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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 06/26/2012 9:12 PM
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The 2012 Big Ten Football Draft—Rounds Two and Three

By Tony Gerdeman

On Friday we ran the First Round of this Big Ten mock draft, and quite a few people asked for another round or two, and I'm nothing if not obedient to complete strangers.

So what follows are rounds two and three. The rules are the same—teams can only lose one player per round, and they can't draft their own players. Shrewd fantasy drafter that I am, I had to make this a snake draft. If you're not familiar with a snake draft, it just means that in the even rounds the draft order is reversed. This keeps Indiana and Minnesota from reaping the benefits of sucking so bad.

As in all drafts, the later you get into the rounds, the less-intensive the coverage. By round six I probably wouldn't even be spelling names correctly. If you would like to see rounds four and five, you might have a problem. But from my experience, you can leave it untreated.

Round Two

1. Wisconsin – Braxton Miller, QB Ohio State
(First round: Kofi Hughes, WR Indiana)
While Braxton Miller is the logical pick here, it was still a surprise because Miller has never played in the ACC before. Unfortunately for the Badgers, immediately after being selected, Miller forewent his eligibility and declared for the CFL Draft, the MLB draft, the MLS draft and any other draft that would have him.

2. Michigan State – Chris Borland, LB Wisconsin
(First round: MarQueis Gray, QB Minnesota)
After losing Denicos Allen, the Spartans were in desperate need for a maniacal linebacker, so they took the best one available in Chris Borland. While Mark Dantonio didn't want to be too effusive in his praise, he did cornily mention that Borland has a hunting license, but he only hunts Wolverines.

3. Michigan – William Gholston, DE Michigan State
(First round: Ibraheim Campbell, S Northwestern)
Consider this the closest thing to a junior college transfer that this draft can have. Selecting William Gholston gives Michigan their first legitimate pass rusher since Brandon Graham. They would have preferred to draft a quarterback here, but they couldn't pass on somebody like Gholston.

4. Penn State – Taylor Lewan, OT Michigan
(First round: James Vandenberg, QB Iowa)
Penn State was looking for a left tackle to protect whatever it is they call a quarterback, and they got the best one available in Taylor Lewan. While Michigan is now damaged on the offensive line, there was no chance that Gholston and Lewan could have coexisted on the same team. They would have been bag-tagging eachother 24/7.

5. Nebraska – Jonathan Brown, LB Illinois
(First round: Kawann Short, DT Purdue)
The Huskers selected Jonathan Brown to replace the departed Lavonte David. Bo Pelini knows that Brown will have to be “de-Zooked”, but is confident that they have enough coaches, sports psychologists, and gypsy healers on staff to make it work.

6. Iowa – Taylor Martinez, QB Nebraska
(First round: Silas Redd, RB Penn State)
After losing James Vandenberg in the first round, the Hawkeyes had to address the quarterback situation now and Taylor Martinez isn't a terrible pick. Consider him a faster, and slightly-less pouty, Drew Tate. But only slightly less.

7. Purdue – Jordan Hill, DT Penn State
(First round: Michael Buchanan, DE Illinois)
Purdue lost Kawann Short in the first round, so they had to select somebody with similar measurables because they can't afford to purchase anymore uniforms.

8. Ohio State – Keenan Davis, WR Iowa
(First round: Denicos Allen, LB Michigan State)
The Buckeyes were still looking for a top-flight offensive tackle, but there just aren't any available. Losing Braxton Miller is devastating, but Urban Meyer felt that if he could win a national championship with Chris Leak, then he should be just fine with Kenny Guiton. The selection of Keenan Davis will only help.

9. Northwestern – Ricardo Allen, CB Purdue
(First round: Rex Burkhead, RB Nebraska)
Northwestern took the best defensive back available in Ricardo Allen, and they plan to put him on an island and leave him there. This will also be premise for a new Big Ten Network show in the winter.

10. Minnesota – Kain Colter, QB/WR Northwestern
(First round: Johnathan Hankins, DT Ohio State)
Minnesota passed on Illinois quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase here after losing MarQueis Gray in the first round. The hope is that true freshman Philip Nelson will be good to go, but if he isn't, Jerry Kill can move Colter from receiver to quarterback. Also, Minnesota just doesn't have the budget for dezookenization.

11. Illinois – Adam Replogle, DT Indiana
(First round: Montee Ball, RB Wisconsin)
Adam Replogle is a three-year starter heading into his senior season. He will give the Illini a good three-man rotation on the interior. There is still a question of whether or not a Replogle can legally play anywhere other than Indiana. The courts could have this one for a while.

12. Indiana – Jimmy Gjere, OT Minnesota
(First round: Denard Robinson, QB Michigan)
Jimmy Gjere is a promising tackle prospect who missed most of last year due to injury. He should step right in at Indiana and start from day one, though I'm not sure that that's something overly extraordinary.

Round Three

1. Indiana – James White, RB Wisconsin
Kevin Wilson: “With Denard and James White, even I can't screw this up. I'm already sending résumés out.”

2. Illinois – John Simon, DE Ohio State
Urban Meyer: “Tim Beckman is dead to me.”

3. Minnesota – James Morris, LB Iowa
Jerry Kill: “James will adjust just fine. Minnesota is just like Iowa, but with a mall.”

4. Northwestern – Nathan Scheelhaase, QB Illinois
Pat Fitzgerald: “We will reverse engineer the crap out of him.”

5. Ohio State – Isaiah Lewis, S Michigan State
Isaiah Lewis: “I didn't think it was possible to hate Michigan even more than I already did!”

6. Purdue – J.T. Floyd, CB Michigan
Danny Hope: “I've only seen him a couple of times, but I figure if you're a starting defensive back at Michigan, you must be pretty dang good.”

7. Iowa – Daimion Stafford, S Nebraska
Kirk Ferentz: “We needed a safety, and Daimion fits that bill for us. Plus, when Taylor Martinez gets injured, we figured he'd know enough about Martinez to tell us whether it's real or if he's just faking like usual.”

8. Nebraska – Matt Stankiewitch, C Penn State
Bo Pelini: “I just wish my brother Carl was here to make fun of this kid's name with me.”

9. Penn State – Patrick Ward, OT Northwestern
Patrick Ward: “I'm very excited to begin my career with Indiana. What? … Penn State? Son of a ...”

10. Michigan – Robert Marve, QB Purdue
Al Borges: “With Robert Marve, we finally have a pure pocket passer that we can trust with the ball. And he's just about the best post-interception tackling quarterback I've ever seen.”

11. Michigan State – Jamonne Chester, WR Indiana
Jamonne Chester: “I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of Spartan Nation!” [Falls into open elevator shaft moving in to dorm room. Survives. A random Iowa running back then somehow falls into the shaft, landing on top of, and killing, Chester.]

12. Wisconsin – Mike Rallis, LB Minnesota
Bret Bielema: “We thought it would be nice for this poor bastard to be able to hold Paul Bunyan's ax for once in his life. I'd even hand it to him, provided he could take his eyes off of the gun show long enough to even know the ax was there.

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