Spring Game Scoring System

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 04/23/2011 12:17 PM
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Breakdown of Spring Game Scoring
By Brandon Castel

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Jim Tressel has never hid the fact he has his own way of doing things.

Now that he’s in his 11th year as the head coach in Columbus, Ohio State fans have come to better understand a lot of the quirks that make Tressel tick inside his sweater vest.

Saturday’s spring game will be a whole new experience for Buckeye fans, however, as they are introduced to Tressel’s convoluted system for scoring a jersey scrimmage during the 2011 Jesse Owens Spring Game.

“It’s going to be unusual,” Tressel said Friday at the 80th annual Ohio State Coaches’ Clinic.

“It won’t be a great television viewing thing, because we’re got certain things we’re going to work on.”

Rather than splitting two teams via a spring game draft, the Buckeyes will hold a glorified scrimmage, pitting the offense against the defense with the scarlet practice jerseys on the line.

Here is a breakdown of how Tressel plans to score Saturday’s spring game:

Playing Rules

1. If the offense has a drive sustained on its first possession, it will be allowed to continue the drive beyond the script. However, if the first drive is stopped and the offense starts over, the drive will end on the scripted play no matter where the ball is.

2. Penalties will be assessed and will not count as a play if accepted. If the penalty is rejected, the play will count.

Scoring of Points:


6 points for a TD
1 points for each 1st & 10
1 point for each play over 20 yards
1 point for a PAT
3 points for each field goal
2 points for each 2-point play


1 point for forcing a punt
3 or 7 points for fumble recovery (likely depending on situation)
3 or 7 points for pass interception (likely depending on situation)
12 points for interception of fumble for TD
1 point for tackle behind line of scrimmage
2 points for sack
3 points for blocking a field goal
1 point for blocking a PAT
2 points for unsuccessful 2-point play
3 points stopping a 4h and 1 behind the 50
2 points for stopping a 4th down inside the 50



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