Two Minute Drill - postgame locker room

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 10/30/2011 11:59 AM

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Two-Minute Drill: Inside Ohio State’s Postgame
By Brandon Castel

COLUMBUS, Ohio — It was a wild scene inside Ohio Stadium Saturday night.

The Buckeyes knocked off Wisconsin 33-29 on a 40-yard heave from Braxton Miller to Devin Smith in the final minute.

We go inside Ohio State’s postgame locker room for a look at what the players and coaches had to say after the big victory.

Braxton Miller to Devin Smith

  • The last thing the Buckeyes worked on Thursday in practice was two-minute drill, specifically long pass plays/ Hail Mary's.
  • Fickell said he had tremendous confidence in Braxton. Said the rookie QB winked at him before the game-winning drive.
  • Braxton said he told Fickell, "don't worry coach, we've got this" before his game-winning TD pass.
  • Devin Smith said he ran a regular crossing route and everyone keyed on Braxton, left him wide open.
  • Smith said the ball hung up there forever. He was begging for it to get to him before the defenders did. Called it the biggest play of his life.
  • Braxton said he was 50/50 whether he was going to run or pass just before he threw the ball to Smith.
  • Braxton said he knew he was close to the line, was hoping he wasn't over. Kept asking the coaches if they thought he was over the line.
  • Devin Smith said Braxton could not have made that play earlier in the year because he would have already been committed to running.

Offensive Updates

  • Michael Brewster said freshman Steve Miller kept asking him this week if he thought fans would rush the field if they beat Wisconsin.
  • Brewster said he hasn't felt this good since the Sugar Bowl win. Meant everything to this team after what they've been through.

Defensive Updates

  • Defenders said they studied film of Wisconsin game last year. Committed to filling all the gaps to stop run.
  • Christian Bryant said Wisconsin ran two guys deep on his side of the field on their go-ahead TD.
  • Howard stayed in the flat so Bryant had to pick one and Wilson found the other guy wide open. Called it a miscommunication.
  • Howard said he was pacing up and down the sideline after that TD just praying the offense would make a play.
  • Bryant said he was so close to that INT. Said the coaches just tell him to be aggressive and make plays.
  • John Simon asked if he had enough time to shower before post-game interviews. They asked him if 10 minutes was enough. He said, "no, I'm going to enjoy this shower."
  • Fickell said on the PI call that they told the DBs to get their hands on the WRs, not let them run free like the 2 previous drives.
  • Bryant said this game wasn't about revenge, but they all remembered how it felt last year. How much it hurt.


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