Two Minute Drill: First Two-a-day

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 08/10/2012 1:38 PM

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Two-Minute Drill: First Day of Two-A-Days

By Brandon Castel
COLUMBUS, Ohio — It’s not exactly “Hell Week,” but the Buckeyes hit the practice field Friday morning for the first day of two-a-days this fall.

The team already has a week of practice under its belt during fall camp, but Urban Meyer was limited to one session a day as his players finished their final exams for Summer Semester.

That’s one big difference at Ohio State this fall. The other is, well, Urban Meyer. We spoke to a few of Meyer’s players and two of his assistants after the morning practice on Friday.

Injury Updates

*WR Evan Spencer was carted off the practice field with what looked like a serious injury Friday.

*It was initially believed to be a possible ACL injury, but Matt Barnes at NBC4 is reporting a deep bone bruise to the left knee.

*According to Barnes, Spencer was blocking during a kickoff drill when he took a shot to the knee. He looked spooked as he was being carted to the locker room.

*DB Orhian Johnson also left practice Friday. He was scheduled to do interviews afterward, but we were told he was ill.

*Other players working on the side Friday included DL Michael Bennett, OT Kyle Dodson and DB’s Zach Domicone and Jamie Wood.

*RB Jordan Hall still has a boot on his right foot. He was moving around well and catching passes during practice.

Warinner Talks O-Line

*Offensive line coach Ed Warinner said it’s a 50/50 battle between Reid Fragel and Taylor Decker at RT.

*Warinner had really good things to say about his top two guards: Andrew Norwell and Marcus Hall. High on both of them.

*Warinner said his primary backups are Antonio Underwood and whoever doesn’t start at RT.

*Warinner really likes his group a lot more than he did in the spring, which he expected. He said he likes their aggressiveness and demeanor in practice.

*Warinner said his O-line got physical and “moved guys around” during the goal line drill in practice Friday.

Withers Talks Defense

*Safeties coach Everett Withers said you can’t teach what Bradley Roby Has. Said “it’s in his DNA.”

*Withers said corners naturally have to be confident, but the line between confidence and overconfidence usually becomes clear with age. “It's about maturity.”

*Withers agreed with Fickell that Roby will stay on defense. “He's one of those guys, he thinks he can fly to the moon also.”

*Withers indicated he loves OSU’s depth on the D-line. Said they are two or three deep in some spots. Mentioned Adolphus Washington and Noah Spence as two guys who are physically ready to play.

*DB Christian Bryant mentioned David Perkins and Devan Bogard as two impressive young guys.

*Withers said they need their MLB to be a playmaker or the defense can't function properly. Curtis Grant said he knows the defense is counting on him to make plays and to be a leader.

*Second part has been the biggest challenge for Grant. He lost a lot of confidence during a rough freshman year. Slowly gotten it back. Reached out to James Laurinaitis.

*Withers said they can’t spend time hoping and wishing for a healthy Nathan Williams. They expect him to be back, but “they aren't going to call the game for us if Nathan's not out there.”

Guiton Does a 180

*Guiton didn't realize it at the time, but he thinks he lost a lot of passion for football when Braxton Miller came in and was already ahead of him.

*Guiton said the coaches told him they need him to be ready. Need him to be a leader who can run this offense.

*Guiton said one day in spring Urban came out of nowhere while he was on the sideline and quizzed him on the play. He didn’t know it. Taught him a lot about mental reps.

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