Two Minute Drill: Buffalo Postgame

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 08/31/2013 7:44 PM
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Two-Minute Drill: Updates from the Buffalo Postgame
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS, Ohio — When the Buckeyes jumped out to a 23-0 lead in the first quarter, it's doubtful than anybody expected them to get outscored by Buffalo 20-17 over the next three quarters, but that's what happened.

After the game, as you would expect, the coaches and players all reiterated that they still have work to do and that they are far from a finished product.

Urban Meyer Updates

* Meyer said that he could tell some of the young guys were a little nervous before the game, which was expected.

* Most of the success in the first quarter came from their scripted plays. Last year, if you'll recall, most of their success in the first game came after the scripted plays.

* Meyer said Buffalo outside linebacker Khalil Mack "kicked our butts".

* He said that C.J. Barnett was a game-time decision and probably could have gone if needed. Center Corey Linsley was only slated to play 16 or 17 snaps, which is what they played him.

* Meyer said that he thought Jacoby Boren did okay in Linsley's place, but he didn't like the push they got when Linsley was out.

* Meyer said that they need to get Philly Brown more involved. Two catches isn't nearly enough for him.

* Meyer said that momentum is huge in college football. For a veteran team, it may only cost you seven points, but with a young team, it's 14 points.

* Meyer said that he liked the fact that he has a team of fighters and that they jumped out early, but didn't like the fact that they weren't able to sustain the effort and energy.

* Meyer said that he'd also like to get Ezekiel Elliott more touches.

* On the two-point conversion plays, he said that they are a "pain in the rear end" to defend, and he likes cheap points, so that's why they did it.

* Meyer is concerned about the Ohio State cramping and asked rhetorically if there was any cramping on the Buffalo side.

* On Joey Bosa, Meyer said that he is very happy to have him in the program.

Ryan Shazier Updates

* Shazier said that they want to have the best goal line-defense in the nation, and the goal-line stand was an indication of what they can do.

* Shazier said that he thinks today was the second time in his life that he's had cramps.

* He said that this defense is young, but a lot of those young guys stepped up today.

* He said that the defense obviously has to get better, but it won't take them very long to do so.

* Asked if the defense missed cornerback Bradley Roby, he admitted that they did, but said that Armani Reeves and Doran Grant both stepped up and played well.

Michael Bennett Updates

* On whether today felt like a win, Bennett said, "1-0 is 1-0."

* He said it will be a good week of practice because they definitely have things to work on and get fixed.

Devin Smith Updates

* The Buckeyes are now 8-0 when Devin Smith catches a touchdown. Smith is aware of the stat, but has never brought it up to his quarterback or coaches.

* Smith said all of the freshmen stood out to him, but if he had to pick one, it would be Dontre Wilson and his kickoff return.

Curtis Grant Updates

* Grant said that he wasn't aware of the rule that you can't be part of a play when your helmet comes off. He said that he was just trying to make a play. He said he was trying to feed his team energy.

* He said he did feel like the defense took their "foot off the gas pedal."

* Grant said that Trey Johnson stepped in very well for Ryan Shazier.

Luke Fickell Updates

* Fickell said the defense started out well, but then had a lull. That's one of the questions they need to answer, when that lull hits, who is going to step up and get them out of the rut?

* Regarding Shazier's injury, he said it was "next man up", and that it doesn't matter who is on the field. He used C.J. Barnett missing the game as an example; Ron Tanner stepped up and had a great game.

Noah Spence Updates

* Spence said it felt good to finally get a sack. He said that they still have to get a lot better on defense, however.

* He said they need to continue working on technique and tackling, though they have gotten better.

* Spence said that the defense isn't happy with their performance.

* Asked what it was like to be surrounded by so many inexperienced defenders, he said that he didn't notice.

* He said he felt fine playing more snaps than he ever did last year. He said it wasn't a big difference for him.

* Spence said that the quick passing game is always frustrating for a pass rusher.

Kenny Guiton Updates

* Guiton said that he was very nervous today because the crowd gave him a huge ovation when he took the field. He jokingly called it "great expectations".

* Guiton said that he loves throwing touchdowns to Chris Fields because they're roommates. They have a good connection with each other.

* Guiton said he loves the two-point conversion play. The coaches have given him control on those calls and if he sees a numbers advantage, he has the green light to attack. He said that if the numbers are close, he'll look over to the coaches to see what they want to do. He said on the second conversion he saw that they didn't have enough defenders to stop Jordan Hall, so he threw it to him. Guiton said that he apologized to Drew Basil because Basil had to block on that play to Hall.

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