Everitt says Buckeyes "stuck" with Miller.

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 05/21/2012 1:43 AM
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Former Wolverine Steve Everitt Says Buckeyes are "Stuck" with Braxton Miller
By Tony Gerdeman

There's nothing quite like having somebody who hasn't played in twenty years hand out bulletin board material to your archest of rivals. It's right up there with buying your wife a dress two sizes smaller than she normally wears and then cheerfully telling her to "look at it as an incentive".

However, providing bulletin board material is exactly what former Wolverine Steve Everitt did while appearing on Ann Arbor radio station WTKA last Friday afternoon when the topic of Ohio State football turned up.

Braxton Miller
Photo by Dan Harker
Braxton Miller

"I'm not trying to give bulletin board information—but I mean they're stuck with that quarterback for the next two or three years," he said.

"That's fine with me," he added, while decked out in a t-shirt featuring the outline of the state of Ohio with the words "Worst State Ever" written inside its borders.

Has the phrase "I'm not trying to give bulletin board information..." ever been uttered without the utterer then giving the requisite bulletin board information that they were trying not to give in the first place?

I'm guessing that being "stuck" with Braxton Miller for two or three more years is fine by Urban Meyer, as well as Buckeye fans everywhere.

Oh, what a world we would live in should we all be stuck with such maladies.

A quarterback who following his sophomore season of high school football clocked the fastest 40 at a combine (4.47) and also threw the longest ball (73 yards). Not bad for some contagious football leper.

This is the same quarterback who put more points on the board against Michigan than any other team last year, and did it in an offense that tried to keep him under wraps almost as much as opposing defenses did.

Miller put up nearly the same individual numbers that Troy Smith used to against the Wolverines, and which Terrelle Pryor never could. If that's being stuck with a player, then being stuck don't sound half bad.

Yes, Miller and the Buckeyes lost to Michigan last year, which Smith and Pryor never did as starters, but last year's loss had much more to do with the Ohio State defense than it did the offense.

Braxton Miller played a winning game against the Wolverines last year, and Buckeye fans will take being stuck with that every time out.

Everitt didn't stop with his criticism of Miller there, however.

"He throws worse than Tebow," he added.

The same Tim Tebow who finished either number one, number two or number four in passing efficiency in the nation in his three seasons as a starter at Florida? And a Heisman winner? That Tim Tebow?!

Yeah, he sounds terrible!

Please tell us more, O' Wise One.

Maybe you can tell us how you see the future of this rivalry turning out. You can? Great!

"I see us torturing them," he said, concluding his completely free-of-charge gift to Urban Meyer and Ohio State football.

What a thoroughly beneficial radio appearance by Steve Everitt for the Buckeyes.

Let's run it down again just so that we're not missing anything.

First, Everitt says the Buckeyes are "stuck" with Braxton Miller—a quarterback that fits Meyer's dynamic offensive system perfectly. Second, he dismisses Miller because he "throws worse" than Tim Tebow, whom he apparently thinks was some duck chucker who never saw the field, rather than arguably the greatest college quarterback of all time.

Then, to cap it all off, through his visionary powers of foresight, he sees years of torture at the hands of the Wolverines in the Buckeyes' future.

This isn't just bulletin board material, this is Joey Harrington levels of side-of-the-building advertising. Urban Meyer will have this blown up and put in the WHAC by the end of this week, if it isn't already being done so as we speak.

This is not to say that Braxton Miller is perfect, because he is far from it. But it's either moronic or dishonest for Everitt to believe what he said about the Buckeyes being "stuck" with Miller.

Sure, it's probably just a whole lot of braggadocio on Everitt's part, but then isn't that what bulletin board material generally is? Just because it comes from a place of ignorance doesn't mean we ignore it.

In fact, we should embrace such windbaggery. It's the only way to ensure that future generations do not make the same mistakes.

After all, one generation's bulletin board material is another generation's warning.

Perhaps this can be a lesson for all future Wolverines—not that they'd actually learn it.

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