these halftimes take when you aren't stuffing your face with bratwurst and barbecue.

9:51 Time to get this party started. Let's have a real good time. Let's have a real good time. Let's have a real good time. Somebody go get me my gun that I use for shooting my television.

9:52 We are back underway. Kickoff goes to the goal line. Abdullah gets taken down at the 18-yard line. There's a block in the back as well. No wonder this dude leads the nation in kickoff returns—they cheat on every return.

9:53 Rex Burkhead now has twelve carries for thirteen yards. This up the middle stuff isn't working, guys.

9:55 Huge three and out to open the half for Nebraska. It's a short punt to the Nebraska 47-yard line. There is a tremendous opportunity for the Buckeyes to steal Nebraska's will right here. To reach their fists into the chests of the Huskers, tear out their will, and then show it to the Huskers and shake it in their face like Nebraska just peed on the carpet. And then take that will and smack them on the nose with it!

9:59 I would be completely frustrated in this defensive effort if I was a Nebraska fan. I would also probably sleep in my truck at least three nights a week because, you know, 'when in Rome', and all.

10:01 Third and nine. Braxton looks downfield and Philly Brown hauls it in at the seven-yard line! I think this might be an offensive pass interference. Philly looks guilty. But they call defensive holding. Declined. Turns out Brown wasn't looking guilty, he was just stunned at getting a pass thrown his way. HUGE throw and catch by Miller to Philly. Watching a replay, these Nebraska defensive backs hold more than a mother with a newborn.

10:03 Second and goal from the one-yard line. Carlos Hyde comes in. Loaded backfield. He fights in and he got it! Touchdown number two for number 34. The Buckeyes almost seem stunned. Or maybe this is the new confident Buckeyes that think touchdowns are easy so they don't really react to them anymore. Great block and push by Zach Boren on that one. This left side is something else. It's now 27-6 Buckeyes. Nebraska thought they had the play stopped but Hyde said he still had more in him, and then they relented because they knew they could never outlast him.

10:10 Another three and out for the Huskers. This is crazy.

10:13 If Maurice Clarett wins his $1,000 bet with Eric Crouch, it's Grey Goose for everyone!

10:16 Third and five. Zone read and Miller jukes the crap out of Josh Williams for the first down, but fumbled it and Lavonte David came up with it. Ouch. Just a great move by Miller and there's the fumble I've been waiting on. David just took it away from him. That's cheating!

10:17 Second and four. Here's an interesting pistol look with three running backs. Martinez keeps it on the zone read and goes untouched for six points. The extra point is good. The Buckeye lead is cut to 27-13 and now we've got a stupid football game again. 7:23 left in the third.

10:18 Does this make the Ohio State offense start to pucker? I doubt it, but it surely jacks up the Nebraska defense.

10:22 Miller drops back and then scrambles. He picks up nine yards with the ball flopping around like Oprah's arm fat.

10:24 Play-action bootleg and Miller gets taken down for a loss of two by Sean Fisher. He beat Boren and was right there for the sack. Miller got hit low and he's still down. Oh fuuudddddgggggge. (Only I didn't say 'Fudge'.) He's in pain. And America's happiness suddenly becomes America's sadness. Except for in Nebraska, which isn't technically America. Yep, he's hurt. It's been his history though. Right knee? He's not putting weight on it. What a year.

10:26 And now Joe Bauserman comes in cold on third and eight. Even unwinnable situations are more winnable than this situation. He drops back and throws it six feet over Stoneburner's head and four yards out of bounds. Wow. And that's not an exaggeration. And neither was the 'Wow'. Buckeyes punt.

10:27 The only thing to do from here on out is let Bauserman hand off to Hyde and bring as many blockers as you can. And if you can maybe rub some tussin on Braxton's injury, that would be cool too.

10:28 Third and nine. Huge opportunity for a stop by the Buckeye defense. Shotgun. Stupid pass over the middle at the first down marker to Kyler Reed. How does Martinez keep from getting his passes knocked down at the line of scrimmage. The release point is about 42 inches off the ground. They're not even tall enough to ride most roller coasters.

10:29 Here's Nebraska's triple formation that scored a touchdown the last time. This time Martinez gives it to Aaron Green for seven yards.

10:30 Here it is again. Play-action. Martinez is going deep and he finds Quincy Enunwa with Christian Bryant in coverage for the touchdown. Why are they holding that formation until the third quarter? It's killer. The Buckeyes can't do anything with it. Ohio State now leads it 27-20 with 1:44 left in the third quarter.

10:33 Braxton was getting his ankle taped, but it's still Bauserman. Three handoffs and punt please.

10:34 Second and eight. Bauserman throws it behind Philly Brown and it's nearly tipped. I understand throwing on second down, it gives Bauserman his best chance of completing a pass, but an incompletion also means that you are now passing on two of your three downs, which is not optimal.

10:35 Third and eight. Bauserman beats the blitz and finds Philly Brown for 13 yards and then they'll tack on 15 more for a cheap shot by Jean-Baptiste. Every completion is like reaching a mountain peak—and then looking back at the ground below and thinking, “Let's never do this again.”

10:36 We have now reached the end of the third quarter. The Buckeyes still lead it 27-20. If Joe Bauserman can pull this off, that would be as much as any person could ask of him. And it would quell a lot of bad feelings around these parts. Just stay one score ahead. That's all you have to do.

10:37 Carlos Hyde wants this moment. He wants the ball. Might as well keep him happy.

10:40 Second and three from the Nebraska 32-yard line. Hyde gets hit at the line of scrimmage and then rolls through for three more yards. They'll measure. Will Compton got blasted. He doesn't even know what sparsely-populated village he's in. First down Buckeyes.

10:41 First and ten from the 29-yard line. Hyde to the right side for a loss of three. Lavonte David ran him out of bounds. That dude is pretty good. Watch the field goal range, guys.

10:42 Play-action on second down and Bauserman throws it up for grabs in the endzone to Philly and he got interfered with but there's no flag. Is this really how you go about securing a field goal? This isn't Tresselball. I can't believe I am missing Tresselball. LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE TURNED ME INTO!! YOU MONSTERS!!

10:42 Third and 13. Don't get sacked. Bauserman throws it out of bounds intended for Devin Smith. Wasn't catchable. This field goal is 49 yards into the wind. Big call. He's punting. There's a delay of game. I'm okay with this. It's not a very winnable situation. However, the decision to pass twice baffles me. At least get a few yards with two runs and make Basil a part of your plans.

10:47 The punt is downed at the nine-yard line. It was almost as if the coaches chose punting over a field goal on that drive. And I don't mean on the fourth-down play, I mean on the entire last three-down series.

10:49 Third and six. The biggest play of the game to this point. Shotgun. Blitz...two yard catch by Kinnie and Roby throws him out of bounds. Big Hank was chasing Martinez around. That's probably not fun. Obviously Martinez knows that he can get away from him, but nobody likes the thought of their ribs being crumbled like potato chips at the bottom of the bag.

10:50 The Husker punt goes out of bounds at the 27-yard line with 11:27 to play. A few possessions left. It takes two Nebraska scores to lose. No need to play afraid, provided you can run the ball. Of course, a scoring drive of about five minutes might be just enough to seal this game. And it doesn't have to be a touchdown.

10:53 Play-action bootleg. Bauserman gets hit as he throws and it falls incomplete. I get it, you want him throwing when the defense doesn't expect him to throw it. But they could invite him to throw and there's an 80% chance that the ball won't be catchable. At least run the ball and make Nebraska make a play. Right now, their defense doesn't have to make a play. They can just let Bauserman do it for them.

10:53 And once again you've guaranteed two Bauserman passes. Bad play calling. Those aren't winning decisions.

10:54 Third and eight. Bauserman throws a deep out and the pass goes 15 yards out of bounds. And that's not an exaggeration either. It was 20 feet high and 15 yards wide. What the holy heck? Third and eight and you draw up a deep out. I feel bad for Bauserman. He never should have been put in this situation. He never expected this situation. But now that he's in it, at least give him plays that he has a chance of succeeding with. A deep out? Really? Meanwhile, Carlos Hyde gets to watch all of this happen. Buckeyes punt.

10:55 Martinez rolls out, then scrambles and for some reason slows down and then got breadbasketed by Christian Bryant after eight yards. Bryant gets up and hoots and hollers, but it's still an 8 yard gain, dude.

10:56 Toss to Burkhead and he gets fourteen more. The rain is now pouring. How fitting. There's a homerun waiting to happen. The linebackers can't get off blocks, and even if they could, I'm not sure they could make a tackle on a full speed Burkhead right now.

10:59 Play-action. Martinez avoids a sack, then dumps it to Burkhead who jukes Christian Bryant, and then scoots into the endzone for the touchdown with 7:35 to play. It's tied at 27-27. There was no hooting and/or hollering from Bryant that time.

11:00 Well, there are no plays that give the opponent negative points, so now you have to score.

11:01 If Braxton Miller can't go, then I got nothing. Kenny Guiton probably isn't an option because he gets so few snaps and coaching—actually, maybe that makes him the perfect candidate.

11:02 Jordan Hall returns the kickoff to the 22-yard line. He has been very hesitant all night long.

11:03 But seriously, how could Joe Bauserman ever have been judged a better passer than Braxton Miller. A week ago he needed to come in because Miller couldn't throw the ball. Now the offense is dead without the same player that was benched last week because he was ineffective. It's time for Kenny Guiton to be elevated to number two. Anyway, back to the game. Hyde cuts it back for twelve yards. Give that dude the ball because I'm afraid what he might do if you don't.

11:04 Second and six from the Ohio State 38-yard line with 6:48 to play. Bauserman drops straight back and he's going deep and it is intercepted by Stanley Jean-Baptiste. It was Bauserman's best pass of the night because it was catchable by everybody. Seriously. Why do you hate the running game? Hyde just picked up sixteen yards on two carries and you call a deep pass from a guy whose accuracy doesn't exist. And again, how is this putting players in the best position to succeed. Joe Bauserman can't help it that he's an inaccurate quarterback—but the coaches sure as heck can. Just ridiculous.

11:05 First down for the Huskers. There's an option pitch to Burkhead that loses four yards. There's a flag. Offsides by J.T. Moore. Wow. That's a freaking killer. You can't make that mistake lining up in the neutral zone.

11:06 Martinez picks up 17 yards on the run and there's a facemask. They've come apart. There's 6:02 to play. The folding is complete.

11:07 Another toss to Burkhead and he's down to the 18 yard line. 22 yards on the run. Maybe a timeout or something would have been nice. The linebackers have been nowhere to be seen this half. Actually, the offensive line has seen them just fine.

11:09 Toss left to Burkhead and he scores from 17 yards out. Nobody could get off of a block. Nebraska goes up 33-27. Ever since Braxton Miller went out, this ceased being a real game. We saw the real Buckeyes when Miller was in there. This is not them. They'll review the touchdown, but it doesn't matter. There is 5:10 to play, and Ohio State can't possibly go the entire length of the field because for some reason they'll try to throw it. The extra point is good. 34-27. A 28-0 run. Congrats.

11:13 There are still five minutes to play. There is no need to throw the ball. And Bauserman gets sacked for a loss of one on first down. Nebraska rushed four. Panic is contagious. It starts at the top like a pyroclastic flow, and hits everybody below it in mere seconds.

11:13 Second and eleven. Another pass. Incomplete to Hall on the sideline. This is disgusting. I feel bad for Bauserman. He shouldn't be in this position. Help your quarterback! Of course, the irony in all of this is that helping the quarterback is what got Jim Tressel fired. Maybe everybody else is just trying to save their job by not helping anybody with anything.

11:14 Third and eleven. Going downfield again and it's way out of bounds. I have never seen such poor passing, and I've seen every Ohio State game this year. Braxton can't let Bauserman go back out there if the Buckeyes hold Nebraska here.

11:16 The most ridiculous part of all of this is that Ohio State never needed to pass.

11:19 Kenny Guiton has his helmet on.

11:20 Ball game. Martinez is a few inches short of a first down, and then got 15 yards on a Moeller personal foul. Actually it was Christian Bryant helmet to helmet in the scrum. That's weak.

11:23 Just an unbelievable collapse. Yes, Bauserman was responsible for a lot of it, but he gave up exactly zero points. He could have thrown incompletions for weeks, and none of them would have led directly to points.

11:25 The Ohio State defense has had enough. Victory formation. Fickell looks devastated.

11:26 You ever want to vomit then say to yourself, 'Yeah, but I don't want to waste the bile.'

11:27 Game over. Nebraska wins it 34-27. At least for once the defense can't blame the offense.

11:28 Even though Tresselball may have been able to win this game, it was the ghost of Tresselball that had a huge impact in this game. One thing that Jim Tressel's teams were never great at doing was handling one big game-changing play. And that's what they had with Braxton Miller's injury. They can't shake off shell shock. They just have to hope the opponent doesn't capitalize.

11:29 Despite the devastating loss, there are still positives here. Braxton Miller is a real player and defenses will have to account for him. He ran the zone read better than he had all season. He is only going to get better. And probably exponentially with a new staff next year. Though who knows if he'll be healthy the rest of the season.

11:30 The other good news is that with the offense showing signs of life, the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl is still a possibility. Keep hope alive, Buckeye Nation!

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