Two Minute Drill: Monday Press Conference

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 09/17/2012 2:54 PM

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Two-Minute Drill: Notes from Meyer’s Monday Luncheon

By Brandon Castel

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Urban Meyer isn’t getting too high or too low about his team’s performance against Cal over the weekend.

He called it a come-from-behind victory on Monday during his weekly media luncheon, saying it was their first real chance to simulate that type of scenario. Only this wasn’t a simulation. The Buckeyes won the game despite everything going against Meyer’s ‘Plan to Win’

Here are our notes from Meyer’s Monday Luncheon.

Injury Updates

* Meyer said Carlos Hyde is getting much better, but very little chance he will play this week.

* Meyer said Simon won't tell him how he feels, but doesn't look good walking down the hallway. Simon says he feels better.

* Meyer on Bennett: "He has to play some time. We'll see how far that groin is away from the heart." Meyer followed up by saying Bennett is actually hurt and he's a great kid.

Racking Up Penalties

* Interesting the players said Urban and his staff didn't address the penalties yesterday.

* Boren didn't even realize they had as many penalties as they did until I pointed it out to him today.

* Boren said first thing that jumped out to him is it can't continue, but he was happy to see guys playing angry and with emotion.

* Boren said he thinks maybe Meyer didn't come down hard on them because he was asking this team to play angry and play with emotion.

* Christian Bryant said Meyer knows what type of team he wants, a relentless team, but can't have costly penalties.

Champions Club

* DT Johnathan Hankins graded out an 88% and was the Defensive Player of the Game for OSU.

* Meyer said Bradley Roby playing at a high level right now. Graded 95% and had 16 production points.

* Ryan Shazier and Christian Bryant also graded out championship performance. Said Bryant might have been DPOW if not for missed tackle.

* Devin Smith was the offensive and special teams Player of the Week. Jordan Hall, Zach Boren and Jeff Heuerman also graded championship performance.

Offensive Updates

* Meyer said not one snap of defense for Cal was what they showed on film last year or in first two games.

* Meyer said OSU not getting enough big plays from the running game outside of the quarterback. They need guys who can break some tackles.

* Meyer said they need some highlight reel plays on offense from guys other than Braxton and Devin Smith.

* Meyer thinks his offense will have to take shots down the field because defenses are selling out to stop Braxton.

* Meyer said he talked to Braxton about the number of carries this week. Told him not to worry about it, they need him to carry it.

* Meyer said best thing about the first 3 games is they identified a go-get-it guy on the outside in Devin Smith.

* Meyer said he could see in Braxton's eyes that he wanted the ball after throwing that pick on the previous possession.

* Meyer doesn't believe Braxton Miller is playing well enough yet to be a real Heisman contender.

* Meyer said Jack Mewhort is a model student and model citizen. Also said he's probably their best lineman right now.

Defensive Updates

* Meyer saw the Bigelow run on TV and said "My gosh." Said it was a tremendous run, but also poor tackling.

* Meyer said he can't remember seeing an Ohio State team that had this many issues with tackling on defense. Said talent isn't the issue.

* Meyer said his team already tackles more than anybody else, but they emphasize stripping the ball as well.

* Meyer said 40% of Cal's yardage came on six plays. Two plays where guys were down but defenders never finished the play.

* Meyer said they identified the area they're getting hurt is on the boundary on D. Worked on it in a meeting last night.

* Cal's offense started a drive on OSU's side of the field five times Saturday and didn't give up a point.

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