Players, Meyer, Like Swinging Gate

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 08/31/2013 9:32 PM
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Players, Meyer, Fans of Swinging Gate PAT
By Rob Ogden

The nature of Urban Meyer's attacking style of offense doesn't allow for many field goal attempts for kicker Drew Basil. But with all the touchdowns the Buckeyes plan to score this season, at least he'll have his PAT's.

Or not.

What use is a kicker when you can go for two - and convert - at will? That was Meyer's mentality Saturday during Ohio State's 40-20 win against Buffalo.

After each of their first three touchdowns, the Buckeyes lined up in a "swinging gate" formation in which backup quarterback and holder Kenny Guiton and Basil lined up behind the center and the rest of the offense lined up out wide to the left.

From there, Guiton read the defense and made the decision whether to go for two, or move back into a conventional formation and kick the extra point.

Following each of Ohio State's first two touchdowns, Guiton decided to go for it, and converted with ease. Guiton said the coaches have complete confidence in him to make the proper read, but if he's unsure he looks to the sideline for the call.

"We love that," Guiton said about the aggressive nature of the play. "That's something you do on the video game, so being able to do it out here is a lot of fun."

The Buckeyes didn't need the points, but Meyer said he likes to give future opponents something to worry about.

"It's a pain in the rear end that you have to prepare for," he said. "Coach Warinner's done a nice job with that. I think as many ways to get cheap points and make people work, it looked good today."

On the first attempt, Guiton kept it himself and dashed into the right side of the end zone, a play that was drawn up by Basil.

"Drew basically called it for me," Guiton said. "He threw a block for me. I apologized to him after, but it was his idea."

After the second touchdown, Buffalo moved four guys across from center to guard Guiton, so the senior quarterback hit running back Jordan Hall for the score.

Buffalo coach Jeff Quinn said nothing Meyer pulls out should ever come as a surprise.

"We always say expect the unexpected," he said. "Watching coach Urban Meyer for many years, we knew something was going to happen. It was smart on their part and the formation they used caused some mismatches."

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