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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 10/09/2013 10:41 PM
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Two-Minute Drill: Updates from Wednesday's Post-Practice Interviews
by Tony Gerdeman

Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes were back at practice on Wednesday, and afterward they spent some time talking about the bye week, and a few other things as well. Here are the highlights.

Urban Meyer Updates

* Meyer, who was called out for drinking a blue Gatorade at the beginning of the interview, said that the team got some rest on Sunday and Monday, and they spent time on fundamentals Tuesday and Wednesday. Tomorrow many of the coaches will be out recruiting, but the coordinators will be around for practice, and they'll begin preparing for Iowa.

* Meyer said “I like this group” when talking about his team. He said they are professional and he doesn't have to keep on them to stay focused.

* He said he's pretty confident that the offense will be fine this year, citing the offensive line as the main reason why.

* Meyer called Joey Bosa an impact player, and said that he's never had a freshman defensive lineman like him. “His future is silly.” He said that Bosa is strong and that he knows how to use his strength, which isn't true for all strong kids.

* He said the coaches and team all need a week off. He told his players to get rest and stay out of trouble. They will all return to a weigh-in on Monday and they “better be on the spot”.

* Meyer said Pittsburgh Brown did “pretty good” at safety against Northwestern. He called Tyvis Powell the most talented of the safety group, and also added that Vonn Bell will continue to improve.

* He said that Bradley Roby has had a lot of distractions this year, but added that he is 100% healthy.

* Meyer said the pass defense has to get better, but he's not overly upset by it.

* He said that Jordan Hall has a joint issue in his knee and that he's not sure how severe it is or any type of time table.

* Meyer called Dontre Wilson a “novelty” and said that he needs to continue becoming a complete football player.

Tom Herman Updates

* Herman said that by Dontre Wilson's own admission, he didn't have a great week of practice leading up to the Northwestern game. He is progressing as they expect him too, but they need him to be a “regular guy” who can block and do things when he's not getting the ball. They don't want him to always be a red flag when he's in the game. He said that now when Wilson enters the game, the defense points him out instantly and they expect him to get the ball. Wilson will be more effective when he's able to stay on the field and not always be the focus of a defense. Herman said he needs to be trustworthy enough to be out there in all situations.

* Herman said it was pretty clear early on that they would be able to run the ball against Northwestern. He did say the offense did a poor job in the redzone in the first half, and obviously the turnovers weren't good.

* He said that Braxton Miller missed a couple of reads early, but nothing terrible. He said it's not easy to make a read and a decision in .2 seconds. On Miller's first fumble, Herman said he still doesn't know if that was a bad read as much as it was just a good defensive play.

Luke Fickell Updates

* Fickell said they want to get better at pass defense, but they aren't panicking right now. He admitted that it's concerning when you look at the stats, but against a team like Wisconsin, your focus is on stopping the run. He also added that the most important statistic is wins and losses.

* Fickell was asked about rushing three and dropping eight against Northwestern and he said that it's always glaring when an offense scores in that situation, but that it wasn't a structural problem. They just have to make the plays that are available.

* He said that the bye week allows the coaches to get home at a decent hour and be dads and husbands, or go watch a fifth-grade football game. He said he will also be visiting Georgia for recruiting purposes.

* Fickell said that Curtis Grant is doing a good job. “He's continuing to grow.” He said that Grant struggled his first two years with his confidence, but that's not the case anymore. He is now a positive player who plays with passion.

* He said that Joey Bosa is mature for a freshman both mentally and physically. He said that Bosa doesn't get rattled. He is “built and ready to go.” Fickell had high expectations for him from the beginning.

* Fickell said the best thing the defense is doing now is the third down defense. The defensive line is getting pressure and making things difficult.

* Fickell said that Adolphus Washington is dinged up. He left the Northwestern game with an ankle injury, but he should be fine for Iowa. Defensive tackle Tommy Schutt did some individual work today and should be good to go for Iowa as well.

* He said he's not surprised at how well the front seven has played this year, but added that a young front seven puts pressure on the back four.

Andrew Norwell Updates

* Norwell said he has been very impressed by Joey Bosa. “He always goes.” He said his body is already mature.

* Norwell said that 6-0 is great, especially only trailing once. “That shows a lot.” But he added that he's very excited for the second half of the season and the “big boy ball” to come.

* He said the team regrouped at halftime of the Northwestern game. Everybody knew they were going to come out and pound the ball, including Northwestern. “We knew we were dominating.” He said that was the best the offensive line has played as a unit all season, and it was the best he has played individually.

Doran Grant Updates

* Grant said he is spending this week working on fundamentals, as is Bradley Roby.

* He said that his interception was a product of film study, and he knew the route as it was happening.

* Grant said that the defensive line and the secondary committed themselves to each other at halftime of the Northwestern game. They worked together to get the win.

* Grant, from Akron St. Vincent – St. Mary, said that he's excited for current 2014 commits (and fellow SVSM players) Dante Booker and Parris Campbell to get to Ohio State. He said they were freshmen when he was a senior at SVSM.

Philly Brown Updates

* Brown said his advice for Dontre Wilson is to stick by Devin Smith and Evan Spencer in the offseason, and also get in the weight room so that he's strong enough to stay on the field for every snap. He said that you have to be able to do everything in this offense because of the no huddle. They don't substitute much, so the more you can do, the more you will play.

* Asked about Ohio State's winning streak, Brown said, “What's it up to?” Obviously he isn't too worried about it.

* Brown said he will be watching his 13-year old brother play football for the first time this weekend. His brother is a running back and Brown joked that he already has an Ohio State offer.

* He said that it is important that everybody stays out of the wrong environment this weekend, and just go spend time with family. He said that Urban Meyer has told them to stay out of trouble and that isn't not hard to get the message. He said that if you mess up now, there's something wrong with you.

Joey Bosa Updates

* On scoring a touchdown, Bosa said, “I watched the ball the entire time and said to myself 'I'm getting the ball.' It was awesome. It was icing on the cake with the win.”

* Bosa said that he didn't have any expectations this season, he just came in and worked hard. “Do what I can do.”

* He said this season has gone pretty fast. He said he feels a more comfortable and he's getting used to new techniques every week. He said he still gets picked on by his older teammates.

* Bosa said that when they were losing, he felt like he needed to go out there and make an impact and make something happen.

* He said it will be nice to get home and see his family this weekend, and then get back to work next week. He said that Michael Bennett is his big brother and he's taken him under his wing. Teaching him to play the game and go hard. He said that Adolphus Washington helps him every day in drills.

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