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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 04/23/2011 8:34 PM

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Breaking Down the Quarterbacks' Possessions
By Tony Gerdeman

One of the big stories for the Buckeyes for the next five and a half months will be the four-way quarterback race while Terrelle Pryor serves his suspension.

Having seen the 'Spring Game' on Saturday, many out there are going to cast their lots with a particular candidate based on the performance they just witnessed on the field.

But there's always more to the picture than the first look reveals, so we've taken a second look at each possession from each quarterback and broken down their drives a bit.

Hopefully with the added data, you can pick your winner a little easier. Or decide that maybe there's still a ton more information needed yet to process the request.

Joe Bauserman
1st drive - Started at own 20-yard line = 3 plays, -10 yards (1st team defense)

Jake Stoneburner got the ball rolling backwards with a dropped first-down pass. That was followed by a one-yard Zach Boren carry and a false start. Nathan Williams sacked Bauserman on third and long.

2nd drive – Started at own 20-yard line = 4 plays, -2 yards (and that was after picking up 17 yards on first down) (1st team defense)

Bauserman stayed out there because the offense went three and out on the first possession. Boom Herron picked up 17 yards on a first-down carry. Bauserman was then sacked by Dominic Clarke on a corner blitz for a loss of nine. Boren got called for holding on the next play. Boom picked up nothing on second and long. On third, Bauserman was forced out of the pocket and had to throw the ball away.

3rd drive – Started at opposing 25-yard line = 5 plays, 20 yards = 22-yard FG (1st team defense)

Jordan Hall picked up two yards on a first-down carry. Bauserman then found Chris Fields for a 15-yard gain. Freshman tight end Jeff Heuerman caught a two-yard pass. Bauserman then threw two incompletions which led to a Drew Basil 22-yard field goal

4th drive – Started at own 8-yard line = 3 plays, 1 yard (1st team defense)

Carlos Hyde lost three on first down, picked up four on second down, and then there was a terrible miscommunication on a third-down pass to James Louis from Bauserman.

5th drive – Started at own 8-yard line = 3 plays, 3 yards (1st team defense)

Hyde picked up four on first down, lost one on second and then Bauserman threw an incompletion to Heuerman.

6th drive – Started at opposing 25-yard line = 4 plays, 25 yards = 16-yard TD pass (1st team defense)

Bauserman threw two incompletions to start the drive, then found Spencer DeLande for nine yards on third and ten. On fourth and one, Bauserman found Ryan Ross for a 16-yard touchdown.

Bauserman total = Six drives (all against 1st team defense), 37 yards total, 10 points scored.

Quarterback rating = 98.43 (would not have qualified for top 100 in last year's national passing efficiency rankings)

Taylor Graham
1st drive – Started at own 20-yard line = 6 plays, 10 yards (2nd team defense)

Carlos Hyde carried the ball for a yard. Graham then found Devier Posey for eight yards. Hyde picked up two more on third and short. Graham was sacked by a blitzing Jordan Whiting right up the middle. Graham hit Heuerman for seven yards and then threw an incompletion (too high, too hard) to Hyde in the flats on third and long.

2nd drive – Started on opposing 25-yard line = 3 plays, 7 yards = missed 35-yd FG (2nd team defense)

Joel Hale sacked Graham on first down for a six-yard loss, Herron picked up 13 yards on a carry before Graham threw a low incompletion to Philly Brown.

3rd drive – Started on own 3-yard line = 8 plays, 97 yards = 68-yd TD pass (3rd team defense)

Rod Smith carried on the first three plays of the drive, gaining 14 yards. Graham then hit T.Y. Williams on an 8-yard sideline route. Spencer DeLande picked up seven yards on a first-down carry before Graham threw two incompletions—the second being a drop by Williams. From the 32-yard line, Graham dropped back and threw a perfect pass to Williams streaking down the sideline, outrunning cornerback Vincent Petrella in the process.

4th drive – Started on opposing 25-yard line = 4 plays, -3 yards (2nd team defense)

Graham had a pass dropped by Ryan Ross, but a personal foul on the play made it first down at the 12-yard line. Graham was then sacked three consecutive times for a loss of 16 yards.

Graham total = Four drives (three against 2nd team defense, one against 3rd team), 111 yards total, seven points scored.

Quarterback rating = 166.04 (would be good for 6th in the nation last year, though without the 68-yard touchdown pass to Williams, his rating drops to 54.8)

Kenny Guiton
1st drive – Started on own 20-yard line = 5 plays, 11 yards (1st team defense)

Jordan Hall picked up four yards on first down. On second down Guiton found Williams for seven more and a first down. His next pass went to Williams again, but it was overthrown down the sidelines. Hall dropped the next pass, then Guiton followed that with an incompletion to Spencer Smith.

2nd drive – Started on opposing 25-yard line = 2 plays, 25 yards = 17-yard TD pass (2nd team defense)

Jaamal Berry caught an 8-yard pass in the slot, then Guiton threw a beautiful touchdown pass down the sideline to Verlon Reed.

3rd drive – Started own 3-yard line = 6 plays, 26 yards (1st team defense)

Herron picked up ten yards on two carries. Berry added eleven more on a third. Guiton dumped off his first pass to Berry, who picked up seven yards. On second and three Herron lost two yards, and on third down Guiton threw incomplete to Herron in the flats.

4th drive – Started at opposing 25-yard line = 3 plays, 5 yards (1st team defense)

Guiton sandwiched two incompletions around a five-yard pass to Heuerman

Guiton total = Four drives (three against 1st team defense, one against 2nd team), 67 yards yards total, seven points scored.

Quarterback rating = 108.29 (would have been good for 99th in the nation last year)

Braxton Miller
1st drive – Started at own 20-yard line = 5 plays, 15 yards (2nd team defense)

Rod Smith got the first two touches, picking up eleven yards on a couple of carries. Miller scrambled on his first pass attempt and found Posey towards the sideline, but the pass was just out of his reach and fell incomplete. Miller kept the ball on the next snap, picking up four years on the read option. On third and six, he threw an incompletion to Brown that should have been intercepted. There was a miscommunication and either Brown or Miller went the wrong way on a little hook route.

2nd drive – Started at opposing 25-yard line = 5 plays, 9 yards = 27-yard FG Basil (1st team defense)

Berry picked up four yards on first down. On second down Miller scrambled for six more and the first down. Herron lost one yard on the wide option pitch, then Brown dropped a low pass on second down. Miller hit Posey for six yards on third and eleven to end the possession.

3rd drive – Started at own 8-yard line = 14 plays, 92 yards = 4-yard TD run (2nd team defense)

Hall picked up a total of 16 yards on three straight carries, then caught a pass in the flats and turned it into 17 more. Rod Smith then picked up 11 more on the ground. The next pass was incomplete and out of bounds, way too tall for anybody to catch. Miller then hit Hall for four yards in the slot, followed by a beautiful strike over the middle to Posey for 20 yards down to the opposing 24-yard line. Miller then picked up four more on a scramble that saw him duck under Johnathan Hankins. After the defense stuffed Smith for no gain on second and six, Miller found Jake Stoneburner right at the first-down marker to move the chains. Hall then carried the ball three more times, with the last one finally reaching the endzone.

4th drive – Started at opposing 25-yard line = 4 plays, 25 yards = 15-yard TD pass (1st team defense)

Miller opened the drive with an incompletion, then found Stoneburner for five yards. On third and five he scrambled for the first down before throwing a 15-yard touchdown in the corner of the endzone to Brown on the fourth play of the drive.

Miller total = Four drives (two against the 1st team defense, 2 against the 2nd team), 141 yards total, 17 points scored.

Quarterback rating = 136.93 (would have been good for 42nd in the nation; also had 19 yards rushing on four carries)

Notes of Interest:

<> There were 18 total "drives' during the scrimmage.

<> The first-team defense was out there for eleven drives; the second-team had six, and the third-team had one.

<> The first-team defense gave up four scoring drives--two touchdowns and two field goals, but all four drives started at the defense's 25-yard line.

<> Braxton Miller (twice) and Joe Bauserman (twice) were the only quarterbacks to score on the first-team defense. Both led field goal and touchdown drives.

<> The second-team defense gave up two touchdown drives, including the 92-yard drive with Miller under center.

<> There were seven scoring drives. Bauserman had two, Guiton and Graham had one each, and Miller had three.

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