NEWS. Players Make Their Opinions Known via Twitter

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 05/30/2011 12:19 PM
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Players Make Their Opinions Known via Twitter
By Jim Davidson and BCSBuck

Current and former players are making their opinions known via Twitter. Here are just a few of their tweets concerning Jim Tressel's resignation. Thank's to Ozone Forum poster BSCBuck for helping us compile the list. Some are "re-tweets", but all reflect the players opinions.

(12:15 AM: we've updated the list with additional tweets)

JNEW55 Jonathan Newsome
Aye doe Luke Fickell is a GREAT coach. O state will b alright. No need to play the blame game. Its life

JonThoma Jonathan Thoma
Awful. He deserves so much more. I can't stomach this right now. Love you Tress, and thank you for everything.

JonThoma Jonathan Thoma
Just look at all the former and current player tweets. He is an amazing man. He IS Ohio State Football.

BeanieWells26 Beanie Wells
say it aint sooo!""

Brewster50 Michael Brewster
Coach Tressel was one of the most honorable men I ever had the chance of being around..he taught me endless life lessons...Thank you coach

rolly_polly36 B.Rolle
@asweat42 @bino6 l wish I could suit up again wit y'all boys'll be all bad

SSika72 Scott Sika
Tressel was the greatest coach I ever had but as good of a coach he was he was a better person. You'll be missed coach.

StrengthCoachT Troy Sutton
Nothing else to do now but WIN then WIN some more then keep on WINNING.

BTNJimJackson Jim Jackson (former OSU basketyball player)
Very difficult to continue 2 go about their daily routines, I regret that he had I step down, he was more than a coach to those young men

asweat42 Andrew Sweat
I want to suit up right now @bino6. #lb's


JonThoma Jonathan Thoma
That being said, Coach Fick has it under control. We're winning the Big Ten this year, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

TRY to find a team who is gonna play harder than the Bucks this year. No mercy. Everybody dies.

Umby18 RJ Umberger (former OSU hockey player)
Not happy about the tressel resignation... NCAA has become a joke and an era of ohio state football is over #thankstressel

1NickyP John Doe
by DWashIII
Coach Fickell ain't no slouch by any means though. If anything it's about to be all bad for opposing teams b/c Fick showing no mercy.

KColemanK Kyle Coleman
by DWashIII
In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends

JHeuerman86 Jeff Heuerman
by InsideTheShoe
Gonna miss him

young_griff9 Adam Griffin
People hate to see winning. They hate success and that's what tress was... Successful

REALjhall7 Jordan Hall
So much love for coach tress. Promise no team wanna play us .#onamission

Travishoward_7 Travis howard
Sometimes in tragedy we find our life's purpose - the eye sheds a tear to find its focus.

Travishoward_7 Travis howard
We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey

DWashIII Donald Washington
#CoachTress deserves a statue.

DionteSays Dionte'
LOL if I see one more "mich*gan will rise again" tweet. Yall still have adidas uniforms. The odds are against you

DionteSays Dionte'
A man that has u wake up every morning and write down what you are thankful/grateful for. Its bigger than football. Tress taught manhood

Male_Hines7 Jermale Hines
Im Not taking up for a snitch under No situation Brother, Mother, Father.....etc etc

shazier10ryan Ryan Dean Shazier
we love you coach tress

young_griff9 Adam Griffin
We gonna get it done

rolly_polly36 B.Rolle
Why is everyone talking about hiring a new coach.Do y'all nit realize he is the best coach and person in the world....ain't no replacing tht

young_griff9 Adam Griffin
People who are happy to see tress go don't know him. He is one of the best and most influential human beings I have ever met in my life

rolly_polly36 B.Rolle
@J2Da_IZZO right bra.I'm in awe man.that man has changed everyones lives and made all of us better men than when we came

rolly_polly36 B.Rolle
I swear someone call me bout an interview I'm going the freak off.I hope all u haters happy and anybody got something to say we workin

rolly_polly36 B.Rolle
Man I feel like crying I'm so upset man....This is the result of selfishness,ignorance,bitch-assness.I, ready to work G shit

rolly_polly36 B.Rolle
Forget talking bout a new coach who they trying to hire..I'll never visit that place again.

rolly_polly36 B.Rolle
Man this is what I wake up too.This is some bull shit.I could really work with somebody right now.Damn love ya coach

ChimChek Chimdi Chekwa
We just lost a great coach nd a great person. Its a sad day for a former player. Tress gave me more than an opportunity he gave me a roadmap

REALjhall7 Jordan Hall
I'm lovin all these negative tweets I'm gettin..keep feedin us..cuz we all gon eattt #buckeyes

STONEYeleven Jake Stoneburner
Tress taught me life lessons and how to become a man. I will forever be grateful that I played for such a great man. He is irreplaceable.

asweat42 Andrew Sweat
You have done a tremendous amount for us as football players but more importantly developing us as men. Thanks #grateful

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