Two Minute Drill: Meyer Monday Luncheon

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 10/22/2012 4:03 PM

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Two-Minute Drill: Notes from Meyer’s Monday Luncheon
By Brandon Castel

COLUMBUS, Ohio — As expected, the health of quarterback Braxton Miller was the primary topic of conversation on Monday during Urban Meyer’s weekly press luncheon.

Miller left the game against Purdue in the third quarter with what looked like a very serious injury, but Meyer doesn’t seem to think his star sophomore will miss any time, even in practice.

Latest on Braxton

* Meyer said Braxton Miller has a very sore neck, but they expect him to practice tomorrow.

* Meyer said Braxton was rattled coming off the field. Experienced some whiplash.

* Meyer said Braxton told him he had never really been hurt like that and it rattled him. He was OK once he settled down.

* Meyer said he was right there when the doctors told Braxton he was concussion free, so he's not worried about that.

* Meyer admitted he saw the season flash before his eye when Braxton went down, but he has faith in the old right-hander.

Injury Updates

* Meyer doesn't expect Sabino to "make the bell this week." Boren will stay on D. Was very close to grading out a champion.

* Meyer said Philly Brown got dinged a little bit but he's hearing he's fine and will be ready to go.

* Meyer said they have a "call to arms" with all the piranhas being out.

* Meyer said freshman DB De'van Bogard is out for the year with a torn ACL. Called him a top 5 guy on the team.

Looking at Penn State

* Meyer said he has great admiration for Penn State and always has. "Strong school with very good football players."

* Meyer said Penn State isn't feeling the effects of their scholarship hit yet because they're "very good."

* Meyer has never coached at PSU, but his assistants told him it's the loudest place to play in the Big Ten.

* Meyer called John Cooper his "free" personnel director. Expects there to be a lot of PSU guys drafted.

Defensive Dominates Champions Club

* Season-high 7 defensive players graded out as champions vs. Purdue with Ryan Shazier earning Defensive Player of the Week honors.

* Travis Howard, Nathan Williams, John Simon, Christian Bryant, Bradley Roby and Big Hank also graded out as champions on D.

* Howard, Bryant and Roby all graded very high this week, above 95%.

* With 2 tackles inside the 20 on kickoffs, LB David Perkins was the special teams player of the week against Purdue. Hankins and Taylor Rice also graded as champions on special teams.

* No offensive players graded out as champions against Purdue.

* Corey Brown, Bradley Roby and Johnathan Hankins lead the team with 6 championship performances this year.

Offensive Updates

* Meyer on the 4 turnovers: "Very poor effort by the Buckeyes."

* Too early to tell if they'll use Guiton alongside a healthy Braxton, but he's earned their trust.

* Meyer said Chase Farris and Taylor Decker have two really good weeks of practice on the offensive line.

Defensive Updates

* Meyer said it wasn't great defense, but it was better defense. They leveraged the ball much better this week.

* Meyer said this was Ryan Shazier's best game at OSU, including the film he watched of last year.

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