Two Minute Drill - Fickell Tuesday

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 11/08/2011 1:49 PM

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Two-Minute Drill: Fickell’s Tuesday Press Luncheon
By Brandon Castel

COLUMBUS, Ohio — With the country’s attention focused squarely on Happy Valley—that name takes on a strange meaning now—Luke Fickell finally had a chance to fly under the radar.

Ohio State’s first-year Head Coach met with the media Tuesday for his weekly press luncheon, but he could not avoid questions about Joe Paterno and the scandal at Penn State.

“I don't know. I'm not going to comment a lot on the Penn State stuff,” Fickell said.

“Obviously, he has an unbelievable career. I haven't read about it. It's probably speculation. It would be nothing more than a speculation if I said anything. Great program, great man, and I'll just leave it at that.”

Here are the things Fickell did talk about on Tuesday.

Injury Updates

  • Fickell said RT J.B. Shugarts won't practice today. They don't know if he will play, but said he is a tough guy and will be out there if he can.
  • Braxton Miller is feeling all right today after the big shot he took against Indiana. Fickell said he always cringes when Braxton takes a big shot, but he was impressed how he stood in there and delivered the pass.
  • Fickell said he thinks Jordan Hall will be available this week, but they'll hold him out of practice today. Will know later in the week, but it be a situation where he is limited to returning kicks.
  • Fickell said they have to find a way to get Hall and Carlos Hyde touches whenever Hall does return.
  • Fickell said Boom Herron was sore Sunday, but able to move around and felt better than the week before.

The Passing Game

  • Fickell said they know they still need to work on the passing game, but when they are running the ball the way they were on Saturday, they probably don't back to the pass a whole lot.
  • Fickell said the WRs are a "work in progress." Called it a difficult situation. Said the WRs aren't getting much experience in games because they aren't throwing the ball very much.
  • Fickell said they didn't have the emotion of the crowd either Saturday, but that's on them. It's their job to put the emotion in the crowd.

The Boilermakers

  • Fickell brought up that Ohio State is just 2-2 at Purdue over the last decade. Said that will be pounded home to the players this week.
  • Fickell said Purdue is a different team at home. 4-1 at home and get out of the gates better.
  • Tyler Moeller said he doesn't remember the 09 Purdue game....because he had a brain injury. “That's a weak excuse, I apologize.”

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