Two Minute Drill: Monday Luncheon

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 10/15/2012 3:27 PM

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Two-Minute Drill: Notes from Meyer’s Monday Luncheon
By Brandon Castel

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer was upset about the performance of his defense the last two weeks and stepped in to Luke Fickell’s defensive meeting on Sunday.

Here’s a look at what Meyer had to say to the defense, and also to the media during his weekly media luncheon on Monday.

Injury Update

* Meyer said DE Nathan Williams worked out yesterday and he expects to have him back this week.

* RB Jordan Hall is jogging now but "he's not healing well" from the knee injury.

Fixing the Defense

* Meyer met with the entire defense and defensive staff on Sunday. Focus was on eliminating big plays.

* Meyer: "It's been absurd how many big plays we've given up." Said you fix that with effort, leverage and tackling.

* Meyer said he's 'not happy at all' with what's going on with the defense, players and coaches. Said long-term, they can't be successful scoring a lot and giving up a lot. At some point have to play good defense.

* Meyer: "At the end of the day, defense and kicking game is how you win games."

* Meyer: "Ohio State is going to be a defensive school. Our team is going to be defensive."

* Meyer said they are putting out an APB on defense for tough guys.

* Meyer said his involvement on the defense will mainly be directed at leadership, toughness and getting guys to play 4-6 seconds.

* Meyer said the guy who played really well was Noah Spence. Sound like they're tinkering with the idea of playing Nathan Williams at LB.

* Meyer said he still thinks Curtis Grant is going to have a good career at Ohio State. Some times it takes guys longer with scheme.

* Meyer deferred to Luke Fickell on why Grant isn't playing on D, but said he supports it.

Grading a Champion

* Offensive Players of the Week against Indiana were Braxton Miller, Carlos Hyde and Jack Mewhort.

* Meyer said Braxton doesn't usually grade out this high because he gets tired and doesn't carry out his fakes late in the game.

* Travis Howard was Special Teams Player of the Week against Indiana. Ben Buchanan, Bradley Roby, Zach Domicone and Jamal Marcus all graded out champion on special teams.

* No defensive players graded out champions this week.

* Offensive players who graded out champion against Indiana were Heuerman, Stoneburner, Fragel, Linsley and Corey Brown.

* Meyer said Jeff Heuerman graded out 88% on 48 plays, his best game as an Ohio State Buckeye. Will see more playing time.

* Meyer said offensive tackles played well, but the inside guys need to play better. Linsley graded out a champion, but Meyer expects more.

* Jack Mewhort and Carlos Hyde both graded out 91%, which is extremely high for an OT. Hyde had 6 explosive runs.

Offensive Updates

* Meyer was disappointed with the way Hyde started against Indiana, but he got real strong by the end.

* Meyer called the Zach Boren move to defense "temporarily permanent." Said they never could have made the move if not for Heuerman and Nick Vannett coming on.

* Meyer said he made a similar move with Mike Pouncey at Florida. Moved him over to d-line in practice because of injuries.

* Meyer said Devin Smith bounced back from the two drops with the play of the day on his second TD.

* Meyer said Rod Smith is absolutely still in their plans this week. He's giving everything he's got right now, can coach through mistakes.

* Meyer said the guy he has now (Tom Herman) is very similar to Dan Mullen at Florida.

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