Saturday Scrimmage Report: Sounds Like Stuff Happened

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 08/18/2012 9:26 PM
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Saturday Scrimmage Report: Sounds Like Stuff Happened
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Buckeyes took to the field on Saturday for a scrimmage and we were there to cover it for you. Well, technically, the Big Ten Network was there to cover it for you, and we were sitting at our computers waiting for their tweets to update us so that we could cover it for you.

Gerry DiNardo, Dave Revsine and Howard Griffith all saw things that they liked from the Buckeyes, and I saw good things that I liked from their tweets. It was a fantastic day all around.

The Buckeye offense looked pretty good today, scoring on their first three possessions.

Offense has scored in each of 1st two possessions in #buckeyes scrimmage."

Twitter never said who scored the first two touchdowns, but who cares about stuff like that anyway.

At least we know who scored the third touchdown.

3 for 3 for #Buckeyes offense on TD's - Rod Mith just plowed in from about 12 yards out."

Rod Mith sounds like a pretty good player. He must be new.

The Buckeyes scored a fourth touchdown on the day, but the name of the scorer must've been too hard to spell because it was never mentioned.

While the bulk of those who scored shall remain nameless, it is safe to assume that quarterback Braxton Miller was responsible for much of it. But wait, we don't have to assume, we've got Twitter.

Twitter to the rescue! Go grab that baby that got stuck in a tree, Twitter!

Both @HowardGriffith and @gerrydinardo said they're really impressed with the way Braxton is throwing it for the #Buckeyes"

BTN Bus Tour #Buckeyes Braxton Miller's improvement is significant in all parts of his game - perfect fit for offense -will improve accuracy"

Honestly though, that baby should have never even been in that tree.

It wasn't just Miller who was impressive for the offense, because so was receiver Philly Brown. In fact, after seeing him in this scrimmage—rather, after reading tweets from media members who saw him—I would have to call him the player of the day. He was simply incredible. Don't believe me? Just check out these tweets.

Another TD for the #Buckeyes 1st O - Philly Brown with a nice long run to set it up."

Another big play for Philly Brown. This time on a run after a short reception. Has fit well into this #buckeyes offense"

My recap does not do the tweets of Brown's play justice, because they were ridiculous. Not ridiculous like 'Wow, this jacket is awesome, but I'm not paying $250 for a jacket. Especially when all a jacket does is tell people that I am weak and can't handle a little bit of chilly weather.' Rather, ridiculous like two girls fighting at the mall. In other words, 'awesome'.

But don't weep for the Buckeye defense, because they had their own moments on Twitter.

Hankins looking good - 2 sacks against 2nd offense in 1st 2 possessions of #buckeyes scrimmage."

I can only assume the Hankins mentioned here is Johnathan Hankins, but there was no accompanying Twitpic, so I can't say for sure that I am 100% correct. I don't want to incorrectly report something, so let's just forget that I even mentioned that tweet.

Though, to be fair to me, it sure does sound like something that Johnathan Hankins would do, especially against the second-team offensive line. But still, I wasn't there, I was only on Twitter, so I don't want to pass out inaccurate information.

One of the players that I was supremely impressed with after reading a tweet about his performance was that of freshman defensive end Noah Spence.

“@HowardGriffith: DE Noah Spence had to sacks in a row vs first team offense"

Again, I don't want to assume, though I feel that I have no other choice but to assume that "to sacks" is actually "two sacks".

The offense simply had no answer for Spence on the day. Or maybe they did and it just wasn't tweeted. Either way, it's not really important.

Overall, the fellas from the Big Ten Network were impressed by what they saw, and so was I, although I had to be impressed vicariously through Twitter, of course.

BTN Bus Tour #Buckeyes Overall one of the best run practices we've seen, so far best team we've seen, so far best young talent we've seen"

I don't blame DiNardo for saying Ohio State was the best team he's seen so far. If I had tweeted his tweets and then read them back, I would have tweeted the same thing.

#buckeyes practice wrapping up. There are depth issues in a couple of spots, but, overall, as talented a team as we've seen. Really good"

He must have been following Gerry DiNardo's Twitter feed too!

OSU practice today is as intense as I've seen."

And it was as intense as I've ever seen it Tweeted.

To wrap up, it was a great day for the offense, and possibly for the defense as well. Some freshmen looked good, as did some upperclassmen.

The Buckeyes are two weeks out from their season opener, and if today's tweets were any indication, Twitter is going to make for one heck of an interesting read on September 1st.

What's that? We actually get to watch that in person? Well that's different!

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