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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 09/06/2012 3:15 PM
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Tony's Tip Sheet
By Tony Gerdeman

Last week I completely forgot to tell you what our motives were this year with the Tip Sheet, and I apologize. (As you can imagine, I take the Tip Sheet very seriously, hence all of my fantastic research.) With the needless postseason ban in our midst, the goals around here have changed. Sort of.

Even without a shot at a BCS National Championship, there is still the possibility of an AP National Championship, and so that's what we're going to focus on this year. That means relying on voters who don't really want anything to do with Ohio State this year, and are always enamored with the SEC, so it should go swimmingly!

Also, there is still the hope of a Leaders Division trophy, which would be great for Ohio State's closet full of trophies that have yet to be displayed.

"Hey, what's that trophy?"

"Oh, that? Well, remember that year Ohio State wasn't eligible for the postseason? That trophy is the physical representation of a postseason that they could not partake in."

Thursday September 6

Teams:  Pittsburgh (0-1) at Cincinnati (0-0)
Time (TV):  8:00 pm (ESPN)
Interest:  2.5
Cheer For:  Cincinnati

We're rooting for Cincinnati because they need more fans. Being stuck in a city like Cincinnati isn't fair for any sports team. Do you know the history of Cincinnati? Basically, when the automobile was invented, Southerners used their bootlegging money to buy cars and then move north. They eventually settled in Cincinnati because they all drove their cars into the Ohio River because they didn't realize that cars couldn't swim. Rather than simply turn around and head back to Kentucky's shore, they would leave their cars in the river and those who could swim kept going forward into Ohio. This is also how the Ohio River got so polluted. Not from the cars, but from the Southerners. Eventually, after years of enjoying the show, Northerners decided that they were going to have to explain to these idiots what a bridge was. Cincinnati 31 – Pittsburgh 21

Friday September 7

Teams:  Utah (1-0) at Utah State (1-0)
Time (TV):  8:00 pm (ESPN2)
Interest:  1
Cheer For:  Utah State

I was ripped on Twitter by a Utah State fan this week for saying that I might look for a high school game to go to since this game didn't interest me. I realize that this is a big rivalry in-state, but playing for “Paul Bunyan's Codpiece” just doesn't do it for me. Utah State hasn't won a game in this series since 1997, and haven't been within two touchdowns in over a decade. The series took a two-year break, but it's back now and to the victors go the groinal spoils. There will be two talented offenses on the field Friday night, but only one can bask in the glory of Paul Bunyan's Codpiece. Utah State 41 – Utah 38 (2OT)

Saturday September 8

Teams:  Penn State (0-1) at Virginia (1-0)
Time (TV):  12:00 pm (ABC)
Interest:  2
Cheer For:  Penn State

Virginia is a ten-point favorite in this game. It is just the second time in the last 21 seasons that they have been a ten-point favorite over a non-conference BCS opponent. The only other time was against Syracuse in 2004. They didn't cover. Penn State lost at home to Ohio last week by ten points and gave up 499 yards of total offense to the Bobcats. This is not going to be a pleasant season for the Nittany Lions, but at least the fans can take solace in their perpetual state of denial. Virginia 27 – Penn State 10

Teams:  Miami (FL) (1-0) at #21 Kansas State (1-0)
Time (TV):  12:00 pm (FX)
Interest:  1.5
Cheer For:  Miami (FL)

Bill Snyder is probably still very angry that this game is on his schedule. He is not going to be pleasant to be around. Later tonight, when he asks you to go get his slippers, you better not dawdle. Kansas State 28 – Miami 14

Teams:  East Carolina (1-0) at #9 South Carolina (1-0)
Time (TV):  12:00 pm (SECN)
Interest:  2.5
Cheer For:  East Carolina

Steve Spurrier says that he's worried about this game because he isn't confident in his quarterbacks. What's new about that? ECU is coming off of a season-opening victory over Appalachian State, which is something that not every school can do. Gamecocks quarterback Connor Shaw may not be able to play following his injuries last week, so their over-reliance on running back Marcus Lattimore will be even greater than it normally is. East Carolina is 5-3 in their last eight games against South Carolina. South Carolina 26 – East Carolina 17

Teams:  Purdue (1-0) at #22 Notre Dame (1-0)
Time (TV):  3:30 pm (NBC)
Interest:  4
Cheer For:  Purdue

Both Purdue and Notre Dame are returning quarterbacks from suspension. Caleb TerBush returns and will get the start for the Boilers, while Tommy Rees comes back to assume his new role as backup to Everett Golson. If Purdue wants to prove that they need to be taken seriously this is the win that would do it. Of course, if they were to actually win and then Big Ten opponents took them seriously, they'd never win as much as they do. After all, half of their conference wins come from the other teams not looking at Purdue as a threat. So, if the Boilers really have plans to play in the Big Ten Championship Game this season, they better not put up a fight in this one. Notre Dame 28 – Purdue 26

Teams:  Air Force (1-0) at #19 Michigan (0-1)
Time (TV):  3:30 pm (ESPN2/ABC)
Interest:  3.5
Cheer For:  Michigan

It's okay to cheer for Michigan this weekend...if you hate America. [Note to self: Million-dollar bumper sticker idea.] Michigan 49 – Air Force 28

Teams:  #2 USC (1-0) vs Syracuse (0-1) (East Rutherford, NJ)
Time (TV):  3:30 pm (ABC/ESPN2)
Interest:  1.5
Cheer For:  Syracuse

It will be interesting to see how well Syracuse passes on this USC defense. Orange quarterback Ryan Nassib threw 65 times for 470 yards against Northwestern. It would be cool to see that again. However, if you don't want to root for Syracuse, you can root for USC. Just don't forget their “Adopt-A-Player” plan where you can send in any amount of money to any USC Trojan. For as little as $70/day, you can feel close to somebody who is only using you for your money. Won't you please give? After all, the new LeBrons are $300. USC 47 – Syracuse 21

Teams:  #24 Florida (1-0) at Texas A&M (0-0)
Time (TV):  3:30 pm (ESPN)
Interest:  5
Cheer For:  Texas A&M

We are cheering for Texas A&M because we are performing an experiment to see how long Urban Meyer can be blamed for Will Muschamp's inability to win a national championship, or conference championship, or division championship, or state championship. I hope you're wearing a lab coat like I am right now. Hey, while we've got these on, let's all go to various hospitals, pick up patients' charts, look at them, shake our heads, mutter “No, no, no, this isn't good”, then look at the patient and say, “Yep, just as I suspected, you're ugly.” Texas A&M 31 – Florida 27

Teams:  #11 Michigan State (1-0) at Central Michigan (1-0)
Time (TV):  3:30 pm (ESPNU)
Interest:  2
Cheer For:  Michigan State

Wait, what? Michigan State is traveling to Central Michigan? The Spartans have split their last two meetings with the Chips, so playing them in Mt. Pleasant might be a bit risky. Oh, what am I saying, there's no way the Michigan State Spartans could possibly stumble, especially with such a promising season ahead of them. By the way, did you see how terrible quarterback Andrew Maxwell was last week against Boise State. I'm sure he will be much better this week. Don't expect Le'Veon Bell to touch the ball 50 times like he did last week. Probably only 45. Michigan State 34 – Central Michigan 10

Teams:  Iowa State (1-0) at Iowa (1-0)
Time (TV):  3:30 pm (BTN)
Interest:  2
Cheer For:  Iowa

Iowa State won last season's game 44-41 in triple overtime. If this year's game goes to three overtimes, people will riot. Who would want to watch that much Iowonian football? Even the players' parents will start making their way down to the field to start calling them in for supper. “Kids, time for supper!” “Ooh boy, we're having corn tonight!” “So are we!” “Me too!” If the Hawkeyes aren't significantly better than they were last week against Northern Illinois, they will lose. They ran the ball well enough, but it was supposed to be their passing offense that would lead them. If James Vandenberg and his receivers aren't clicking on Saturday, it's over. Iowa State 20 – Iowa 17

Teams:  Western Kentucky (1-0) at #2 Alabama (1-0)
Time (TV):  3:30 pm (SECN)
Interest:  1
Cheer For:  Western Kentucky

Alabama takes a significant step up in competition this week against the Hilltoppers. They may have even had to watch some film this time. Alabama 55 – Western Kentucky 3

Teams:  #13 Wisconsin (1-0) at Oregon State (0-0)
Time (TV):  4:00 pm (FX)
Interest:  1.5
Cheer For:  Wisconsin

We don't yet know how terrible Oregon State is, but if they're just a little better than Northern Iowa was last week, the Beavers could pull off the upset. Northern Iowa was actually driving in the fourth quarter down by only five points last week against the Badgers. I hate to see what Wisconsin is going to schedule moving forward if UNI is too much for them. The Beavers' season opener against Nicholls State was postponed, so the Badgers will come into this game focusing on what Oregon State did last year.  Bret Bielema doesn't like to walk into places not knowing what to expect, that's why he cases every joint he ever enters. He once sat outside of an AMC movie theater for three hours before deciding that it was okay to go in and play the crane game. He's probably sitting outside of Oregon State's stadium right now in his car. Engine running. Twelve to fifteen plastic coffee cup lids on the dash. And a pile of pistachio shells sitting outside of the driver's side door. Wisconsin 42 – Oregon State 21

Teams:  Fresno State (1-0) at #4 Oregon (1-0)
Time (TV):  6:30 pm (P12N)
Interest:  3.5
Cheer For:  Fresno State

There is an added incentive for rooting against Oregon other than the fact that I'm starting Fresno State's running back Robbie Rouse this week. The Ducks are standing in the way of Ohio State's #1 AP ranking...which the AP would never give them in a million years. Oregon 71 – Fresno State 28

Teams:  Washington (1-0) at #3 LSU (1-0)
Time (TV):  7:00 pm (ESPN)
Interest:  4
Cheer For:  Washington

I'm interested in seeing how Washington quarterback Keith Price performs in this game. If he is shut down, then all of the hype that people have heaped on LSU's defense will only grow. Price will get a ton of opportunities, because the Huskies will be made one dimensional with their inability to run the ball. LSU will know what Washington is going to do, and they won't be able to protect Price as much as they'll need to. LSU 34 – Washington 14

Teams:  #16 Nebraska (1-0) at UCLA (1-0)
Time (TV):  7:30 pm (FOX)
Interest:  4
Cheer For:  Nebraska

Taylor Martinez grew up dreaming of playing for UCLA, which is like growing up dreaming of playing for Michigan State. Who does that? This game actually got a lot more interesting given the way UCLA played in their opener last week. They seem to have found a quarterback in redshirt freshman Brett Hundley, who looked completely comfortable against Rice's defense. No, he will not be facing Rice's defense again this week, however. The Huskers will likely be without tailback Rex Burkhead, but they've still got three other talented backs going against a Pac 12 defense. Shouldn't be too hard. Martinez threw for 354 yards and five touchdowns last week against Southern Miss, but it might be asking a bit much for him to do it twice in the span of eight days. If Nebraska can handle the running game of Hundley and Johnathan Franklin, who rushed for 214 yards by himself last week they will be fine. But that's a big if. UCLA 28 – Nebraska 27

Teams:  #7 Georgia (1-0) at Missouri (1-0)
Time (TV):  7:45 (ESPN2)
Interest:  4.5
Cheer For:  Missouri

You should root for Missouri in this one, but it will be hard to not want to see Missouri get a bit of comeuppance in this game. Tigers defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson said he tried watching some of Georgia's opener against Buffalo, but it didn't go very well for him. “I watched that game,” he said. “I turned it off, too. It's like watching Big Ten football. It's old-man football.” So you tell me, are you going to root for Georgia to lose, as is our house recipe, or are you going to root for Georgia's brand of Big Ten football to defeat Mizzou's brand of Big XII SEC football? Before you get your hopes up for Missouri, you might want to know that since 1991, the Tigers are 3-36 against opponents ranked in the top ten. Missouri is currently a 3.5-point favorite and a win would thrust them into the top 25 for the first time in a calendar year. Georgia is a notoriously slow starter in conference play, so I'm going to take Missouri because they are going to have so much juice that pulp will be flying everywhere. As an aside, even though they are favored, most experts are picking Georgia. So even though Mizzou is now an SEC team, the experts don't respect them as much as they respect Georgia, who hasn't done anything meaningful in over three decades. Missouri 27 – Georgia 24

Teams:  Vanderbilt (0-1) at Northwestern (1-0)
Time (TV):  8:00 pm (BTN)
Interest:  3
Cheer For:  Northwestern

I bet if they had microphones in both huddles this week, you'd be able to catch up on everything that's ever happened on Dr. Who. Vanderbilt 31 – Northwestern 21

Teams:  Illinois (1-0) at Arizona State (1-0)
Time (TV):  10:30 pm (ESPN)
Interest:  3.5
Cheer For:  Illinois

We still root for the Big Ten teams, just so you are aware. Though obviously Illinois being labeled a “Big Ten team” is technical at best. The Illini offense was pretty terrible last week against Western Michigan, amassing just 248 yards of total offense against a MAC defense. They averaged just four yards per play, but they did defend the ball very well. They won't make it to 2-0 with another offensive performance like last week's. Normally in this situation—a non-conference road game—I bet against Ron Zook. I wish I was more torn here, but the stink of Zook is still around, and the “fresh air” of Beckman can sometimes be like too much Old Spice. After all, this is still Illinois and nobody will ever change that. Arizona State 24 – Illinois 14

Teams:  #18 Oklahoma State (1-0) at Arizona (1-0)
Time (TV):  10:30 pm (P12N)
Interest:  2.5
Cheer For:  Arizona

Rich Rodriguez is one of the seven-most popular men in the history of the state of Ohio. At least I assume there are six men ahead of him who are more popular. I'm surprised that there hasn't been a town named after him at this point. “Where are you from?” “I am PROUD to say that I am from Rodriguezton, Ohio!” Or what about a high school? “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the first ever graduation class from Rich Rodriguez High School for the Mentally Baffled.” Oklahoma State 47 – Arizona 24

Teams:  UCF (1-0) at #14 Ohio State (1-0)
Time (TV):  12:00 pm (ESPN2)
Interest:  5
Cheer For:  Ohio State

We are going to learn a lot more about Ohio State's defense on Saturday, and that's a good thing. Three linebackers are going to be on the field for most of the game, and we will find out an awful lot about sophomore middle linebacker Curtis Grant. There are two strong trends in this game, and one of them will have to end on Saturday. First, UCF is undefeated in the state of Ohio this season, having won 56-14 at Akron last week. Sqecond, UCF is 0-6 against the Big Ten all-time. Time will only tell which of these time-honored traditions will be broken on Saturday, but you can rest assured that if the first one continues, it won't be a comfortable week of practice for the Buckeyes.

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