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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 11/19/2012 2:15 AM
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The Buckeye Watch
By Tony Gerdeman

Winning in Madison is never easy, especially when you have to play the Badgers to get that win. But the Buckeyes went in, proved rude guests, ate all of the fried cheese curds, didn't leave any beer undrunk, and mentioned that while they have a nice house, their family is kind of homely.

Needless to say, it will be a couple of years before they get invited back.

It's pretty amazing that the Buckeyes actually won this game. Wisconsin ran for 200 yards, held the Buckeyes to barely more than that in total offense, and did it at home. It just goes to show you the power of a special teams score and a turnover on the goal line. Without both, it's unlikely that Ohio State is 11-0 right now.

However, 11-0 has no purpose unless you go 12-0. Without the 12th win, the 11th win is meaningless.

That fact won't be lost on anybody, so don't worry. The reason you win 11 games is so that you can go and get number 12. That's how the commitment pays off.

And to get number 12 against Michigan?

Well, that's why you came to Ohio State in the first place.

2:49 Wisconsin beat writers are reporting that Badger middle linebacker Chris Borland is not in uniform. That's pretty huge. He has an inexperienced backup, and now there will be even more pressure on weakside backer Mike Taylor. Taylor has been the bigger playmaker this year, but Borland has just as much potential for disruption.

3:28 The good thing about the possibility of a slow start for the Buckeyes is that I'm not sure if Wisconsin has enough offense to make Ohio State pay.

3:32 Ohio State has won the toss and will defer. This is the ideal result. Let's get an early look at what this game has in store for the Buckeye defense.

3:33 Kickoff. There is already confusion on OSU's kickoff unit and the ball isn't even in the air yet. This is comforting. And I see why. Kenzel Doe returns it 35 yards to the 42-yard line. Has a timeout ever had to be called before the game has even begun? That might have been a time to call it.

3:35 Badgers come out in the I-formation and the Buckeyes are in tight man coverage. It's a play-action right out of the gate, deep to Chase Hammond, who drops it at the 20-yard line. He beat Travis Howard, but couldn't hold onto the ball as he hit the ground. Well, Wisconsin has only been planning that since about Tuesday. Bullet dodged.

3:36 Third and four. Curt Phillips drops back, nearly gets sacked by Nathan Williams, but gets a deep one off to Jared Abbrederis, but it's a bad throw and it falls incomplete. Travis Howard bit on the double move and Abbrederis was wide open. Two bullets dodged. But that's the nice part about playing against a third-string quarterback. Badgers punt.

3:38 Is Wisconsin opening up in the nickel? Time to pound the ball. Braxton Miller keeps it on first down, shrugs off a tackle and picks up six yards. Yeah, like that. Whack-a-Badger.

3:39 Third and four. QB draw and there's nobody near Miller as he picks up 10 yards. Carlos Hyde has thrown two nice blocks already.

3:40 Rod Smith joins Hyde in the backfield. It's a sweep for Miller and he gets eight more. It's very easy right now for this running game. At this rate, Miller will end up with a career-high 62 carries today.

3:41 Miller drops back, pumps, and is now going to a wide open Jake Stoneburner down the sideline, but he loses it in the sun and never gets a hand on it. Great call. Fake screen wide to Devin Smith, then Stoneburner streaks down the sideline. Badgers are now getting into the bullet-dodging game.

3:45 Third and seven. Empty set. Miller is now changing something. Three receivers to the left. Miller keeps it on the QB draw and picks up absolutely nothing. Mike Taylor was waiting for him. Uh oh, Corey Linsley is limping very badly. Buckeyes will have to punt now for sure.

3:46 Punt. Wow, great job by Orhian Johnson to bat it down at the one-yard line. That was fantastic. Now don't blow this field position.

3:47 Play-action bootleg, and Phillips finds Abbrederis at the 16-yard line. Howard in coverage again. That's two first-down throws for the Badgers so far. They're changing tendencies like Ohio State is a rival or something.

3:47 Montee Ball goes for 12 yards on the James White fake fly sweep. That's the issue with the Badger running game. It's bad enough that they have 12,000 pounds blocking up front, but then they add in all of these moving parts and you have to respect each one.

3:49 Roll right, and Phillips finds Jordan Frederick for about six yards. Howard on the tackle, and now he's hurt. Howard has been busy, and now they will attack Doran Grant much the same way. Get ready to get very, very busy, kid.

3:54 Now the barge look for the Badgers. James White gets 12 yards running a sweep to the left. This has been a very impressive drive. So much for Buckeye fans' hope that this would be Michigan State all over again.

First and ten from the OSU 28-yard line. Oof! Two-yard loss for White. Shazier destroyed him and drove him back ten yards. The Buckeyes needed a negative play, and he provided it.

3:56 Third and 12 from the 30-yard line. Watch the screen to White here. John Simon is in pursuit, and Phillips throws it away. I can't blame him for that. Matt Millen: “John Simon is like the Eveready Bunny.” Hmm, I'm not sure about that. I would say he's more like Uncle Jemima.

3:56 What? Punting from the 30-yard line? Why not just go for it? Or is this an obvious fake? Nope, it's a punt, and it's a touchback. Hilarious. Is the Big Ten the only conference that features punts from the opponent's 30-yard line?

4:00 Hyde for seven right up the middle. Time to get him rolling. I'm waiting for Millen to call him the “Pillsbury Go Boy”.

4:01 Miller rolls, spins, nearly gets tackled, nearly fumbles, somehow spins out and gets eight yards and comes up laughing. Again, a laughing Miller is not a good sign for a defense. Like going to the doctor to get a physical and after he's done, he brings in a guy to give you your last rites.

4:02 Hyde powers forward for three...wait, four...ah, make it five...nope, six yards. Somebody needs to come up with a “Runnin' Hyde” t-shirt. And then get shut down by OSU for doing so.

4:05 Third and seven from the 38-yard line. Miller is changing the play again. QB draw again, losing four yards. David Gilbert on the tackle. I don't understand.

4:06 Punt. Touchback. Two wasted opportunities for the Buckeyes. In Badger territory both times. Both drives thwarted on QB draws on third and seven. Millen would say in bad situations like this, “When it rains, it gets wet.”

4:07 James White for a yard on first down. Not sure why Wisconsin has gone away from Ball. Seems dumb.

4:08 Third and five. Trips left. Phillips' pass gets batted down by John Simon. He is the drive killer.

4:09 Badgers will punt. Philly Brown is back now. It was Chris Fields the last time. No block, the return is on. He gets it at the 32-yard line, splits the seam and he's gone! Wow. No flag! That was very Ginnesque the way he zipped through the mass of Badgers in the middle of the field, and then came out the other side. That was nice. Buckeyes lead it 7-0. The camera just showed Big Nut, Buck-I Guy and Buckeye Man all sitting together. I'm starting to hate television more and more.

4:12 Another first-down play-action pass from the Badgers, but John Simon sacks Phillips instead. Rob Havenstein has not had a very good game against Simon. There's that guy again. John Simon. The Pizza Hut Noid.

4:13 Weird. Mike Vrabel is almost smiling. Shotgun. Draw to Ball for 13 yards, but there's a flag for a hold. Half the distance will put the ball at the 10-yard line. Uh oh, C.J. Barnett is down. He is helped off. Can't put any pressure on the left leg. That's two secondary starters on the bench right now.

4:15 Badgers decide to let the clock run out on the first quarter facing a third and 22 from their own 13-yard line. Buckeyes are probably fine with that.

4:16 Ohio State can't afford to give up a big play. If they hold them here, they'll get the ball back in pretty good field position with a chance to go up two scores on the road.

4:19 Third and 22. Hand off to Ball for six yards. Bradley Roby smacked him hard, then Ball and Roby slapped five out of respect. “That hurt, bro.” “Yeah, me too.” Badgers punt, corral Philly at the Ohio State 30-yard line. Good punt.

4:21 First and 10. Miller keeps it, avoids Taylor, but has to slide down for three yards. Need more Hyde. He's the one that is okay taking punishment, remember. In fact, he's a lot like a Timex watch. He takes a licking, and keeps on spinning his hands around. Actually, that's a jazz singer getting jumped in an alley.

4:22 Third and five. Miller drops back, has enough time to build a chair fort, and then finds Philly for about 16 yards. With protection like that, Miller could get away with quite a few insults about the Badgers' mothers. (If he hasn't already.)

4:24 Third and two. Buckeyes hurrying up. Quick screen to Devin Smith with nobody on him for about eight yards. Well, if you're not going to defend him, what do you expect him to do?

4:24 More hurry up. Hyde downhill? Nope, Miller keeps it for two yards and then gets hit late. He's limping. There's a flag, but Miller has to shake it off. He tells a teammate he's fine. Dezmen Southward hit Miller helmet to helmet. Buckeyes get a first down and have it at the Badger 15-yard line.

4:25 Hyde downhill here? Yep, he's lined up behind Miller and he runs straight into the endzone. More Hyde. That was even easier than the punt return. Bret Bielema looks confused. He must be listening to the television broadcast. Buckeyes lead it 14-0.

4:26 As long as Wisconsin is focused on stopping Braxton, Hyde will run free. Assuming he gets the ball.

4:31 White in motion. Ball for 12 more. Why would they ever go away from him with White in motion? Seems like a winner every time.

4:32 Ball for 15 more. How he hasn't broken one long yet is amazing.

4:32 Ha, now he has to come out because he's tired. That's how OSU does it. The rope-a-dope!

4:33 Second and six. Play-action, Phillips is nearly sacked again, but he finds a wide open Jacob Pedersen in the second level flats down to the 11-yard line. That looked like Zach Boren's area. I'm able to forgive him for a lot this year.

4:34 Second and six from the OSU seven-yard line. Millen says the Buckeyes have to hold Wisconsin to a field goal attempt here. I wonder if he knows that Ohio State is leading 14-0, not trailing 14-0. Anyway, Ball gets the carry and runs it into the endzone for a touchdown. He destroyed on that drive. Buckeyes lead it 14-7, which is apparently bad news per Millen. But you know what Millen always says, “It's darkest before the Don.” I don't know which Don he is referring to though.

4:35 Well, the Ohio State defense is going to go to the sideline and will have to hear about how they were made to look like a bunch of silly nannies.

4:36 Television is showing me 40-year old jugglers on Wisconsin's campus. Maybe Buck-I Guy, Big Nut and Buckeye Man aren't all bad.

4:39 Miller keeps it for no gain. He had three guys waiting for him. Maybe get back to Hyde down hill or something similar. (Like Hyde down hill.)

4:40 Third and 10. Miller drops back. Looking, avoids two sacks. Avoids two more, now he's being chased and finally gets hit and taken down out of bounds. Lost about seven or eight yards. Nobody open apparently. Ben Buchanan punts it from the back of the endzone. Badgers field it at their own 44-yard line and get no return. There's 6:19 left in the half.

4:42 This is actually a pretty big drive right now because the Badgers have all of the momentum. The Buckeyes could take it back by actually stopping the run here. But can they?

4:43 Miller has 27 yards rushing on 12 carries. Hyde has 28 yards on three rushes. Seems simple, no?

4:47 Badgers go three and out. Chris Fields fair catches the punt at the 15-yard line with 5:19 to play. Any possession where Wisconsin throws two of their three plays is a good possession for the Buckeyes. Ohio State thanks Wisconsin for that play selection.

4:49 Hyde is lined up behind Miller, time for him to run up the middle. Yep. He gets five.

4:50 Third and three. Hyde gets stopped just short. By a foot. Harder to be successful when they know it's coming. Buckeyes punt. It's fair caught at the 34-yard line with 4:04 to play.

4:53 Abbrederis leaves the field, so this is a for sure run play. Ball for a yard. Boren and Simon bringing him down with 2:50 to play. Boren is pretty good running forward. He doesn't like to be thwarted when he knows where the ball is.

4:54 Second and eight. Trips right shotgun. Odd. Phillips runs to the left for two yards. Flag in the secondary. What did Christian Bryant do now? It's against Wisconsin. In Madison? Wow. Chop block. That's a drive killer.

4:56 Third and 11. Ball gets it and the run gets stretched out well for three yards. There's 1:10 on the clock and Urban Meyer isn't calling timeout. Obviously he's okay with going to the half up 14-7. Especially since the Buckeyes get the ball to start the second half. The punt is fair caught at the OSU 11-yard line with 31 seconds remaining.

Miller gets nine yards on the QB draw to end the half. Buckeyes go to the locker room with a 14-7 lead. In Madison, you'll take that every time. Though generally it's deep-fried first.

5:00 I think the second half of this game needs to feature an awful lot of Carlos Hyde. Like so much that he ends up giving Wisconsin diabetes. Or as we can now call it, “Hydeabetes.” Or, as Wilford Brimley would call it, “Hydeabeetus”.

5:02 The Badgers already have 140 yards rushing in the first half. Ball has 112 of them. Whoever gets more carries in the second half between Ball and Hyde will probably end up winning this.

5:04 Braxton 36 yards on 13 carries. Hyde 34 on five. Hyde or die, imo.

5:06 I wonder, is the wind blowing too much to throw downfield? Buckeyes have only done it once, and it was fine. Or is it simply that nobody is getting open? That's not something that Meyer is going to take lightly.

5:08 I think this game is showing us that you can give up big runs, but if your QB can't connect, you may never make a team pay.

5:20 Back to football. The kickoff is a yard deep and it's returned by Bradley Roby. Really? He's tackled at the 14-yard line. Meyer is searching at this point.

5:21 Hey, it's a QB draw and Miller gets four yards as the Badgers try to bend him in half. Millen would probably refer to him as “Bend Armstrong”. “I had a Bend Armstrong as a kid. One day I accidentally tore his arm off by stretching it too far. That Bend Armstrong was really stretchy. Just incredibly stretchy. Probably the stretchiest toy I ever had. Also bendiest, hence the name 'Bend Armstrong'.”

5:23 Miller keeps it on the read and falls down after a loss of two. Call runs for Hyde, because Miller ain't giving it up.

5:24 Third and 16. Empty set. Miller drops back, avoids one sack, gets the pass off and it's dropped by Hyde. It would've been a three-yard gain. So, no Hyde carries again on this drive. This is not a winning plan. Buchanan's punt is fair caught at the 36-yard line.

5:27 Third and eight for the Badgers from their own 28-yard line. Howard on Abbrederis. Pressure from Simon, and he sacks Phillips again. That's two. Phillips is essentially a time share property for John Simon right now. Time to set up another stay for the fourth quarter. Badgers punt. Corey Brown is tackled at the 35-yard line. Very nice coverage.

5:29 At this point, Carlos Hyde needs to look at Urban Meyer and tell him, “Come with me if you want to live.” Wisconsin is geared to stop Miller and the Buckeyes are determined to pound him into an awaiting wall. At least Hyde has a sizable door available to him.

5:31 Hyde for four up the gut. 20 more times and you leave here 11-0.

5:31 More Hyde, and he picks up six yards. Wear him out.

5:33 First and 10. Play-action, Miller is looking deep and it's incomplete in the back of the endzone. I think there were six players around that ball. Was that the extremely rare third quarter hail mary?

Third and nine from the Badgers' 41-yard line. Miller drops back, rolls around, looks, has to throw it away. Nobody open. Just a weird offensive attack tonight. The Wisconsin secondary must be doing a bang-up job in coverage. Buchanan's punt is fair caught at the 15-yard line.

5:38 Ball gets six, but got hit behind the line by Shazier and he just shook him off like like that little Mitch kid who hates everything but Life cereal, right Millen?

5:39 Hand off to fullback Derek Watt for three yards. Every time you do that, that's a win for the Buckeyes. Good job.

5:40 Third and five, aka “The sacking down”. Phillips finds Pedersen, and it's caught for a first down at the 46-yard line. He fumbled, but they called him down immediately. Now they're showing a replay. He wasn't down! But they blew the whistle. Did OSU pick the ball up immediately? Yes, Bryant did. That's a fumble. They're reviewing it. Nice job by the refs to blow it dead immediately on what video shows is a fumble. And the play stands. I don't understand. His knee wasn't down. Are they saying his ankle was down? Is that a thing? Does an ankle equal a knee? How can an ankle equal a knee and not equal a foot? It's closer to the foot! What about the Law of Proximital Anatomy that I just came up with?

5:43 Ball gets six after getting it stretched out wide to the left. This is not winning momentum for the Buckeyes. Injured Buckeye. Hankins, down for his customary one time per game. He'll head to the sideline and hulk up for the fourth quarter.

5:45 Second and four. Play-action, and Phillips once again gets sacked by John Simon. Stop throwing the ball. It's not helping you win. That's three sacks for John Simon, who is now just one behind the school record for a single game.

5:47 Third and five. Ball stretches it to the left for no gain. The entire defense was there. That's a team tackle. Now you go for it.

5:48 Fourth and four from the OSU 33-yard line. Shotgun. Three receivers to the right, just two defenders over there. Doe gets it on Travis Howard, who slipped down. Well, at least he didn't pick up the first down due to a lack of bodies.

5:49 Ball loses two because Johnathan Hankins said so. The Buick stops with him! That's the saying, right? Millen just said that Hankins is a good player, but he would like to see more movement out of him. Um, he's only one of the most active defensive tackles in college football.

Third and nine. Shotgun. Draw to Ball, no gain, Shazier tripped him up to end the quarter. Buckeyes head to the fourth quarter with a 14-7 lead.

5:51 Wisconsin will likely start the quarter with a 40-yard field goal attempt. Ohio State will then take the ball and throw some short passes and some QB draws that don't work out.

5:54 Here comes the kick...wide left! Huge. Buckeyes can't afford to sit on a seven-point lead the way the Badgers are moving the ball though.

Miller loses another yard via a Dezmen Southward tackle. They're not even worried about Hyde if he's not lined up behind Miller.

5:56 Hyde gains 18 yards to the 40-yard line. He was lined up behind Miller that time. I assume the plan is to set Michigan up with this predictability.

5:56 Roll right, hold on Marcus Hall is pretty blatant. Drive Killer.

5:57 Rod Smith comes in. Four wide. Miller drops back, fires and it's dropped by Mike Taylor, and then Mike Thomas gets a late hit personal foul and Urban is yanking him immediately. Ridiculous pair of errors in the fourth quarter of a Big Ten road game.

5:58 Third and 31 from the OSU 19-yard line. This will be a Hyde run. He gets it, runs to the left and picks up five yards. Buckeyes had the ball at their own 44-yard line and two flags killed it. The punt is fair caught at the 36-yard line with 12:21 to play.

6:00 Hyde has 11 carries for 74 yards right now. He should have 20 carries at this point. He's a workhorse. Like a Mick Truck.

6:03 End around to Melvin Gordon and OMG! Shazier stops him for a loss of two, but Shazier is still down. That was a wallop. You can't unring that bell.

6:04 Fortunately he walked off the field. That was as violent a hit as you'll see this year.

6:06 He looks okay walking off. He gave a thumbs up, which means he's got more coming.

6:07 Third and nine. Phillips drops back. Has room, completes to Pedersen at the 48-yard line with Bryant in coverage. He was close to the line, but he was okay. Curt Phillips is outplaying Braxton Miller today. I can't believe it.

6:08 Third and three from the OSU 45-yard line. Trips right. Blitz. Dropped by Doe on a low throw. Buckeyes win that drive, but now they're going to be pinned unless Bret fakes it here. Nope. The punt goes into the endzone. Nice job.

6:10 Well, you've got the ball and there's nine minutes to play. A nice six-minute pound-you-in-the-you-know-what drive here that ends up in the endzone would put the Buckeyes in a very good situation.

6:12 Miller keeps it again and gets no gain. Frustration mounting among the Buckeye Faithful, I'm guessing. Hyde was even with Miller, so he wasn't going to get the ball because for some reason they only like him going downhill, which requires that he be behind Miller and not next to him.

6:12 Hyde even again. Now Philly motions into the backfield. Philly carries it for two yards on the short side. I don't get this at freaking all.

6:13 Third and seven. Empty. Miller gets sacked for a five-yard loss. Just willfully not running Hyde. Everybody covered. The punt dies at the Buckeyes' 46-yard line with 7:00 to play.

6:14 That was the perfect opportunity to ride Carlos Hyde and they didn't even look his way. If he's hurt, then put Smith in. Unless they don't trust him. They must not. Then how about a wheel route. There has to be an explanation for this.

6:17 Shazier is back. The bell has stopped ringing. Corner blitz, and the carry went right to the void for 25 yards. Ball is picking up steam. He's like the faster picker upper, if you will.

6:18 Play-action, going with the wheel route to Watt, and Roby breaks it up in the endzone as he left his man to make the play. Amazing. Millen says “Roby was beat to the corner there.” If he was beaten, then why didn't the Badgers score? And how often are cornerbacks supposed to man up fullbacks?

6:19 Third and seven. Wow, Ball picks up six. Should have been three or four, but he kept churning. Now they go hurry up on fourth and one. Phillips picks it up.

6:23 Wow, ABC is praying Ball scores here. They really, really want to see the record broken. Third and two from the three-yard line with 3:44 to play. I think a bootleg would work very well. Here we go. No receivers. I-formation. Three tight ends. Ball gets it and he's short of the first down!

6:24 They're going to review the spot. They couldn't overturn an obvious fumble, but they will find a way to overturn a spot with no good angles.

6:26 It stands. Fourth and one with 3:09 to play. Everybody just run forward and smash and see what happens. Power formation. Fumble!!! Christian Bryant catches it at the seven-yard line. Whoa. The Ball Family is in shock. Ryan Shazier blasted both Ball and the ball. 2:46 to play. What an amazing play by Shazier to time that jump perfectly, and to not lose sight of the ball. Did we just witness Shazier win the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year Award?

6:27 The Buckeyes don't have to give the ball back. This is all Carlos Hyde.

6:28 Hyde is behind Miller. He gets four yards. Timeout Badgers with 2:38 remaining. I'm expecting Hyde to be behind Miller the rest of this drive.

6:31 Hyde behind Miller again. Loses a yard. Make it four yards because the Badgers couldn't do their job right the first time and Hyde spun out of the first tackle. Timeout with 2:31 to play.

6:32 Third and ten. First down here wins the game. Miller rolls out, reverses field and picks up three yards. There is 2:19 remaining and the clock is ticking. Wisconsin will have 90 seconds, and they'll have to throw it. Unless they block the kick here.

6:33 Buchanan gets it away. Devin Smith tackles Abbrederis at the OSU 41-yard line. Not a great punt, but it was better than a block.

6:33 There is 1:33 to play. John Simon with the pressure and picks up his fourth sack of the day! He ties the school record. Badgers really have to hurry now.

6:34 Second and 21. Phillips drops it to Doe who gets it to the OSU 43-yard line with 1:04 left on the clock.

6:35 Third and 12. Phillips completes it to Pedersen for about 10 yards.  They hurry to the line, and Phillips finds Abbrederis for 13 yards on fourth and three. Great coverage by Roby nearly broke up the completion. Down to 38 seconds.

6:35 First and 10 at the 20-yard line. Draw to Ball. What? What??? How can you do that?

6:36 They spike it with 19 seconds to play after a three-yard gain. Horrible call. Bielema better hope this game doesn't end 14-7 or he's going to have to explain that one.

6:37 Second down from the five-yard line with 12 seconds to play. So when they score here, will Bret go for two? Shotgun. Caught, touchdown by Pedersen with Boren in coverage. Eight seconds to play. They're going to review it, but that's a catch. Nice drive by Phillips. Made some clutch throws.

6:39 If I'm Bielema, I run the barge here, it's a guaranteed three yards. Here comes the extra point instead. He got it. Ties it up at 14-14. Dang, I thought the three-man rush would work on that drive.

6:41 Miller takes a knee. Badgers lead it 14-14 headed to overtime.

6:42 The sad part for the Buckeyes is that when Hyde finally did get the ball, it was obvious that he was getting it. Mix it in throughout the game and we're not here right now.

6:43 Fortunately for the Ohio State offense, overtime sets up well for them because of how effective they are in the redzone.

6:46 Badgers win the toss, they'll give the ball to Ohio State. The Buckeyes should be fine with that.

6:47 Hyde gets it on the inverted veer and takes it wide, breaks a tackle and picks up 11 yards. Pretty easy. Now I see, this whole time they were saving him for overtime. Makes complete sense now.

6:47 Buckeyes hurry up. Empty set. Miller keeps it and gets to the 10-yard line, powering up the middle. That was more wildcat than QB run.

6:47 Second and six from the 10-yard line. This is when their offense thrives this season. Will it stay that way? Play-action, nothing open. Miller's running and he scrambles down to the three-yard line. Crowd wants a holding call, which is the most ironic thing ever.

6:48 First and goal from the two-yard line. Hyde touchdown untouched. Hyde, am I right?  Now don't miss this extra point, son. Got it. Buckeyes lead it 21-14. Now the game is in the defense's hands again, which is how they like it. And there won't be a prevent defense. Of course, there will also be a Montee Ball.

6:50 Ball gets six to the left side. Just can't get a hand on him. Nathan Williams is down. Ankle? Noah Spence will come in, and he'll have to handle the running game. Williams limps, then runs off. He'll be back after this play I assume.

6:51 Ball has 38 carries for 193 yards. Play-action bootleg, Phillips throws it out of bounds, intended for the wheel route to Derek Watt again. Yeah, keep trying that one.

6:51 Third and four. The Buckeyes sideline is bouncing. I-formation. Sabino!!! He crashed the edge and stopped Ball for a loss of two. That was tremendous. That may have been the runner up to the Play of the Game.

6:52 Fourth and six. Here we go. Shotgun. Blitz, the pass is broken up by Christian Bryant and the game is over. The Buckeyes are 11-0. Holy heck. Ohio State wins it 21-14.

6:53 There is no such thing as a pretty win in Madison. All you can hope for is a short memory and a quick turnaround. The Buckeyes have both.

6:54 Urban Meyer: “The offense was awful.” Oh come on, let's not pretend like this win was the first ugly thing to ever come out of Wisconsin.

6:55 Enjoy your Big Ten Championship appearance Badgers. Keep the seat warm for 2013.

6:56 Wait, why am I still talking about Wisconsin. It is now officially Michigan Week. The best week of the year.

6:57 And why are you still reading this?!? Get tailgating!!!

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