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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 08/13/2012 1:02 AM
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An Interview with Gigi Meyer
By Michael Chung

Gigi Meyer, the second daughter and middle child of Urban and Shelley Meyer, was thrust into the national spotlight last week after a story about her father ran on

In the lead of his story, Urban Meyer will be home for dinner, Wright Thompson tells an anecdote about the day Gigi—named Gisela after her grandmother—signed her national letter of intent to play volleyball at Florida Gulf Coast University.

It was a tough story about a father so consumed by the pursuit of perfection that he all-too-often put football before his family, but it sounds like things have been different during his first eight months at Ohio State.

The-Ozone’s Michael Chung caught up with Gigi Meyer, now a sophomore at FGCU, for a unique look into the world of Ohio State’s head football coach and his family.

* Interview: Michael Chung, Intro: Brandon Castel

Ozone: Do you ever wish your dad were not coaching football? 

Gigi: I just wish for him to do whatever makes him happy. I don’t wish whether he’s a coach or not. That would be selfish, so I wish for him to be successful in whatever makes him happy.

Ozone: What do you think your dad could do if he was not a college football coach?

Gigi: My dad could easily be a sports analyst, in my opinion. He is so knowledgeable in the sport that his opinions need to be heard. I don’t think he could ever be a stay-at-home dad because he would get bored to death. Trust me, I know.  
Ozone: Do you think your dad has any aspirations to coach in the NFL? Have any NFL teams ever contacted him?

Gigi: I’ve never really talked to him in depth about going to the NFL, but I don’t think he aspires to work in the NFL at all. In my opinion, it’s a completely different world. It’s business, and it doesn’t take heart to be successful. On the other hand, college football takes a lot of great qualities to become successful. Also, we have become a family with every program we have worked at. There’s a lot more emotion in college football, which we all like. NFL is strictly business.
Ozone: Tim Tebow is always in the news and it seems like he is connected with a new lady every other week, have you talked to Tim about this coverage?

Gigi: No, I haven’t talked to Timmy in a while. I know he’s a busy guy, so I let him do his job. I know my dad talks to him about every week. But as far as his relationship status, I just know that it’s going to be hard for him to find a lady up to his standards because he is what he says he is. PERFECT!
Ozone: Do you have any idea of the type of woman Tim Tebow would like to date?

Gigi: He probably wants a strong Christian girl who doesn’t care about the fame he has acquired. Definitely someone who will remain faithful, who his parents admire. Basically someone who is as perfect as he is.

Ozone: If you had to make a prediction, how many years do you think your dad will be at Ohio State?

It’s always hard to tell but probably 6 or 7 years.

Ozone: When do you first remember your dad talking about Ohio State?

Gigi: He’s always talked about Ohio State being his dream job ever since he was very little.
Ozone: Could you tell a difference in your dad’s demeanor the year he was not coaching? What is it like now that he is at Ohio State?

Gigi: His behavior was pretty positive at first. He was relieved. He started eating right, and working out again, which was a major step forward. But as time passed, he became bored and went a little crazy without having the adrenaline of winning a game.

His behavior now that he’s at Ohio State is promising. He’s doing great so far. He’s still in great shape, he still talks to his family everyday, and he isn’t putting his job before his family. As long as he keeps those three things up to par, then I think he’ll have a successful next few years.

Ozone: If you could do one thing with your dad, what would it be?  With your mom?

Gigi: This is a toughie. I’d probably go on a mission trip to the Philippines with my dad. And with my mom, I’d probably go spend a week in a Hawaii with her, just for vacation.

*Catch Part II of Michael Chung’s interview with the Meyer daughters tomorrow, as we hear from Urban’s oldest child, Nicki Meyer, a senior volleyball player at Georgia Tech University.

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