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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 08/30/2012 1:35 PM

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Two-Minute Drill: Meyer’s Call-In Show Loaded with Info

By Brandon Castel

COLUMBUS — One of the callers on Urban Meyer’s Thursday call-in show thanked him for his candidness and for not “beating around the bush” with his answers.

We couldn’t agree more.

There may not have been a more informative, enjoyable hour of talk radio in Ohio State history. Meyer hit on a number of topics across the board Thursday as the Buckeyes prepare to open their 2012 football season against Miami (Ohio) on Saturday.

Injury Updates

* Michael Bennett has been out of practice with a groin injury. He will play Saturday, but in a very limited capacity.

Getting Ready for Miami

* Meyer said his team had to have a good Wednesday practice because Tuesday was sloppy. Called Wednesday a "fantastic" practice.

* They had a few misfires on the offensive line and a few dropped balls on Tuesday, but Wednesday much better. Meyer said he will "lose his mind" if he sees dropped passes or fumbles during Thursday's practice.

* Sounds like the WR's had a really rough day Tuesday. Rebounded with an excellent day on Wednesday.

* Meyer said they have really gotten into the game plan and have the first 12 plays they plan to "start their journey" with.

* Good question from a caller about running up the score on an opponent. Meyer said he doesn't think about it against good teams like Miami. Said won't worry about time of possession in the first half. “We're going to go as hard as we can and try to score as much as possible.”

* Meyer said he would much rather face a boring I-formation offense. Quick passing offense can be an equalizer.

* Meyer explained how it can be difficult to play bracket coverage against a mobile QB. "If we just drop back and pass, they're pretty good."

Keeping with Tradition

* Meyer is excited about Skull Session. Called it "one of greatest entrances" in college football. "I can't wait for that walk."

* Meyer said he's been thinking about coaching in Ohio Stadium since he "first got out of coaching" because Ohio State means that much.

* Meyer said he's been following Ohio State for 40 years. So cool to see guys like Archie and Eddie walking around.

* Meyer said wants to teach the players about all the OSU traditions. Not just what they are, but why.

* Meyer said he remembers watching Earle Bruce hand out the Buckeyes leaves. Said most of his will be effort-based.

* Meyer will still do team Buckeye leaves, but also individual. Will personally hand out a "4 to 6 seconds" leaf each week.

Meyer Pleased with Leadership

* Meyer called question about John Simon's leadership a "softball" question. "He's as good as I've ever been around."

* Meyer said Simon lifting with Zach Boren or C.J. Barnett accomplishes nothing. Got him to lift with guys who aren't as motivated.

* Meyer said the voting was "clear cut" as to who the captains were going to be for the 2012 season.

* Meyer said Garrett Goebel leads by example. Has never missed a second of practice or workouts.

Pups Ready to Bite

* Meyer said Noah Spence is going to be a "fine, fine player here." Said it's going to happen soon.

* Meyer said Se’Von Pittman has further to go than Spence, Adolphus Washington and Tommy Schutt, but feels they "hit 4 out of 4" on the d-line.

* Meyer said they are trying to get Armani Reeves ready to go as a kick returner. "We're not solid there yet."

Offensive Updates

* Meyer knows why Braxton Miller had bad accuracy last year. When a guy breaks open, he loses his fundamentals trying to get ball off fast.

* Meyer: "There's no 'hope' there, we have to play better (than a year ago) and I think we will."

* Meyer on Drew Basil: "I love our kicker. He's a stud." First kicker to be in the gold group of elite lifters.

* Meyer practically scoffed at the fact Zach Boren has 1 career carry. "He's a tough-ass football player. You'll see us put Boren at tailback."

* Meyer said they don't want FB’s who don't have the ability to carry/catch the ball. "You don't have to defend them."

* Meyer said they have 4 guys game-ready on the O-line, but Fragel had his best week of practice. He would be the fifth guy.

Defensive Updates

* Meyer said they want to be aggressive defense, but they also have to be "gap sound." Can't just run around like a nut.

* Meyer said he looks at OSU LBs over the last 10 years and there isn't a school with better backers.

* Meyer said Ryan Shazier and Etienne Sabino will be the two primary LBs in the nickel formation. Curtis Grant a little bit.

* Meyer said cornerback is an interesting spot because there isn't a better group of athletes on the team, but called them underachievers so far.

* Meyer called Travis Howard a "lazy player" a year ago. Said he's one of the most improved player he's ever seen. Said Howard has a world of talent but Buckeye Nation has never seen it.

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