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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 09/04/2012 5:35 PM

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Two-Minute Drill: Bianchi Invades Urban’s Teleconference

By Brandon Castel

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Apparently the pain and suffering caused by Urban Meyer when he left Florida cut deeper for some than it did for others.

While many Gators fans are still disappointed with the way Meyer left Gainesville only to end up in Columbus a year later, Mike Bianchi’s feelings appear to range anywhere from forsaken to devastated to he’ll never be the same again.

For those who don’t know, Bianchi is a columnist for the Orlando Sentinel who simply cannot get over the fact Meyer skipped town on his beloved Gators. While he works for a major newspaper as a ‘journalist,’ Bianchi is a graduate of Florida’s Fisher School of Accounting and he has persistently blamed Meyer for all of Will Muschamp’s problems at Florida.

The Buckeyes are playing Central Florida this week, so the fact Bianchi called in to talk with Meyer on his weekly Big Ten teleconference call was not wholly unexpected. Neither was Bianchi’s approach.

Instead of asking Meyer about the game, or about the matchup with UCF, or even about the idea of playing a school he is so familiar with from his time at Florida, Bianchi launched into a personal soap box about angry Florida fans – of which he is one – rooting for the Knights this weekend because of the way Meyer ditched them for Ohio State.

“I think your facts are, not surprisingly, incorrect,” Meyer calmly responded.

“I didn't leave one school for another school.”

After that, Bianchi hung up, presumably with malice in his heart and steam coming out of his ears. 

Meyer on Ohio State

* Meyer said Jordan Hall will not play this week. He's jogging today, but they don't know exactly when he'll be ready.

* Meyer seemed very impressed with Carlos Hyde in the opener. Said he was about maxed out for yards after contact (70%).

* Meyer said he wants to see Braxton start a little bit better this week and trust the system, not try to be Superman. Wants to see him make better decisions on pitch plays. Said Braxton was so excited to make plays. Needs to make right read.

* Meyer on Devin Smith's 1-handed catch: “That's as good a catch as I've ever seen!” Was around in ’86 for Cris Carter.

* Meyer was very happy with the tempo of the offense.Said they ran 86 plays on Saturday, and he feels that's about right for where they want to be. No set number of plays, though.

Meyer on UCF

* Meyer said UCF didn't show much QB run out of the spread last week, but they're expecting some this week. Said QB Blake Bortles is very athletic.

* Meyer called UCF a "Bit Ten outfit" on defense. Said they're big and physical. Best defense in their conference the past few years.

Meyer on Twittergate

* Chicago Tribune’s Teddy Greenstein called to ask Urban about his Twitter ban. Meyer said he never heard about it until 3 days after his presser.

* Meyer said his wife, Shelley, asked him why he wouldn't let reporters tweet during his press conference. That’s when he first learned about it.

* Meyer said it was purely an SID decision. “It doesn't have anything to do with trying win a game, so I don't care what people do in that room.”

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