Brandon Castel - Two-Minute Drill: Inside Ohio State’s Postgame

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 09/29/2012 9:18 PM

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Two-Minute Drill: Inside Ohio State’s Postgame
By Brandon Castel

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Ohio State hasn’t won a lot of big games since their victory over Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl, but they got a much-needed one on Saturday in East Lansing.

With Braxton Miller, Devin Smith and Carlos Hyde leading the way on offense, the OSU defense came through in a 17-16 nail-biter over Michigan State.

Here’s a look at what Urban Meyer and his players had to say outside the locker room after the game.

Injury Updates

*RB Carlos Hyde said his knee feels great. He feels like he's pretty much 100% now. Also said Jordan Hall will be OK.

*Hyde said he was so excited to get back on the field this week. “All I want to do is carry the football for this team.”

*Meyer said his heart almost stopped on Braxton's injury. "I saw his knee jam right in front of me, but I love Braxton. Braxton's my guy."

*Tom Herman and WR Devin Smith both said they weren't worried when Braxton went down with the knee because he's a warrior.

*Herman said he wasn't really worried about Braxton because they protected him. Most of his hits came on the outside.

*Herman said the only hits they were worried about were the ones where Braxton made the wrong read and took an unnecessary hit.

Preparing for Sparty

*DE Nathan Williams told me in his 5 years at OSU, he thought this was the best game plan they've ever had.

*Williams said he felt all week like they would win this game because their plan to stop MSU was so good.

*Hyde also said he knew the Buckeyes were going to win this game today. They wanted it so bad.

*Meyer praised Luke Fickell for the game plan. Said Le'Veon Bell probably won't have another game like that all year.

*Williams said it bothers him that so many fans were quick to question Luke Fickell after a crazy nonconference. “Coach Fickell is one of my favorite guys. I definitely have his back. I know the whole defense does.”

Offensive Update

*Asked Herman about the two option plays immediately after the punt block. He said they were expecting pressure up the middle. Outside option play is one way they counter inside pressure.

*Herman said Braxton was "above average" on his reads today but has to get a whole lot better.

*Devin Smith said he envisioned himself making a big play in this game. Even dreamed about it last night.

*Smith said Braxton told him last night when they call a streak to look his way. They locked eyes and it was on.

*Meyer said he kept watching the MSU corners and realized it was the right time to take a shot.

*Herman told  me they actually should have taken more shots down the field because MSU was bringing the blitz all day.

*Meyer called it a "blitz-a-thon." Said whenever you make a play vs. the MSU defense, they start blitzing hard.

*Hyde said Meyer came to him before the 3rd down play on final drive, pointed to his chest and said, “go win us the game.”

*Mewhort said it felt really good for the offensive line to finish that game by grinding out the clock when everyone was watching them.

*Hyde got a big smile when I asked him about some of his blocks on the outside runs for Braxton. Said he will do anything for his QB.

*Hyde said he was confused about the flag on punt hit. He thought it was a great hit and so did Urban.

Defensive Updates

*Bradley Roby said he went to Meyer and asked them to go after the punt. Said if they did, he would block it.

*Ryan Shazier said the whole defense was upset with the fact they had played below their standard. Said there was definitely extra motivation this week to prove this is still one of the best defenses in the country.

*Meyer said they played a lot of man coverage on the outside. Brought an extra guy into the box to stop Bell. It really put the pressure on the corners, but Meyer felt like they could handle it with Roby back.

*Shazier praised the play of Etienne Sabino. Said he had a monster game this week. Hadn't been playing as well as he is capable of.

*Meyer praised the play of his defensive front seven today, especially the front four. They dominated the game. Particularly Hankins.


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