Two Minute Drill: OSU Postgame

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 09/15/2012 7:20 PM

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Two-Minute Drill: Inside Ohio State’s Postgame

By Brandon Castel

COLUMBUS, Ohio — It was a sloppy, often times ugly, victory for the Buckeyes on Saturday against visiting Cal.

After leading 20-7 at the half, Ohio State fell behind 21-20 before breaking a 28-28 tie on a 72-yard touchdown pass from Braxton Miller to sophomore Devin Smith in the final minutes.

Here is a look at what Urban Meyer and his players had to say in the locker room after the game.

Injury Updates

* DE John Simon wasn't supposed to play today because of a shoulder injury.

* Meyer said he thought Simon was fine all week, because he kept saying he was fine. Trainers said he almost didn't play.

* Simon broke down in the locker room after the game and gave an emotional speech about how he gave everything he has for the team.

* Meyer kept saying how much he loves John Simon. Even said he would name his next son Urban "John Simon" Meyer.

* We asked John Simon about Meyer's comments and his response was, "I guess that's between him and Shelley."

* Asked Simon about the shoulder. He smiled and said I'll be fine. We told him Meyer already told us, but he said "you'll have to ask him then."

* CB Bradley Roby missed much of the third quarter with a shoulder injury. Said he could barely use his arm, but didn’t want to stay out of the game.

* Roby said he might miss a few practices this week, but expects to be OK.

* DE Nathan Williams said he felt like he could play a lot more today because he felt good in practice all week.

* Williams said he still didn't expect to play as much as he did, but he feels good now. Will see how the knee responds this week.

* Meyer said it's not that he doesn't have faith in Noah Spence, but "in a close game like that, you want to have your dudes out there."

* Same goes for Bri'onte Dunn. Meyer didn't expect Jordan Hall to get that many carries, but they felt more comfortable with him out there.

* The biggest thing was, Meyer said Braxton just felt more comfortable having Jordan out there with him.

* Meyer did say he thought Jordan Hall looked rusty and "left some yards out there." Hall agreed he didn't quite feel like himself.

Offensive Updates

* Meyer also called the first TD pass from Braxton to Devin Smith "a big league throw and catch."

* Meyer said the game-winning play to Devin Smith was designed for Corey Brown.

* Braxton rolled right and saw there were two guys on Brown and the safety was shadowing him. Looked up and Devin was wide open.

* WR Devin Smith on his TD: "My mom always tells me to run like there are dogs chasing me."

* Smith said Corey Brown came to him in the locker room and told him he looked like Teddy Ginn.

* Meyer wasn't pleased with Devin Smith's drops, but said this team needs a home run hitter, and right now it's Devin.

* OC Tom Herman said Cal tricked them by starting in a traditional base defense. Switched to '46 Bear' in second half, then alternated.

* Meyer said he realizes teams are going to stack the box every week, so they're going to have to become a passing team. Said Braxton is developing in front of our eyes, but the really good thing is they are starting to develop some WRs.

* Meyer said Braxton tried to "force a play" on the late interception and that's not like him.

* The second TD pass to Stoneburner was indeed the old "jump pass" from the Tebow days. So many guys were glued in on stopping Braxton and making sure he didn't run it in, they felt it would be wide open.

* Stoneburner said they've been working on it since the spring, and Meyer told them he was going to use it this week.

Defensive Updates

* Meyer: "On defense, bad tackling. That's all I know is bad tackling. We've got to get that figured out. It's time to play Ohio State defense and that wasn't Ohio State defense at all.”

* LB Ryan Shazier said this defense is not playing as well as they expected to be playing out of camp. Said teams feel like they can get outside and turn the corner on this defense. Have to get that fixed.

* Shazier said he was the designated blitzer today and he felt good about getting after the quarterback and disrupting the offense.

* Cal QB Zach Maynard said OSU blitz caught them by surprise, but once they hit a few hot routes, OSU backed off.

* Cal RB Isi Sofele said the OSU d-linemen were tapping their helmets to come out. They were on their knees while Cal was calling plays.

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