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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 10/10/2013 3:47 AM
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Bye-Week a Busy One
By John Porentas


It means no Buckeye football this weekend, but it doesn't mean the Buckeyes are just laying around this week, though they actually got a little of that in right after the Northwestern game.

Urban Meyer
Photo by Jim Davidson
Urban Meyer

"The first thing is after that game was to get some rest, so we took Sunday off and Monday off and then Tuesday they came in," said OSU Head Football Coach Urban Meyer.

"Fundamentals today and yesterday, and tomorrow is all Iowa."

The Buckeyes are on the practice field, but with no game to prepare for this weekend recruiting comes front and center again for the OSU coaching staff.

"We'll do a coordinator's practice, which means the two coordinators on each side of the ball will be here and everyone else is on the road," said Meyer.

For defensive coordinator Luke Fickell, the switch from game week to recruiting is welcome break from the grind of the season.

Luke Fickell
Photo by Jim Davidson
Luke Fickell

"There's a lot of things you get to do on a bye week that helps you get a fresh mind set sometime," said Fickell.

"You change modes into the recruiting mode and hopefully then you go back to the football mode and go to a bowl game, then you go back to the recruiting mode, so things change up for you and it keeps you fresh."

The week is full of activity, but the weekend itself is another story. With no game, players and coaches alike have a rare weekend off.

"It's a time when you get to go home at a decent hour and actually see your kids awake. Maybe even see a fifth grade football game too," said Fickell.

Players have some free time, and sometimes that can be not an altogether good thing, but Meyer has made it clear what his expectations are for his team.

"Some people get a bye week and act like a jerk over the weekend and that's not what bye weeks are for," said Meyer.

"Football is a tough, violent, contact sport so you're joints and your shoulders need a break. That's what it's for, but to come back eight pounds under-weight or eight pounds over-weight and not at least watching football, that would be a disgrace and I'd have a real problem with that, so there's a weigh-in Monday morning, and they better be right on the dot."

Senior wide receiver Corey "Philly" Brown doesn't expect any problems.

"It's hard not to get the message the way Coach Meyer kind of tells us. If you mess up now, especially with what we've got going on, there's something wrong with you," said Brown.

"It would be devastating if we have one of our key players do something stupid that would cause him to miss some time, especially right now when we have this streak going.

"If everybody stays out of the wrong environments and just goes and spends time with their family and do what they've got to do we'll be straight," said Brown, who plans to do just that.

"I'll watch football," he said.

"I'm going to go watch my little brother play. It will be nice to watch him play and my little cousin play. They're both 13. They play CYO middle school football, eight grade. He's got an offer here already," said Brown, drawing burst of laughter from reporters.

The bye-week means there is no opponent to scout, but that doesn't mean there is no scouting this week. In fact, there is a lot of it, and the team the Buckeye coaching staff will scouting is the Buckeyes.

"A ton, a ton," said offensive coordinator Tom Herman of the amount of self-scout the OSU coaching staff will do this week.

"I think it's a perfect time to have a bye week.

"We're half way into the season, we're six games in, we have a week to kind of take a deep breath; what are we good at, what aren't we good at, where do we need to get better, what do we need to enhance and keep doing?

"To quantify it, I don't know, but it's a ton of our time in the morning is spent on our own self, self scouting, not just trying to get ready for Iowa. "

On Monday, things return to normal.

"They're back on Monday morning early, 6:00 AM, and get ready to go," Meyer said.

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