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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 08/15/2012 7:27 PM

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All-Access: Hall’s Injury Focus of Training Days Part II

By Brandon Castel

There wasn’t a lot to love about Wednesday’s All-Access: Training Days segment on ESPNU – certainly not as much as the first one from Tuesday – but it did shed some light on the injury to Jordan Hall.

Jordan Hall
Photo by Jim Davidson
Jordan Hall

Ohio State’s junior tailback was forced to undergo surgery over the summer after he reportedly stepped on a piece of glass outside his campus apartment in Columbus. Even Urban Meyer had a hard time wrapping his mind around the incident, but Hall explained the events that led to his surgery during Wednesday’s ESPNU special, which will re-air on ESPNU at 10 p.m. ET tonight.

“I have a pit bull (terrier) and I was doing my usual,” Hall explained as he was being filmed on his way to see the foot specialist.

“I usually put my house slippers on, but I let the dog out real quick. He goes the bathroom in the grass and I go to pick it up. I take one step and it starts leaking.”

Hall immediately called the OSU coaching staff to let them know, and strength coach Mickey Marotti told him he needed to get an MRI on his right foot.

“I said, ‘what do I need an MRI for,’” Hall explained.

“Then I got the MRI and they said I tore a tendon.”

The initial prognosis for Hall was 10 weeks. That’s how long he was going to be away from football, but Dr. Michael Ruff had a more educated idea of how long it would take for Hall to recover from his freak injury.

“He’s six weeks form his surgery, so in my mind we’re about half way through the whole healing process,” Ruff said while examining the area around the base of Hall’s big toe.

“As long as we start gradual, we’ll get that thing healed and start getting your strength back the way you want it.”

Hall got his stitches out a few weeks ago and has been wearing a protective boot on his right foot during camp. He’s been catching passes and watching the running back drills, but the senior out of Jeannette, Pa. is not expected back on the field until week two of the regular season.

Jordan Hall
Photo by Jim Davidson
Jordan Hall

That’s the earliest projection for his return, which can’t come quickly enough for Meyer. All he can do is joke about it until No. 7 is back on the football field.

“He cut his foot so he could miss two-a-days,” Meyer said jokingly to Hall and a team doctor.

“I’ve never heard that before. He took a piece of glass (motioning down to his own foot). All you had to do was ask me and I’d let you get out of a few practices.”

Staying on Top of Braxton

Much of the second segment of All-Access: Training Days focused on quarterback Braxton Miller. The cameras followed Miller as he was getting ready for practice, and stayed with him as he jogged out onto the field.

Miller worked on footwork and timing with offensive coordinator Tom Herman, but at one point Meyer starts asking if he gained any weight back. Initially, Miller is confused, but eventually says he gained three pounds.

Urban Meyer and Braxton Miller
Photo by Jim Davidson
Braxton Miller and Urban Meyer

Then he turns to his teammates and mumbles that coach Meyer is “always on my butt.”

“At practice coach Meyer is always talking about how easy it is to be average,” Miller said during one of the interviews.

“It’s easy to go out there and just throw the ball and not even care if it’s incomplete or complete.”

At one point, Meyer even yelled to his team “you’re average.” Then he shrugged without so much as a blink.

Player Notes

Viewers were treated to a few good shots of Meyer’s ‘Circle Drill’ during last week’s practice. It was something he and the new coaches implemented in the spring as a way to add a little extra energy and competition – or ‘juice’ as Marotti would call it.

“Any time you have pads on, the pretenders don't really show up,” he said.

“Football players show up.”

For Meyer, the Circle Drill is about teaching guys to make contact with their head up, use their hands inside and get leverage. That was something we saw from quarterback Cardale Jones, who easily defeated defensive back Tyvis Powell in the first circle drill.

Devan Bogard
Photo by Jim Davidson
Devan Bogard

Freshman defensive end Noah Spence lost his helmet during a battle with tight end Blake Thomas, but the most interesting one was freshman DB Devan Bogard.

Meyer called out Bogard before the drill, telling him to make this the day he gets rid of the black stripe down the middle of his helmet.

He then proceeds to get flattened by freshman kicker Kevin Niehoff, a 6-3, 190-pound walk-on out of Mason, Ohio whose father player for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Well done, young man.

As for Bogard, we’ll cut him some slack on this one. He did eventually get that stripe removed, and ahead of anyone else in his entire recruiting class. 

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